Lost Virginity in Kashmir 1

It was the month of July, 2016 when my family went for a Kashmir trip. Let me introduce my family first. My name is Rahul Sharma (21), my sister Anjali Sharma and my parents. My sister had just completed her class 12 and this was her vacation for scoring 96%. Though she is just 18 years old, she has a figure of 32-28-34 and she is quite tall and slender by Indian standards. She is very fair as all Kashmiri Brahmin girls are and due to her daily dance practice, she has got abs in her abdomen.

We took a flight from Delhi to Kashmir and reached there by noon. As any family does in Kashmir, we booked a ‘Shikara’ or Boat-House. The Boat House was ABDUL’s ABODE. It was cheap but well-furnished and well-kept. There was only one TV in the dining area. The owner Abdul was a man in his late 50’s, with a protruded belly and a long beard. He was wearing the traditional Kashmiri dress – PHIRAN and a Muslim cap. We moved around for the evening in the markets of Kashmir and came back to our “ABODE” by 9 pm.
Due to work related stress, my parents have a habit of taking sleeping pills before sleep and they wake only by morning. I was staying with my dad and my sister was staying with my mom. Playing some games, I don’t know when I fell asleep. It was around 1.15 – 1.20 when I woke up. I heard someone playing the TV. I slowly went to see who it was (I actually thought it was my sister, as she had a habit of staying up late for her studies). I quietly went towards the dining area. The alley was dark and the dining area was dimly lit. On the television, a match between England and Pakistan was going on and opposite to the TV, My sister was sitting on the sofa and Mr. Abdul was sitting on the stool. I don’t know what happened but I stood there still with making any sound or movement. Then Mr. Abdul spoke, “You remember our bet right, you will do anything if Pakistan wins.” I knew my sister hated Pakistan. She said, “Yes, I remember. And there’s no chance that England will lose.” Say it sadly or happily, England lost.

After the loss, my sister turned towards him and said, “OK! I lost. How much money do you want?” He let out a sigh and then gave a very devilish grin. He said, “I want something much more important than money.” He leaned forward towards my sister and gave her a KISS! Let me make this clear now, I am very submissive in nature, so, I stood there frozen and amazed. Anjali kept trying to break free but he was too brute. After long 3 minutes of kissing, he left her. My sister was very shocked, after a few seconds, she spoke with anger, “What the hell are you doing?” He said, “I want to FUCK you. That’s what you lost in the bet.” My sister takes bets very seriously and is very stubborn about it. He came on the sofa and sat next to her. My sister kept pleading to take anything other than that. Then she did the biggest mistake. She said,” Please don’t, I am a VIRGIN and I am saving for my husband.” I saw a gleam in his eyes. He said,” My wife died 25 years back during childbirth. Both my sons are well settled and my daughter is married. I haven’t fucked anyone in the last 15 years and I have never fucked a virgin. Even my wife wasn’t a virgin when I married her.” My sister was now shivering with fear on the horrible mistake she did.
Abdul knew that he has hit the jackpot. Anjali kept pleading, Abdul kept moving towards her. He took his hand and kept on her lap. She was shivering but her ego stopped her from resisting. She knew she has lost. He kept caressing her thigh over her pajama and asked her, “What is your name?” Anjali replied with a tremble in her voice – “An… Anj… Anjali”
He said – “No. Your name from now is Shaziya. That was my wife’s name. From now to the time you are here, I am your MASTER and you are my Slave. Do you object?”
She – “Please leave me.”… He looked towards her and reminded her of her bet. “Yes…”
“Very Good… What is your name again?”
“Anj… Shaziya”
“Who are you?”
“I am a Hindu Whore and your Slave!”
“What will you do?”
“Whh… Whatever pleases my Muslim Master.”
“What do you want?”
“Master’s happiness.”
Her eyes were red and she was crying softly. Abdul asked her to come and sit on his lap. She did. He touched her back over the dress and started to fondle her boobs. He pulled Anjali’s head towards him and started sucking her lips again. He slowly pushed his tongue inside her mouth and they were exchanging saliva. I don’t know when my hands went down and my 4 inch penis was in my hand. I was stroking it slowly, as my stamina is quite low. After kissing her for a few minutes, he pushed her away and asked her to strip naked. She looked into his eyes with horror. She knew her fate is sealed and her hymen is going un-sealed (I don’t know if there is such a word.) First she took her cardigan off, then came her shirt and her pajamas. She was in her bra and panties.
She let go of her left clothes and came in her Birth Suit. This was the 1st time; I was seeing my sister naked. I have seen her in shorts and sports bra and jerked thinking about her but this was completely different. Abdul became mad at seeing her breasts and pulled her forcefully towards her and started sucking her breasts. He was sucking it like a wild animal. He was even biting here and there, giving her LOVE bites. He made her lie down on the sofa and started licking her neck, then her breast and then her navel. Then he took off his kurta and pajama. He was only in his undies. There was a semi-erection in his underwear and it seemed way big than mine. He asked her to take his underwear off. When she pulled it down, a full grown COCK came in her view. It was at least 9.5 inches long and 3 inches thick. I don’t know why but I was jealous of my sister. He took his cock – circumcised cock and touched all over her face. He then asked her to lick and suck it. She was very reluctant about it but her resistance faded after a slap. She took the top of the bulb and put it in her mouth. She started sucking in slowly. He caught hold of her head and started deep-throating her. She gaged with stroke and water came out of her eyes. He came in her mouth but kept hold of her head. She had no choice but to swallow everything.
After a few more seconds, he ordered her to go down to the balls and suck them. The balls were huge (I wonder how much cum was store in them) and was very hairy. Anjali took it in the mouth and felt nauseated. She coughed and got another slap. I could only feel sorry for her. While sucking the balls, his dick became semi-erect again. At that moment, I came and left a small moan. Abdul looked towards me and saw my penis in my hand and winked at me with a smile. I felt terrible. He signaled me to wait and see. He made my sis lie on the sofa again and went down to her glory hole. He started licking her pussy and sucking on her clitoris. Anjali… err… Shaziya started to moan softly. I was amazed what talent and experience this person held. Now even Shaziya was getting hot and pushing her pussy towards Abdul. My sister has changed.

After few more minutes, she left a loud moan and was going to climax, when Abdul stopped.
“Please let me cum. Keep going.”
“You have to earn your orgasm. If you want it, beg for it”
“Master!!! Please let me cum. I am your slave and wife. Please don’t torture me.”
“Good. That’s like my Hindu Whore” He took his phone out and clicked a few pictures of her. Then he started recording mode and kept it on the table. He said –“Beg again.” She did as she was asked. Then he looked towards me and asked her – “Lick my ASSHOLE.” I was shocked at his request. My sister… his slave, who was completely turned on now, started licking his asshole. Lust can make you do stupid things.
Once satisfied, he pushed her away and took a cigarette kind of thing from his pajama’s pocket.
“This will help you ease the pain.”
That was marijuana, I have seen guys in my college smoke that. Abdul burnt the joint and passed it to Shaziya. She took a puff and started coughing. He asked her to smoke it full. She did that in 4 minutes. She was a first time smoker, it hit her hard. Then he made her lie down and put his DICK near her pussy lips. With one powerful stroke, he pushed it all inside and started kissing Shaziya so that she can’t shout.
My teen HINDU sister’s virginity was taken by a middle aged Lowly MUSLIM man. The girl every guy dreamt of in the school was under a so called ugly man. But I was aroused by this scene. My dick rose again.
Tears were rolling down her cheeks. I could feel her pain but my dick was erect again. Abdul was letting her pussy to adjust a bit before starting the game. Now he started abusing my sister as WHORE, SLUT, COCK TEASER, PROSTITUTE and he also feeding her mind how HINDU women are meant to fucked by MUSLIM men. Shaziya was in position to fight back. Slowly he started giving strokes. My sister was clearly in pain. After 5 mins of slow stroking, her painful sounds converted to pleasure moans. Then he started his hammer shots. He was pushing the life out of my sister with his strong strokes. My sister reached her first orgasm in her life and marijuana just amplified it. She was coming back to reality because of the mixed reaction of pain and pleasure. After 10 mins of continuous fucking, Shaziya reached another orgasm. Now my sister was fully awake and was in rhythm with his strokes.
It was her next session. He pulled his Dick out of her pussy with a pop sound. I saw a feeling of disappointment on her face.

“You HINDU COW, I am going to fuck your ASS now”
“NO, please don’t do that. It will tear me in half…” She pleaded and begged him. She was yet feeling the pain in her sore pussy.
“Oh! You will love it.”

He brought the warm oil from the lamp and poured over her ass. Then he took my sister’s panties and stuffed it in her mouth. Abdul placed his huge cock on my Hindu sister’s virgin Ass and pushed it all in. It went in one go. My sister was on his lap and he was holding her tightly. She was moving her hands and legs in desperation, like a fish out of water. Her voice was though muffled. He started fucking her ASS and for 15 mins he did it. He again pulled it out and made her in Doggy position. He kept fucking her in that position and pressing her boob all the while. He gave one last shot in her pussy from behind and released his potential seeds in my sister’s fertile womb. Tons and tons of cum came out when he took his dick out.
My sister was forever marked as HIS. He took a close shot of the pussy in his phone with pride and asked her how was her experience? To which my sister just smiled.

He kissed her one last time and asked her wear her dress and go to her room. He took her panties and bra. He lit a cigarette and passed on to my sister, who smoked it without any further question.
My sister went to her room with stumbling legs, while I hid behind the closet. With her pleasured body at 4am in the morning, she went to sleep. Now, he came to me and asked my phone. He transferred my sister’s ceremonial first night video to my phone and took my and my sister’s number.
He took my dick in his hand, which was yet erect and stroked it for few times and I came. I was shocked with what he did. Then he laughed at me and said – “You enjoyed the show! Tomorrow, I will make her my wife.” He cleaned his dick which was mixed with my sister’s cum and blood, on my underwear. Got dressed and left the Shikara.
Hope you liked the story. This is my first attempt in writing. All suggestion, appreciations are appreciated. In the next part, I will tell you how my sister got married to him.

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  1. Kashmir me Muslim lund se seal tudwana.. Virginity loose karne ka isse achha aur koi tarika ho sakta hai kya. main nahi sochti.. Jannat me Jannat ka maza loota hai tumne… great

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  2. In the next part, pls include the following elements like eating beef, willingly drinking abdul’s piss, getting converted to islam, etc.

  3. Oh man i want to take my mom and sisters to honeymoon trip to kashmir .. and find abdul jo for them ..i jave been there once and enjoyed some hard cocks .. maja aa gaya tha sardi ki raat mein ek muslim mard se chipak ke ab mein chahta hu meri maa aur bahene bhi us garma garam.lode ka maja le.

    Kik vishusofty

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