Love jihad Saif Swami and a common hindu woman

saif ali khan love jihad

Most of the comments on the post were from hindu males and hardly any female. One hindu women came up and saif my husband is a muslim and I am a brahmin hindu.

hindu brahmin girl muslim boy marriage

Smriti- “I am a brahmin hindu married to a muslim.”

hindu girl

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  1. hindu aurat devi ka roop nahi hoti hindu aurat randi ka roop hoti hai jisko musalman k lund bahot pasand hote hai 😉

  2. aap bilkul sahi kahte ho meri maa ek exmple hai

  3. Wow… The defence forwarded by these bold hindu ladies shows their unconditional devotion for Muslim Lund and the Hindu guys are clearly incapable of silencing hindu women even in a war of words. How can they ever even dream of standing in the face of the furious force of Islam. Hindu men like me are slowly opening their eyes to reality and accepting our status as hijra and impotent who are not worthy of being called men just because some of us may occasionally impregnate our wives. Rest of the time it is Muslim Lund which is scoring on hindu women. Then why should we not expect hindu women to raise bitter objection to any idea of staying away from Muslim Lund.
    It is only logical and necessary that Hindu women expose the impotence and lack of manliness of hindu men in public from time to time so that hindu men remember their true place, which is either as mute spectators or as male hindu bitches of Muslim Lund.

    I proudly belong to the second category and am gaining a good deal of sexual pleasure in service of Muslim Lund. My mom is also one of these women who is not afraid to enter a bitter argument into anyone who dares to speak against sexual relations of Muslim men and Hindu women. And why not, she is a sex slave of my Muslim friend for last 3 years.

    We hindu men must focus on satisfying our tiny and sterile dicks instead of making ‘Raee (Hindu lund) ka Pahad (Muslim lund)’ or trying to show that our ‘Raee’ is in any way equal or even above their ‘Pahad.’ Seriously, wake up hindu guys, enough of dreaming, learn to accept harsh realities of the world and take this opportunity to grasp the last straw of manliness by accepting our lack of sexual vigor, unmanliness and impotence as more of a rule rather than exception.

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