Love Jihad : UK Edition

Love Jihad has been happening in the UK for a long time, some hboys claim that it has increased manyfold after Sadiq Khan came to power.

In the above article a spokesman Sanjay from a h!ndu form UK said Musalman mards are befriending hindu and sikh girls and its rampant.
Often they began romancing with hindu and sikh girls, he added.
Since that article puts a light on the views of a hguy its very obvious what it would try to claim, just like it happens in India. Hguy gives example for some incident where musalman guy was involved with some hindu girl and so on.

Now the musalman men are real men, if hguys were real men they would have been crying about the Musalmans steeling their girls and save our hindu girls from lovejihad.

Now its happening not only in India but all over the world, Hindu girls going for musalmans and vice verca and Hguys are left scratching their heads.

The fact of the matter is that its common in UK and other western countries where musalman pick up girls like in the below video.

Musalman men are bold and not afraid to approach girls and most importantly they are proud.
In UK hindu girls have more choice, larger gene pool of musalmans to choose from all over the wold, from black musalmans to arabs to pakis and even caucasian and the hard truth is that Hindu guy has no chance of competing against these foreign men.

The article below is from the original poster:

When I was growing up, young Pakistani Muslim guys would always be hanging outside mandirs after every festival, trying to pick up Hindu girls. My father and older brothers always used to warn me about “Love Jihad”. I always wondered why they never bothered to ask why so many Hindu girls were falling for this ‘trap’.

Now that I’ve grown up, I have noticed that Muslim guys are still hanging around mandirs at festivals, but now they seem to be targeting older Hindu women instead. It was weird watching so many auntyji’s on Shivratri give their mobile numbers to these guys so readily, I saw one getting into a car full of Muslim guys and being driven off to god knows where. Initially I thought maybe these older ladies are single, divorced or just unhappy with their husbands at home. As president of the local university’s Hindu society I got to know a lot of these women, turns out that many of them are happily married with kids and have successful careers. One was a founder of this country’s largest Hindu organisation and another was the pandit’s wife!

Being a student of sociology and psychology as it’s what I plan to graduate in, I had to find out why this was happening. It was also making me jealous, I mean why are they going after them, when they could me going after me?

Anyway my theory is that many of these mature women are the same women who were being targeted by Muslims 15-20 years ago!

I bet that the majority of these women lost their virginity to a Muslim guy the same age as them, who they most likely met outside a Hindu temple. This was the start of multiple Muslim lovers throughout their studies. Once they graduated and got a job, these Hindu women married an oblivious Hindu man and raised a family while working hard on their careers. But once they accomplished these goals, the married Hindu mothers are going back to their youth (in a very literal sense). These Hindu ladies may have aged but in their eyes the Muslim guy has not!

I am conflicted as to how I feel about the actions of these older women. They are supposed to be my role models as a young Hindu female. On one hand I admire them for getting what they want in so many areas of their life, but on the other hand they are robbing me of the attention I feel should be mine!

5 thoughts on “Love Jihad : UK Edition

  1. You cannot stop us
    Jo maza ek nookila ling deta he wo uncut nhi de Sakta.
    Hume poora maza ek Muslim hi de Sakta he.
    Hum to unhi se chudwati rahengi.

  2. My wife is continuously asked by her muslim colleague in Uk to go on a date with her, this men are so desperate that guy flirt with her openly in front of me and also mock her for not going on a date with her.

  3. Kyuki tum mullo ki okaat hi yahi h sale Dhoka Dene ki or is website se na India ke Muslim ki bhut badnami kr rahe ho tum log Hindu ki to baat bhi nahi kr Raha hu m or indian Muslim hmare bhai or behan h please ye sab bol kar hm logo m distance na bnao please

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