Love Jihad : A Short Erotic Story

Love Jihad : A Short Erotic Taboo Story

I am a hindu girl, I found this website from some of my far-right male friends on social media who had shared this as a love j!hadi site. After going though some of the content I felt horny. I had heard some of the males saying katva katva but never really saw what it looked like.
I have a  class mate in college who happens to be a muslim and  I am finding myself closer to him than I ever was, I think I am very close to sleeping with him.

I am now sharing my erotic taboo story with little help from my past experiences which I had gathered while being with the type of males I referenced above.

It was just another Friday after the Jummah namaz Sulaiman was in his room next to the mosque as some muslim guys came in to meet him.

Sulaiman was checking the accounts for donations he receives from prominent Muslim personalities for he was the man who lived for a cause.

Anwar, Shadaab, Usman, Irshad and Yasir all had gathered today.  Sulaiman greets them all and orders lunch (beef biryani from Karim bhai’s restaurant).

Anwar – Sulaiman bhaijaan how is bhabhi these days referring to Mrinali bhahi a hindu woman whom Sulaiman had married after she took divorce from her Hindu husband. The incident which made quite a news in the town and was labelled as love jihad following which Sulaiman left the town with Mrinali as they stayed out of station for 2 months which also served as their honeymoon.

Soon the biryani arrives and Mrinali brings some plates and a water bottle. All the musalman guys in the room stared at Mrinali and then greeted her.

Sulaiman notices this and he comments – these men here seem to be in a desperate need for a wife, probably a hindu wife. Mrinali smiles and says they must be having girlfriends do they not.

After having the biryani they began talking, suddenly a young musalman boy stepped inside. It was Usman’s younger brother Asif, he was a 17 year old boy studying in 11th class.
Usman- I told you to stay outside why did you come in ?
Sulaiman – He is just a kid.
Irshad – Ye baccha nahi hai he is not a kid, he is after that girl what was her name oh yea Shruti. I saw him talking to her yesterday.
Usman- How do I not know this ? Who is this Shruti.
Irshad- Pandey ji’s daughter.
Sulaiman laughs – ye brahmin ladki pata raha hai. He is after a brahmin girl he has quite a taste.
Sulaiman tells Asif to come closer, then he keeps his hand over his shoulder and inquires how close he is.
Asif- She has agreed to be his close friend which means girlfriend.
Sulaiman – haha! how smart he is, bahot aage jayega. Bus ek baat yaad rakha maza pura dena usko tu musalman ka londa hai hijdo ka nahi, smajh gaya and if you need some money to take her  out to movie or hotel then come to me without a second thought.
Asif was smart enough to understand what Sulaiman really meant about giving full pleasure to the hindu girl.
Sulaiman- Now you go outside, this room is strictly for adults.

Asif leaves and they all began discussing about hindu girls. Anwar says he is in talks with a hindu girl she has just moved in from another town and is staying in a private rented room. Anwar was very confident about his chances

Sulaiman inquires why he is so sure.
Anwar- Bhaijaan we have started having sex chat on whatsapp, she is desperate for me and tells me to come to her room, I am planning it this week.
Sulaiman- Very well Anwar go get her, she is from another town living away from her family and has all the freedom in the world, now she has started craving for a man to satisfy her desires, and you my boy are going to show her the the so called “kata lauda (katva)” (a slur used by some hindu boys for circumcised muslim penis).

Sulaiman – Let me shower you with some words of motivation my brothers.
These days hindu girls are in too much heat, they can’t live without boyfriends. You see the sexy movies these days the hindu girls aspire to be the heroines of such bollywood movies, so you be the heroes. Mere bhaiyo aaj kal to school ki hindu ladkiya tak ladko ko kaise dekhti hai. Chote chote top dila to inhe sexy jeans dila do, piche se khula blouse dila do, fir ye ghoomti hai apna figure matka kar aur musalman londo ko karti hai ghayal (Give them skimpy tops and backless blouses they will flash their hot bodies thinking they are on top of this world while giving musalman mards the hardest boner ever). Hawa mai udne ka bahot shok hota hai hindu ladkiyo, they love to fly and you my musalmans are going to make them fly on your big rock hard cocks white turning them addicted to the katbullah.

Sulaiman- What about Shadaab, he keeps studying all day when will he fuck, don’t forget you are a son of muslman not a son of some impotent eunuch. (Pura din padai karta rehta hai chut kab mare ga, musalman ka londa hai hijde ka nahi).

Usman – Bhaijaan I can arrange a girl for him.
Sulaiman- He will fuck a nice girl not some cheap whore and I know one such girl.
Usman- Who is she ?
Sulaiman- She is in his college fist year, name is Pooja, very cute girl.
Shadaab looks down and smiles.
Sulaiman- see his idiot likes her look how his face has reddened.
Shadaab- Bhaijaan how will I talk to her.
Sulaiman- Don’t worry, you know the girl Zaira ?
Shadaab- Yes.
Sulaiman- Zaira will get her for you. She is her friend. Keep your mind open and your manhood ready.

What about you Usman, found anyone ?
Usman- Ha bhaijaan, she is too hot.

Sulaiman- Tell me about her then.
Usman- She works at a yoga center and I have been working for them as a social media promoter.

I have her number and we have started talking she says she is currently single. When I romantically talk to her she also shows interest. She also told me that her brother sees muslims in bad light but she is open minded and has no problem.

Sulaiman was impressed- Very well so you are going after a yoga girl. Sulaiman then jokes- she will give you full anand in those sophisticated yogik poses get ready for a thrilling ride.

Irshad joined in and tells Sulaiman in great detail about this brahmin daughter Prerna Mishra who is mad for her.
Sulaiman- I think I have seen her, is she short heighted like 4.8 but looks too cute to be true.
Irshad- How do you know her bhaijaan.
Sulaiman- I dont know her I had  seen her few times, Tahir my relative’s boy is her class mate, saw her once with him and she said namaste to me.

Sulaiman- You are close to 6ft but most importantly you have the biggest cock here. She would look so small in front of you.

Background story (how did he know about the dick size): Many months ago Sulaiman had done a physical inspection, its his standard procedure. He checked everyone’s cock in the room and Irshad came out on top. He had a monster 8.5 inch circumcised penis.
On seeing Irshad’s penis Sulaiman praised his mother- Praise be to your mother I can she she has took special care and did our traditional arab Jelqing massage to your penis throught your childhood. That day Sulaiman also gave each of the musalman guys in the room special oil for dick massage formulated by Hakim sahab himself and also dick pumpers to make their already big musalman lunds even more heavier and veiny.

muslim cock pump

He told them to use the dick pumper in front of him as he wished to see their dick veins popping out, for Sulaiman was a man of action with a cause that he deemed above all.

To the present:
Irshad replies- he loves it cute and tiny. He likes tiny Prerna, she looks like a doll who struggles with his giant cock. He loves to see her overwhelmed. Irshad explains, that is also why she is mad for him as considers him a man like no other. She is also ready to run away from her home and marry him as she knows her parents aren’t going to allow a muslim man to wed and hump her.

Every word Irshad told was true. Irshad loved punishing Prerna in the bed and she loved to be at the receiving end as she felt slavishly submissive. Irshad’s cock was massive and most of the time Prerna ended up biting his dick while sucking it. Prerna loved to be his sex doll and he toyed with her.

Sulaiman- Dont worry Irshad, I know the Imam who will take care of everything. Just tell me when you wish to marry her. I will get you married including a free honeymoon trip.

At last but not the least Yasir told him about his exploits which left Sulaiman amazed.
Sulaiman- Tell me you are lying, you have been talking to pandit Hari Kishan’s daughter.
Yasir- Bhaijaan see my whatsapp chats, she is very horny these days.
Suliman- You bastard, I thought you were an idiot.

Sulaiman jokes – It seems Pandit Hari Kishan the renouned jyotshi couldn’t predict the future of his very own daughter.

All this time Mrinali had her ears on the wall. She was quietly listening to all this while fingering her pussy which had become so wet. Mrinali knew all about Sulaiman. He had told her everything. After Sulaiman had his first sexual encounter with Mrinali she was left amazed, she couldn’t let him go. She wanted to be him all her life as she had made her loyalties clear.
Sulaiman told her how hindu women become totally addicted when a musalman lund enters her body. She compared Sulaiman to her husband whom she was not satisfied with.
Mrinali decided to serve the musalman all her life and Sulaiman told her everything which only increased the sexual tension between her thighs. She even introduced some of her hindu female friends to Sulaiman’s muslim friends.

After they all left Sulaiman took her to bedroom as he knew she was craving for his dick. Sulaiman could just sense it what she needed thats how good he was and then he fucked her like there is no tomorrow.

After a few weeks each and every musalman who was there in the room that day had his dick being worked by hindu girl.

Asif had already had his dick planted deep inside his class mate Shruti.
Anwar was banging the college hindu girl in her room who had moved from another town.
With help from Zaira Shadab had his dick rocking as cute hindu girl Pooja was riding his circumcised Lauda.
The yoga girl had grabbed Usman’s big sullah and was taking it deep inside in various flexible positions that one could possibly imagine in spite of her brother’s insecurities about muslims.
Prerna’s pussy had stretched to the limits beyond her imagination. She was ecstatic to finally take Irshad’s gigantic cock deep inside her pussy and Pandit Hari Kishan’s daughter Vedika had eloped with Yasir as the town was rocked by love jihad news story in the mediocre local news papers. She was munching on Yasir’s rodlike katva lund and since she was 22 she was free to fuck whom she pleased as it written in the constitution.
Such is the lovejihad story from once city for there are so many more Pooja’s, priya’s, vedika’s, shruti’s fucking ahmed’s, khan’s, mohammed’s, siddiqui’s in so many other towns and cities and experiencing jannat. So they say “the muslims are good at stealing women.” It is just a metaphor, the muslims don’t really steal women, women themselves flock to muslim men.

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