Lost Virginity in Kashmir 2

After Abdul went out, I went to the bathroom and pulled my pants down, sat on the floor, put the ear phones on and started watching the defiling of my sister. After watching 3-4 mins, I came. I went back to my bed and slept dreaming about Abdul, Shaziya and their INTERFAITH relationship. When I woke up in the morning, I saw my parents on the side of my bed in the state of panic. I got scared if they came to know about the truth. I asked, “ What happened?”

“Your sister is not feeling well and is not in a condition to go anywhere.”

I let out a sigh. I gave them assurance that I will take care of my sister and they should go and enjoy out there. First they were unwilling but after my several pushovers, they agreed. They left the ABDUL’s ABODE at around 9 am. As soon as they left, I went to check on my sister – I was really worried about her. I entered her room very silently and went to the side of the bed. I started caressing her forehead with a brotherly affection. With every touch, the scenes of the previous night came into my mind. My hand went from her forehead to her breasts. I started fondling them. This was the first time I was touching a woman’s body. The more I fondled them, the more my dick rose. I was in the seventh heaven, when I heard a coughing sound. Startled and frightened, I looked towards the door. It was Abdul and his camera pointing towards me.

He left the room and I followed him with my tail tugged in. I was very scared, if he shows it to someone then my reputation will be tarnished. When I came out, he was sitting on the same sofa where he broke the virginity of my HINDU sister with his MUSLIM COCK. He roared and asked me – “Do you remember what I said to you yesterday?”

“You are going to make my sister your wife.” My voice was very squeaky.
“Oh! You remember. Even then you dared to touch her. You must be punished for it.”

He took out 2 boxes from his Phiran and placed it on the table, then he looked towards me. I slowly went and opened the box. There were 4 things in the box. A weird metal object, A long thin needle, a ring and contraceptive tablets. Other seemed like a lunch parcel.

Then he ordered me to strip down naked, which I did without any further question. He then asked me to play the video of my sister’s REBRANDING and masturbate to it. I started doing as was asked of me. After a few minutes, I was about to come when he asked me to stop. I did. And when my dick went back to its small size of 1 INCH, he took the metal thingy and grabbed my dick. He placed the metal thing over my dick and locked it. He then took the key and kept in his pocket.

“Do you know what it is?”
I just nodded in a NO!
He laughed and said, “This is a invention made for WIMPY & SISSY BRAHMIN guys like you. It’s a COCK CAGE. For you it can be called LITTLE CAGE.” Saying that he let out a loud laughter.

He threw a packet towards me and asked me to wear it. It was a BURQA. He ordered me to wear it all naked inside.

He went to sister’s room and pulled me along. I was covered top to bottom, except for my eyes, palms and feet. He went by the side of my sister and started kissing her. She woke up instantaneously and started kissing him back. My DICK was paining inside the CAGE. I badly wanted to cum but this my punishment for touching a MUSLIM’s property.

After the kiss was over, she looked suspiciously towards me. Abdul said, “ Your parents and brother went to see the beauty of kashmir, leaving the real beauty for me to explore. I have asked the cab driver to not return before 10pm.” Then looking towards me “She is Rubika. She knows everything and is here to help us out. She is MUTE though”

“Open your clothes here and go get ready fast. I have surprises for you.” My sister was obidiently following him like he was really her MUSLIM MASTER. She stripped down naked and went to the bathroom. Because of my caged penis, I was in extreme pain. Abdul went behind my sister to the bathroom and pointed me to come along. My sister was sitting in the commode. He went to my sister and opened his zip. He took his flaccid CIRCUMCISED DICK out ( Which was even bigger than my full fledged UNCUT PENIS) and with his finger he opened my sister’s lips. Then he did the most degrading thing to my sister – He started PEEING on my sister. I thought she will be repulsed by it but to my shock, she willingly drank every GOLDEN drop of HONEYDEW that came out of that PIOUS object. He went into a roar and laughter.

“ I was postponing to urinate from yesterday night, just for you. I drank over 2 litres of water.”

After a while, SHAZIYA was unable to take in anymore and the rest of the ELIXIR showered her. She was marked as his, like a beast does it.

After finishing her loo, she went to take a shower.
“Go RUBIKA, help my bride to take a wash. Clean her properly. “

I did as commanded. I cleaned my sister. Her back, her PUSSY, her ASS, her BOOBS. I wanted to enjoy the moment a lot but AHHHHHHHH… that CAGE. This was the first time I noticed the firm my sister’s ASS and BOOBs were. She really seemed like a supermodel. I also saw the LOVE BITES all over her Breasts and NAVEL.

Once I cleaned her, MASTER asked me to go out. He had already stripped down naked and went to shower with my sister. He left the curtain open for me to peek and torture myself. To my and my sister’s utter disappointment, he only cuddled and showered with her. There was no real SHOW for a HINDU brother to watch – His TEEN HINDU sister getting pounded by a MIDDLE AGED MUSLIM man, whom they met just 2 days ago.

It was already 12.30pm when they came out of the shower. He gave another BURQA for my sister to wear. He asked her to wear it and come to the hall. He caught hold of my hand and took me to the SAME sofa. He was all naked and asked me to sit on his lap. His DICK was touhing my ASS over the cloth. He kept fondling my CHEST (you can call it BREAST now). It felt very weird but I kept mum. After around 10 mins of fondling my BREAST and poking his COCK on my ASS, he left me alone. My sister came at that moment and laughed at the scene.

“You are really a SEX MACHINE, aren’t you? Fucking every girl you meet. Anyway, I don’t object as long as I get the pleasure from you.” She didn’t know that the girl in the BURQA was actully her brother.

He then asked my sister if she was VEGETARIAN or not. She replied, “To maintain my body I only sticks to VEG diet and moreover I am a BRAHMIN – I only eat VEG.”

“Wrong, you are a MUSLIM from the moment you tasted my DICK. From today you will eat NON-VEG. I have brought this BEEF BIRYANI for you.”

My sister, “ Hell NOOOO!!! I won’t eat NON-VEG, that too BEEF.”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Her resilience faded and she started eating BEEF BIRYANI. My sister who never had a single thread of NON-VEG in her life was eating BEEF. On the 1st , she felt nauseated. 2nd Chore was okay and by the 3rd chore, she actually started enjoying it.
She said, “ WOW! This is so YUMMY. Why didn’t I ever try this?” I felt standing and slapping her but then I saw ABDUL and all the LION in me turned into a CALF.

After finishing THEIR lunch, I was hungry from morning – This was the heavenly punishment for me for having bad thoughts for my sister. I felt wrecked from top to bottom. My CHEST seemed swelled up a bit from all that fondling, my PENIS was paining and my stomach was growling. Wearing our BURQA’s VEIL, we went out in the small boat towards the main land. Abdul’s word kept echoing in my ears – “I AM GOING TO MAKE YOUR SISTER MY WIFE.” While we were in the boat, Abdul asked SHAZIYA to spread her legs and pull her BURQA upto her abdomen. She was pulling slowly her BURQA. Her hairless, fully shaved legs glistened in the sun of Kashmir and with her own juices. She was very very hot after eating BEEF. Then she pulled it more up and I saw CROTCHLESS PANTIES. Black in colour, It was in complete contrast with her white smooth skin. He then pulled a small VIBRATOR from his pocket and asked SHAZIYA to enter it in her PUSSY. He then placed the vibrator in the lightest mode, so that she can’t cum but reach her orgasmic point several times.

She put her clothes in order and in a few minutes we reached the main land. We took a cab and Abdul said something to one of the CAB driver in Kashmiri (We knew nothing about it). Another MUSLIM, He was lean but muscular and around 6.2ft in height. He was fully shaved and was in his late 20’s. He made SHAZIYA sit in front and sat behind with me. Once the car started, He started fondling me again. It was very embarrasing, I wasn’t GAY. Abdul kept fondling my BREASTS.

We reached our destination. It was a MOSQUE. He asked the cab driver to wait for him till they return. We went inside and went to a particular room. It was the room of the main IMAM of the MOSQUE. We went inside the room. First, He talked for a few minutes to the IMAM and then pointed us to come close. We sat there. The IMAM took some papers out and asked my sister to sign it. As any educated girl she started reading it, on which Abdul scolded her and asked her to fill it fast and sign it. It was the paper to change her religion to Islam and get married to Abdul. My 18 year old HINDU sister was going to marry a 50 year old MUSLIM man and accept him as her MASTER. My sister’s new name was SHAZIYA ABDUL. After the QABOOL HAI was done and dusted, we went out. This time my sister was sitting behind and I was sitting in the front.

We returned back to the SHIKARA. It was just 4pm now. We yet had 6 hours in hand and also the whole night before we left KASHMIR, tomorrow morning. This is the 2nd part of the story. Tell me in the comments how you like it. All suggestions and comments are apreciated.

3 thoughts on “Lost Virginity in Kashmir 2

  1. Nice story….
    1) Rohit and his sister both became Abdul begam. There threesome sex Suhag raat…..
    2)abdul became sultan of any particular area.. all area people respect him and hi begum.
    3) add fight scence , bike riding etc

  2. I loved the second part. it had my favourite elements like beef and urine in it. Though I felt the beef eating part could have been made more hotter. Shazia should have been given more erotic and submissive dialogues. Anyways, good story!

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