Love Jihad Happens Because Hindu Girls Want It Just Another Example

As a hindu guy seeing the rampant so called love jihad cases these days it clearly evident that no matter whose sarkar love jihad cant be stopped coz hindu girls crave for it they want it.

Hindu girl working at an MNC marries musalman mard.


So many hindu girls are getting these, these days. Once a hindu girl gets the musalman certificate no hboy can touch her.


Below is the letter she wrote – Her name is Indira and she works in an MNC. She writes to the police after objection from hguys that everything happened out her own free will. She converted to islam and married the musalman mard willingly.
She wants to spread rest of her life with musalman mard, she added.


As an experienced hguy in such matters I accept that musalmans have some mysterious power to captivate hindu girls. Hindu girls turn head over heels for musalman mards and are ready to do any thing for them once she sleeps with the musalman
It a hard truth that in modern day india a musalman guy has far better chance of wooing a hindu girl than a hguy.

4 thoughts on “Love Jihad Happens Because Hindu Girls Want It Just Another Example

  1. Ha hindu aurto ki chut sirf muslim beefy lund ke liye hi bani he mujhe bhi muslim lund aur unka tradition achha lgta he khaskar suhagrat
    Wo jam kr chodte he isiliye unki aurte kahi bahr. Nhi jati

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