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Well the story goes as this……

It was a war time scene during Indo-Pak war in Bangladesh. There was chaos everywhere. There were riots everywhere. Some Hindu ladies openly accepted potent Muslim men in their bedrooms in front of their Hindu husbands. Those who accepted the Muslim reign stayed there and those who denied staying in a troublesome situation decided to turn to India, crossing the borders.

My name is Debesh Roy Chowdhury. I was born in village of Sirajganj, Bangladesh in a rich and well to do farmer family. We had lots of fertile lands, vineyards, coconut fields, banana fields, ponds and tanks where fishes were grown. I still miss my home land – beautiful as she would be with the first rays of sunlight and flashing beautiful moonlight nights. I was married late in my life at the age of 36; my wife Urmilla was too adorable and beautiful. She was 22, just completed her graduation studies. I was very happy to have her by my side. She meant the whole world to me. I was not well educated; so she helped me in my business matters in maintaining the farmlands. Though she was almost 14 years younger to me she was more dominant than I was. She was more commanding and after her arrival in my life, my servants in the farmlands accepted her as their master. And even in very small day to day issues the people would seek her help and advice. I was very happy for her.

She was really adorable and admirable beauty. I always felt that she was from heaven and was as beautiful as some angel. With 5 ft 4 in height, long thick black hair that would cover her 42″ ass, big dark eyes, neck like the deer, 38″ C-cup breasts, 36″ waist, she was like a sex goddess attracting any potent man to nail her. And with her thick hips and firm ass, she had the guts to crush that man’s cock in between her legs. Little bit chubby as all housewives tend to be. I was too not very long in height 5 ft 6 in. I was never in good shape in my life, fatty, and always had some issues by suffering from gout. I really enjoyed having sex with my wife and I always thought that she had a feeling of extreme satisfaction when she was with me on my marital bed. The Muslim servants in our home and farmlands had always an eye for my beautiful, sexy and admirable wife. I saw when I would be busy taking to me or someone else, the servants would measure her body from head to foot nails as if they were eye raping her. But out of the adamant, arrogant and stubborn nature of her, they dared not to flirt with her or cross her path.

The situation in our country started to worsen and we decided to sell out our property and leave the country. But in the adverse and trouble trodden situation we were not getting proper buyers to whom we could sell and earn a handsome to do our living. After many findings and bargaining when we did not find out any buyers for our property, my wife told me to sell the property to all the servants in a way, which who would pay us more would be allocated a larger chunk of land in the property. I was really stunned at the brilliant idea. We had sex that night almost after 2 weeks, but at that time I sensed something unsatisfactory in her eyes and reactions. I thought that because of the idea that we would be leaving our homelands, to settle in a new country, she was little bit disturbed.

The next day we sold all our property to the servants and they paid us with whatever money, jewelry, ornaments, expensive gifts they had. We were pretty happy by what we earned by selling our property. The servants and the maids bided us farewell. We were leaving the hometown in the village of Shirajganj to settle in West Bengal, India. We were also accompanied by some other families who were also crossing the borders to settle in West Bengal. The majority of the group consisted of females. When we were crossing the mangrove river forest along the borders, we were hit by a gang of goons. The goons were ferocious. They were abusing us like hell. Though we were heavily outnumbered against the goons, we still decided to fight to protect our ladies and property. But all our efforts were in vain; we got beaten heavily; some males got killed and those who survived were heavily injured; women were dragged into the forest and were taken up as their hostage; all our belongings are looted. Those who tried to protest and fight back were killed; I was never a good fighter and never bashed with any people so my efforts to save my wife and our group was nominal.

I was getting a heart ache by thinking of what would happen to my beautiful wife Urmilla as I was held a captive by the goons. Just when my world started to crumble and no hope of survival was there in front of me, we were luckily saved by a group of soldiers. Heavy fighting broke out and though the soldiers were few in numbers, though they encountered severe casualties, the goons were forced to retreat and accept defeat, what was more rejoicing for us was that their gang leader was killed in the clash. But because of utter suddenness of the situation, nervousness, and most importantly out of fear for my wife’s life, I grabbed my wife ran away from the scene and we were separated from the group. My wife, Urmilla was simply mad at me when she recovered to her senses from the troublesome and chaotic fighting situation. She accused me that I was no man and I can’t keep my calm and cool in a sudden life and death situation and because of my fault we got separated from the group and were wandering in the mangrove forest knowing not what to do and what not. She also feared that the goons might have noticed us fleeing away from the scene and getting separated from the group and they might follow us, track us down and kill us, to avenge the death of their gang leader. Most worsening factor, the forest was a heaven for predators and at night without any help we might land up as a feast of some mighty predators in the forest. I was shocked at the utter explanation of the worsening situation. Chilling waves flowed through my spines as I started to fear the worse end of our lives.

To add catalyst to the worsening situation, it started to rain and I was trembling in fear. I found that though Urmilla was too terrified at the situation, she tried to keep her calm and cool. I had never seen my wife so brave back in the village. We started to roam and wander in the forest just to save ourselves from the rain and from the forest, as dark was approaching, anything could happen to us. I did not know that what Urmilla feared in the first instance would come into reality word by word. The goons were following us and they were vengeful about their defeat. Then, what we feared most happened to us. We were tracked and traced by the goon gang in the forest. We were caught. I was beaten badly by them dislocating my collar bone. Urmilla was fondled and molested as if she was a slut. I tried to protest by my strength was in no match to the ferocious strength of the goons.

Just when the gang was about to kill us to avenge the death of their leader in the hands of the soldiers, we were saved by the two soldiers. One of the soldiers was killed in the fight and the goons were retreated farther deep into the mangrove forest. I thanked the brave soldier Rifleman Khalid Hassan. I kissed his hands and prayed to the almighty for his long life. My wife too thanked him saying he was like a god to her as he saved her and her husband’s life from the goons. The soldier was really furious at us in the beginning and a heated up discussion followed. He accused me that I was a real fool and shit head as I flew away from the spot when the soldiers were escorting the rest of the group. And if my brain was not that much full of shit, then his friend would have lived.

I really felt sorry for his loss and I accepted my fault. Urmilla too tried to calm down Khalid saying that from now on she trusts his shoulder for saving her and me. Khalid was calmed after quite a few moments much to the appreciating efforts of Urmilla’s praise for his bravery. Khalid informed us that his team leader sent a search team of two soldiers to recover the family and bring them back to the nearest refugee camp. One of them, Rifleman Veer Chauhan died while fulfilling his duties, and now it was upon him to escort us back to safety at the nearest refugee camp. I was delighted and accepted Khalid as my God as he was the one who would be guiding us to the refugee camp to safety. My heart was full of praise for the bravery, courage, and heroism and dutiful behavior of Khalid.

Khalid suggested that we must find a shelter in the forest as at night, the forest becomes a preying heaven for predators and we must find something to light up fire to keep the predators away. I was badly injured from the goon beatings. He quickly gave me a first aid. I was very much relieved. But Urmilla was in huge trouble. Her blouse was torn by the goons when she was molested, she could hardly cover her beautiful assets over her chest. Khalid could hardly steer away his eyes from Urmilla’s busty milk buckets. To add to her irritations and shamefulness, the heavy downpour stacked the sari over her chest and her nipples were rock solid. My wife’s nipples were as erect as I have ever seen them even while fucking her in my bed and I saw them protruding through her saree! She was too shivering in excitement.

Khalid- “We need to cross the river and land ourselves at the other side, before it’s too dark. I know a spot where we can find some shelter in this rain and protect us from the goons and forest predators. Besides I don’t have too many rounds left in my guns, I will need them. So you two hurry up!!”

Debesh- “I don’t know how to swim, my wife doesn’t also!!”

Khaild-“I will be requiring something long and strong, to use it as a rope so that you two can hold it tight as we cross the high tides.”

Urmilla-“All our belongings are looted. We don’t have anything left. You need to help us”

Khalid-“I will be requiring your sari as a substitute for rope, then, I ……”

Urmilla-“Are you out of your mind!! What else will I wear then, I don’t carry an extra piece of sari. My blouse is torn. What you mean I am supposed to do.”

Khaild-“We the soldiers roam around in the forest to track the goons and we sometimes make some small cave bunkers in the forest so that we can take shelter if we are trapped in some mishap. You need to be co-operative. I know the spot on the other side of the river, if I can take you there safely, I can give you an extra pair of vests and trousers. Hopefully, that would help you for the moment till we reach the refugee camp. I could also get some ammunition and back up from that spot. But for now if you value your lives, you need to trust me with all you have.”

Debesh- “Its matter of just a few moments honey. Please hand over your saree. We can then cross the river.”

Urmilla was in tears for such an indecent proposal from my side as well. Her hands were trembling, I was too shaking in excitement at the suddenness of the scene that my beautiful adorable lovely wife giving away her sari to another man in front of her husband. Seeing the delay, Khalid got up on his legs and started to un-wrap the sari from Urmilla’s body. I could not know what to make out of such a situation, my wife was being undressed in front of me by another man. Urmilla stood there covering her chest with crossed hands and started to rotate around a point as Khalid un-wrapped her sari completely. Her petticoat was completely wet and water was dripping off her body through her beautiful large navel. Khalid could not steer his eyes away from such a beauty, I could see the huge bulge in his pelvis. It seemed to me as if he was raping my wife by the glaze of his eyes. I haven’t seen something like that before. I knew he must be hiding a potent masculine package in between his legs. He was extreme in height, almost 6 foot 2-3 in. As muscular like a hunk. I was astonished at the flexing muscles that ornamented his body. Urmilla could not stare at both of us. But her eyes could not betray Khalid’s huge bulge in his pelvis. I went up to Urmilla and consoled her that whatever she was doing was to protect me her as both of us were non-swimmers.

Khalid wrapped the long sari around his waist and told us to do the same, as he would cross the river, we must try to coup up with his speed or else it would be very difficult for him to carry all of us with him at the same time. The whole time I saw Khalid staring at my wife’s beautiful and adorable body all the time. I must say he was greatly influenced at the stunning beauty of my wife. Somehow the rifleman Khalid Hassan fell in love with my wife, Urmilla, because of her beauty. He knew he was going insane thinking about my wife, but he couldn’t help it. The river was in high tide, Khalid was an excellent swimmer but all his efforts were in vain as both I and Urmilla were non-swimmers. He somehow managed to drag me on the shore with him, but Urmilla was carried away by the strong river current and high tides. I was scared fearing about her life. I cried and shouted her name. Alas!! What could have happened? Suddenly, I saw a hand waving at us from the currents, it must be Urmilla. She was just inches above the water from getting drowned. Without any delay, Khalid jumped into the water like a speeding jaguar and swimmed towards her, grabbed her by her waist and dragged her to the shore saving her life for the second time.

Urmilla was senseless. Her torn blouse was carried away by the river current and she was naked from top. Khalid was mesmerized at the bulging milk buckets of my wife, big brown rock hard nipples. Her wet petticoat proclaimed her assets in between her legs. I could not sense what to do, I just said to Khalid that she was not breathing and if she continued like that, she might be chocked to death. Khalid started to press my wife’s chest. In between he was also mauling her soft boobs hardcore, in front of me, like the way you press atta with water to bake it. In front of me he put his mouth on my wife’s lips and pumped in air, so that she could breathe. His efforts showed colors and water was pumped out of Urmilla’s lungs and she was able to breathe. When she recovered, she was pale and turned red due to shame, as she was pressed on her boobs and kissed on her lips in front of me. She could not stare directly to both of us. She was sobbing. I again consoled her and said that Khalid saved her from drowning and choked to death. She stared back at Khalid with the expression of much gratitude and great thankfulness. Khalid passed on his khakee shirt to Urmilla to cover herself.

Khalid-“You have an extremely beautiful wife Debesh!! You are one lucky basterd.”

Urmilla was turned apple red in color as she heard the appreciations from Khalid. I lifted my wife in my arms and we started to march in the forest where Kalid led us to his bunker. All throughout the journey, I saw a mesmerizing look in the eyes of Urmilla full of thankfulness and gratitude towards Khalid, she could not take her eyes off the vision of Khalid even though she was in my arms. We reached a small cave hole crossing through the mangrove forest. He passed on a pair of trousers to Urmilla, a pair of trousers and vest to me. Urmilla was reluctant to wear the trousers, as she had never tried anything like that before, but Khalid persuaded her that if she wore the trousers then she could move faster in the forest and land us in the refugee camps rather than in wet petticoats. Now Urmilla was a stubborn type of girl, once she had something in her mind, she won’t be moved away too easily from that point. I could not understand how Urmilla accepted Khalid’s proposal in one persuasion. I could sense in her eyes that she was having some kind of tender feelings for Khalid in her heart. She knew that it was a sin for any married Hindu lady to think of other men while being married, but she was greatly influenced by the bravery and guts of the soldier and deeply moved by the tenderness and etiquette of him.

That night all three of us heard the goons in the forest; chasing and shouting for us and swearing to kill us if they ever cross their way. They were still looking for us in the forest and it was Khalid especially, whom they were tracking so that they could avenge the death of their gang leader. Though the bunker was well hidden behind the bushes, we were all tensed thinking of the situation we could land ourselves in, if the goons found us in the bunker. Now these bunkers were very small and mostly built for two people to be accommodated. Hence, all of us really found it very difficult to hide in a small rock hole. Urmilla was so tensed and worried that she started to pant and respire fast and hard. I too was burning out my adrenalin in such a life and death situation. For the first time, under all active senses of Urmilla, Khalid touched my wife’s soft lips by his coarse and rough hands to shut her up from screaming in fear and tension. He also had my mouth in his other hand. Somehow within that tensed situation, I was surprised to see that Khalid’s cock started to poke in between his legs. Urmilla could not keep her eyes open and closed them tight like a little girl. My wife, Urmilla could not manage herself within the small pit hole cave of the rock, so to balance herself she caught Khalid’s rock solid cock in her hands. She must have thought it as a balancing piston. I was in utter dismay and surprise that my wife was holding another man’s donkey sized cock over his pants. Khalid too could not help much but somehow he too felt aroused by the fact to see my wife having his cock in her hands just standing on another side in front of me. The goons left without finding out any traces and tracks of us. The 10-15 min search operation seemed 10-15 yrs for us. As soon as the goons left the spot, Khalid left us and went outside the cave bunker.

Urmilla was in great dismay, surprise and turned pale in shamefulness and excitement. I saw her in tears, she could not stare back at me and more I tried to console her she cried. My wife apologized to me for what she did; I did not know how to react. I consoled her saying that she was already touched by Khalid when she was saved from getting drowned and later Khalid pressed her chest and mauled her lips by his tongue so that the water in her lungs could be pumped out and air could be pumped in. I also said that whatever she did from throwing away her sari to catch Khalid’s cock was just what anyone could have done in any life and death situation and there was nothing to feel shame about it.

Meanwhile, Khalid returned into the cave bunker. I could sense the expression of insatiable lust and desires in his eyes. Urmilla could not stare back at him. Urmilla said that she needed to leave for taking a pee. I expressed my love and affection and caressed her saying not to venture too deep in the forest. Since it was dark, Urmilla asked me to accompany her. As she was on her way to the bushes, something sticky and milky white compound touched her hand as she tried to remove the bushy leaves. I asked her what it was. She did not answer. She was shocked to find that the sticky component was a piece of cum load and she was in tears. Which meant that Khalid came into the bushes after the goons left, exercised his manhood thinking about my wife and deposited the residues on the leaves? I was in no way to express my feelings. I asked Urmilla if she was all ok, but she replied that it was better not to be too close to her. She was deeply moved by the potent scent of the residue in the leaves. She couldn’t help herself and she cleansed her hands off Khalid cum load by her tongue, tasting another man’s cum for the first time in her life. We had pretty fair sex life but did not try anything too extreme or oral. She knew she was getting attracted towards the soldier. When she returned from behind the bushes, I asked her if she was all ok, to which she surprisingly replied “Never better”.

Later on, we had a little jungle feast with some dry fruits, raw eggs and dry bread. It was not the kind of feast that normal people could expect and have in day to day meals, but with empty stomach, that felt to us heavenly. All these foods were stocked in the cave bunker for passing by soldiers and we were fortunate enough to find them in proper diet able conditions. The next morning, we passed a beautiful stream beside the mangrove river. We decided to take a bath in the stream. It was near noon as we made our way to the stream. Khalid left us and made his way to another part of the stream. I noticed him eyeing my wife’s figure as we undressed, got into our inners and jumped into the stream to occupy and relax. Urmilla looked stunning like a sex goddess lying in the sun as the river breeze lapped our skin. After laying out tanning for about 15 minutes, I suggested we take a walk on the riverside. We strolled over few steps down the sunny stream and day, sun kissed sand along the edge of the water chatting and enjoying ourselves.

Then the scenery changed to vacant rugged terrain along the water’s edge. Walking along with my wife, I suddenly heard her gasp. My eyes looked into her face and I heard her whisper. “Oh my

God!!” She stopped dead in her tracks. Confused by her sudden stop, my eyes turned to follow her line of sight. Approximately 50 yards in front of us, a large naked silver colored man was walking along the water in our direction. He had a smooth and muscular body with huge wide shoulders. It was Khalid, approaching us after he had completed his sun bath. As I glanced back to my still frozen wife, I noticed her eyes staring towards the man’s mid-section. As I followed her gaze back to the oncoming man, I saw why my wife had come to a dead halt. Khalid had a huge dick hanging from his loins. It was bigger than anything I had ever seen in my life!! I was confused if that dick was bred in laboratory. I was sure it was the biggest dick my wife had ever seen. I don’t think she had ever seen anyone’s dick but my own. It was approximately 7 inches long and thick, hanging almost halfway down his muscular thighs. It seemed to dance and bob up and down as he strode toward us. It was bigger than my dick when erect! Urmilla’s breathing was choppy as Khalid approached. As he walked by us, he smiled at my wife and enquired if we were finished. Her eyes were riveted to his big silver appendage in between his legs. He disappeared into the distance giving us a view of his silver toned muscular ass.

As Urmilla and I turned to walk back to our cave bunker, I tried to lighten the atmosphere. “I guess they grow them big around here in laboratories, darling.”

Urmilla turned and said, “I didn’t know penises grew that big. His ding dong was the biggest thing I have ever seen in my life!!”

“You know they say Muslim men are bigger than Hindus, honey!” I quipped.

Maybe it was my imagination, but Urmilla seemed to be flushed across her face and shoulders. I glanced down and held my breath. My wife nipples were as erect as I have ever seen them and protruding through her bathing suit! Had she been turned-on by the sight of Khalid’s big potent “ding dong” cock? My prim and proper wife had been exposed to a Muslim man’s circumcised penis.

She had stared at it! I bet she would never forget that sight! As we finally made our way back to our cave bunker, Urmilla promptly ordered me to fetch her bottle of mineral water from the stocks inside. She needed something to calm her nerves! She swallowed the drink in record time. I could well sense that something was cooking in the minds of both Khalid and Urmilla. There was no need for Khalid to pass us naked and proclaim his manhood in such a manner as if he was trying to humiliate me and there was no need for Urmilla to be in so much consumed with Khalid’s cock, that she could start giving orders to me. I was getting tensed. Lots of ill thoughts were accumulating in my mind. I thought that I must ask Khalid about his intensions and made to him clear that I loved my wife and he be physically and mentally away from my wife.

After, Khalid returned to the bunker, he told us, to pack whatever necessities we had and we would be starting our journey shortly. I saw him getting himself equipped with arms and ammunitions. Urmilla, decided to have her lunch, and me and Khalid left the spot to discuss a few things. Khalid handed over to me a colt revolver and gave me crash training on shooting. Needless to say that I was not only tensed, but I was terrified when I took the gun in my hand. I again thanked and expressed my gratitude to Khalid for what he did for us. Khalid said that we were in grave danger, and if situation comes we need to pull the trigger to save ourselves. I took this opportunity and asked him not to stare at my wife with lust and ill thoughts in his mind. I expressed my love for my wife Urmilla to him, he was not very pleased by my way of expressions and I could see his chin and jaws stiffening. He assured that he had nothing bad in his mind, and he just wanted to protect us. Khalid also said that he must take a look at the banks of the river and try to trace if the goons were still after them. I decided to volunteer for the action and took the revolver and started to look for any traces of the goon gang. Khalid said that he would take good care of my wife till I returned, and then we would start our journey towards the refugee camp.

I returned to our cave bunker about evening time and couldn’t find anyone. Where was Urmilla and Khalid, I wondered? My heart was pounding like a thousand drums out of tension and excitement. I looked out here and there towards the river side and saw my wife having a cheerful conversation at the pool. I was stunned when my eyes wandered to the right, and saw whom my wife was talking to as she sipped her drink. My innocent, wife was in fluent conversation with Khalid, whom she had seen on the beach that day!! Urmilla had changed into a crisp white short trouser and sleeveless T-shirt. She looked so dainty and elegant sitting there next to the big Muslim man, who only had a pair of gym shorts on. She was laughing and talking like she was on a date! Urmilla would lean close to the huge, Muslim man, as he would talk close to her ear. She was flirting with him!! She knew I would not be back at the bunker for 3 more hours and had all this time to her. All of the sudden they got up from the pool and began walking toward the bunker. Where were they going, I wondered? My petite, dainty faithful Hindu wife looked so small walking alongside this large Muslim Masculine man, Khalid Hassan. Where were they going??

I thought I should go ahead and let her know I was back. As I started to the door of our bunker! I dove behind the bushes and just beside the bunker gate on the rock, walked my sweet, prim and proper wife with the huge Masculine Muslim man!! I could not believe it! Urmilla was giggling, and I could tell she had consumed quite dosages of drugs to keep herself in relaxation and eroticism. After a few moments, Khalid grabbed my giggling wife and kissed her!! Surely, she would scream and push him away, I thought. I was dead wrong. My commanding, arrogant, and stubborn, well educated and liberated wife was kissing a Muslim man!! I was stunned.

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Should I stop this? Should I burst into the bunker from behind the bushes and demand that this big masculine Muslim hunk Khalid stop kissing my wife? Should I pull the trigger of the gun and shoot them? I was frozen in place. I had the pistol in my hands but no guts to pull the trigger and I suddenly realized my dick was rock hard!! My Hindu and pious wife was kissing a Muslim man. Their bodies were pressed tightly together. I heard my wife groan as she grounded her pelvis into Khalid’s.

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“I cannot believe I am doing this.” My wife groaned.

“You promised me to be my Hindu whore, Urmilla,” the huge Masculine Muslim hunk whispered. “A lot of Hindu wives come to me to explore their fantasies. The wives I meet always leave happy, baby. Some even invite me to their homes to visit them.”

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“Oh, Khalid you don’t please everyone, do you?” My wife giggled.
“Only Hindu married women Urmilla.” Khalid answered.

I could see his huge bulge in his shorts. I was impressed to say the least!! My wife had to feel the lump against her stomach. Khalid took her small hand and brought it to front of his shorts.

He rubbed my modest wife’s hand across his huge bulge.

“Oh My God!” my wife groaned. “You feel so big down there!” Khalid then let go of her hand, and she began rubbing his crotch on her own free will!! They stood there kissing for several minutes.

Then, Khalid took my wife by the hand and led her into the shades by the cave bunker. He sat down on the corner of the shade and opened his strong thighs. He led Urmilla so that she was standing between his legs. He looked into her eyes and smiled as he let his large masculine hand traveled over the front of my wife’s white blouse. I had moved to the shades to watch as he felt-up my sweet wife. Urmilla groaned huskily and her large nipples shot to attention under her blouse. My wife’s ultra sensitive nipples seemed to dance under his touch. He began to lightly pinch and pull on

Urmilla’s erect nipples through her blouse. My sweet wife was allowing a Muslim hunk to tease her soft breasts!! Her tits were as hard as pencil erasers hidden in her white blouse. I could see the brown nipples trough the white fabric. I was going crazy!!

“Open you blouse Urmilla.” Khalid said. “Show me your pretty breasts.”

My wife opened her blouse and showed the large masculine Muslim hunk her breasts captured inside her blouse. Her brown nipples were the size of sand dollars, and her erect tits poked out through the white nylon fabric. Khalid reached up and eased her bra off my wife’s shoulders. Her beautiful  breasts tumbled out in front of his face. Her breasts had goose bumps all over them and her large nipples looked like headlights in front of Khalid’ sparkling black eyes. He reached up and softly twisted and pulled on my wife’s erect nipples for several minutes.

Urmilla was breathing huskily with her eyes filled full of pleasure. This guy is a pro, I thought to myself. How could my sweet wife allow this man to touch her like this?? My prim and proper wife was sighing in pleasure as a Muslim Masculine man played with her breasts. Her chest was rising and falling under his expert manipulation. Slowly, Khalid took his hands away.

“Urmilla, put down your trousers.” Khalid whispered. Surely my wife would not do this, I thought. I was wrong. Slowly, she let her  hands fall to the hem of her trousers. She eased her trousers down and from her wide flaring hips. As the top edge traveled downward, it began to reveal her white cotton panties. With her trousers bunched down to her knees, my wife’s white panties were on complete display in front of this large Muslim man. As I took in the sight, I focused on the details before my eyes. Looking across my wife’s pelvis, I could see the dark outline of her dense bush resting inside the material. I could also see that a few stray hairs of my sweet wife’s hairy pussy had escaped the sides of her panties. There were several brown pubic hairs peeking from the sides of the white fabric. Her underwear could not contain all of her sex. As I looked closer, I was shocked. The fronts of my wife’s panties were wet!! The white cotton fabric was stained from the wetness of her

loins. Her pussy juice was wetting her panties!! Khalid took the back of his hand and index finger and rubbed it across the front of my wife’s bush on the outside of her panties. A few more stray pussy hairs popped from the sides as he moved his finger up and down.

As he flicked his black finger across the front of my wife’s panties, he began to tease my strait-laced wife. “Urmilla, you sure do have some pretty panties. That body of yours sure fills them out nice.”

He whispered.

“Urmilla, take your trousers off” Khalid commanded as he continued to rub her. My wife dropped her trousers without hesitation. My wife was at this Muslim hunk’s mercy, and he knew it!! He began talking dirty to my wife. “Urmilla your white panties are wet. Is your pretty pussy wet, Urmilla? You are a naughty little wife.” He continued, “Did your, married pussy get this wet when you passed me on the beach with your husband today morning?” Urmilla nodded yes, as she bit her lip. “Did you like what you saw? Tell me what you saw. Urmilla”

“I saw your big ding dong.” My wife groaned. “You have the biggest ding dong that I have ever seen, Khalid.” My wife would never talk dirty, so “ding dong” was about all she would say, I thought.

“Had you ever seen a Muslim circumcised dick, Urmilla?” Khalid whispered.

“No, yours is the first circumcised one I have ever seen.” Urmilla moaned.

“Urmilla pull your pretty white panties down and show me your pretty pussy.” Khalid commanded. My wife hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them down to her thighs. As Khalid cleared her pelvis; her dark brown bush popped out in front of

Khalid’ face. Her pelvis was creamy white and softly undulating back and forth. Her pussy mound rose from the center hips and was highlighted by a diamond-shaped jungle of thick pubic hair. Her lush brown bush was wet with dampness, as it glistened in the soft bedroom light. Here was my prim and proper wife, with her panties at mid thigh, was displaying her sex to a Muslim man!! Her smooth stomach and navel were countered with the exotic contrast of her wet, brown pubic hairs jutting from her sex. “Urmilla, you have a hairy pussy, baby!! I love a Hindu woman with a hairy pussy!!” He whispered lewdly.

He took his large black finger and pushed it between my wife’s legs into the folds of her twat. Then he slowly withdrew his finger and I saw it was glistening with my wife’s wetness. He brought his finger to his nose and inhaled its scent. “Oh Urmilla, I can smell your naughty pussy, baby. Your pussy smells so sexy, Urmilla. Your little pussy smells like lust, baby. What would your husband think of you, Urmilla? Here you are a sweet pretty Hindu wife, and you are letting a Muslim man touch your hairy pussy!!” My wife was turning red from his dirty talk, but she getting turned-on even more. Her hips were thrusting forward to make contact with his large fingers.

“Turn around, Urmilla, and show Khalid your pretty, butt.” My wife slowly turned and presented her butt to this Muslim hunk for inspection. Her round buns jiggled when she turned and showed her butt to Khalid’ black eyes. My wife’s soft buns were perfectly rounded and as smooth as velvet. I could see the goose bumps across her butt cheeks, as she waited for this Muslim man to touch her backside. Khalid took his large black index finger and ran it up and down my wife’s soft butt crack. Urmilla’s buttocks pushed back toward his finger searching for his touch. “Urmilla, pull your pretty buns apart and show Khalid your butt hole, baby. Show it to me!”

My sweet and once faithful Hindu wife reached behind her back, and slowly opened her buns for this large black man. I could not believe it!! She would never let me near her butt. Here was my wife opening her buns to complete stranger! She was bent forward slightly, and her butt was pushed back toward Khalid’ gaze. I could see her brown bush fanning out from her pussy with the hairy trail continuing up between my wife’s buns. In the center of her deep butt crack, the brownish, pink ring of her anus winked. It was visible, nestled in a forest of sexy butt hair. I was about to come in my pants!! Khalid ran his finger from her pussy up the crack of her butt lightly circling her butt hole as it traveled. Urmilla’s tender butt was thrusting back to him as he repeated this motion over and over. My wife was moaning uncontrollably.

“Damn, Urmilla!” Khalid teased. “You got a racing stripe baby. Your bush goes all the way up your ass!” He said lewdly commenting on my wife’s hairy crevice. My wife’s butt hair was right in his face!! Her neat manicured hands held her smooth buns apart displaying her randy sex hair! Oh the contrast!!

“Urmilla, turn around and get on your knees.” Khalid ordered. My wife promptly followed his instructions as she fell to her knees. Khalid then stood up displaying the huge bulge in his shorts.

That huge lump was right in front of my innocent wife’s face. “Urmilla, do you want to see my big circumcised Muslim dick?” He taunted. My wife nodded her head “yes”, staring right at his bulge. “Pull my pants down, Urmilla.” Without hesitation my innocent wife pulled down Khalid’s shorts revealing his tight underwear.

It looked as if Khalid had salami stuffed in the front of his underwear. As I took my eyes off his bulge, I was struck by lightning. Khalid was looking straight at me smiling!! “I want you to smell my

Muslim circumcised dick, Urmilla. Put your face in my crotch and smell my nasty circumcised dick, baby.” I stood paralyzed as my prim and proper wife pushed her face into Khalid’ crotch like a slut!

She inhaled his scent, and I saw one of her hands drop down to finger her pussy. Her sweet soft face was pressed against a hard potent baby making Muslim lump in the underwear.

“Take it out, baby.” Khalid ordered. My sweet wife reached her dainty hand into Khalid’ underwear, and pulled out his huge circumcised dick. It leaped out at her striking her in the face. God it was huge!! 10 inches long and thick as a coke can!! My wife gasped as she saw his circumcised dick in front of her face. She just stared in awe at Khalid’s huge circumcised weapon.

Her eyes were as wide as saucers. She reached up and grabbed it with her small hand, but her hand only reached halfway around his thick black dick. “You like what you see, Urmilla? Is your husband dick that big, Urmilla?”

“Oh yes, I like what I see, and, no my husband’s ding dong is not half as big as yours, Khalid. Oh my God!” She moaned. It was if the sight of his potent circumcised meat set my wife into orbit. She began to talk with words I would never conceive that she would speak. “God your !! you’ve got a big dick! I cannot believe dicks are those big.” She was still playing with her pussy with one hand!!

“When I first saw your big circumcised dick today, it made my pussy wet my bathing suit. I was so horny today morning. I could not get your circumcised dick out of my mind. I went in to the bushes, after I saw you, and played with my pussy. I came all over my hand and wedding ring dreaming about you. I wondered if my Hindu pussy would ever fit your big black dick. It’s just like now.

I am playing with my hairy pussy right now, Khalid! God I am wet!”

Khalid had not to order next what he demanded from my wife. My wife in turn took his Muslim Salami in her soft sweet mouth, wrapped it like a wrapper and continued sucking it like a lolly pop. God!! What I was seeing I could not believe in my 100 eyes. My wife was playing with her lips, tongue and mouth over a Muslim circumcise dick. She had given me a blow job in my 5 years of marriage.

I considered it to be unhygienic. And now she was doing the same to a Muslim hunk as if she was real pro. “Oh Yes!! Baby!! Your husband would be proud if he comes to know about your cock sucking qualities!! Do you suck your husband’s cock!!” asked the proud Muslim hunk. My wife slurping her tongue and lips on the potent and huge baby making meat replied “No!! He is not worth it!!”

I could not believe in my ears what I heard from my wife’s mouth. She was thinking from her cunt and not from her head or heart. She was licking and sucking the cock head by her tongue, with her soft Hindu lips wrapped on it, the she was slurping on the entire cock like it was the cock of her life.

She was making it lubricated by her saliva so that it can invade her honey pot in between her legs. The big huge Muslim endowment was too much for her small mouth and she was huffing and puffing like a dog under the feet of the Muslim hunk, Khalid. Urmilla’s lungs were pumping out air as she was sucking and licking the entire cock feverously, she was gasping and panting faster harder and faster, yet her services continued uninterruptedly. Khalid was enjoying each and every service that my wife was offering to his master Salami.

I did not notice that I had already cummed in my pants, just by watching my wife sucking Khalid’s huge circumcised meat. My wife was gagging, and vomiting saliva on Kahild’s huge Sultani Salami. The cock was chocking her as Khalid started to move the dick and out of her small throat. She coughed and coughed and gagged out loads and loads of saliva just like a 2 rupee slut.

Khalid sat down on the ground with his big dick slipping from my wife’s grasp and bobbing in the air. Urmilla leaned forward to kiss Khalid’s circumcised dick. Khalid rubbed his dick all across my wife’s face. He then pulled his dick up and offered his huge black balls to my wife’s face. I was stunned as she began licking the huge black balls. “That’s a girl Urmilla. My. My. Aren’t you a naughty Hindu wife?” My straight-laced, polite Hindu housewife was licking a Muslim hunk’s balls!! I looked at Khalid and saw he was smiling lewdly at me!

Then he totally blew my mind. He lifted his legs back and up, and offered my innocent wife his black butt. Oh my God, I thought!! What would she do? My wife answered my question when she brought both her hands up to his black buns and spread them apart. His smooth black butt crack was spread open displaying his black smelly butt hole!! “Lick my black Muslim butt hole baby.”

My little wife then leaned forward and tongued his nasty black crack from top to bottom. The sweet lips and tongue that I kiss when I come home from work were rutting their way around a

Muslim man’s ass!! “Urmilla, you are such a naughty lady! You have your pretty nose stuck up my black ass like a dog!! Eat my black ass your mouth! I bet your husband would die if he saw his pretty Hindu wife with her tongue up a Muslim man’s ass. You are so dirty. You are so naughty, Urmilla!!” Khalid scolded. Half my wife’s face was in his crack. I was coming in my pants!! My wife had her pretty face stuck up a Muslim man’s ass! What would her friends say!!

Khalid suddenly dropped his legs and stood up towering over my kneeling wife. “Get your married, pussy on the ground!’ He ordered. “Put the clothes under your hips and lay on your back”

Urmilla scrambled up, and arranged herself as she was told with her buns in the air. Khalid grinned at me. “Pull you pretty buns apart and show me your hairy butt hole. That’s a good girl. Oh baby, you got a pretty butt hole!” Khalid moved to the ground and slowly ran his big black finger up and down my wife’s butt crack. Urmilla’s hands were pulling her buns apart, and I could see her wedding ring glowing in the sunlight. “Baby open it up for Khalid. That’s a good girl. Man you got a pretty butt hole. You got some butt hair lady!” Khalid was verbally abusing my wife. “What if your husband saw you showing a Muslim man your butt hole” Khalid looked at me and smiled lewdly. My wife was going crazy, moaning over and over at his dirty words.

Without any delay, Khalid dipped his coarse tongue onto my wife’s tender vagina. A jolt of electricity flushed through her veins. She moaned and moaned louder, I never knew she could moan so loud and erotic. She was hornier than before. She was biting her lips and cried in ecstasy “Oh !! Khalid!! You are teasing me with your tongue”.

Khalid was a pro to play with married Hindu women. He started to lick, suck and teeth my wife’s clitoris, and with each and every movement of his lips and tongue over the lush garden in between her legs, Urmilla was leaking her honey from her pot. I saw her juices dripping down from her cunt and flooding her thighs.

Khalid never wasted a drop of it and he sucked out the heel of my wife’s cunt. Urmilla was moaning as if she was soaring the heights of the seventh heaven. Khalid asked “Why you Hindu women have so delicious juices, held in your sacred hole? What will your husband do if he finds out you and me in this position?” Khalid was playing not only with Urmilla’s clitoris but also with her mind. He was pressing and mauling her boobs so hard that for one moment I thought he was trying to tear them apart from her chest.

His arm flexing his biceps and triceps portrayed the amount of strength, he was pouring on his demonic efforts. “I don’t know. I don’t care. Oh!! Khalid please stop teasing me. I want you bad in me!! Please make me your bird! I am your slut!” murmured my beautiful and once faithful Hindu Wife.

Khalid put his big Muslim circumcised dick against my wife’s pussy and pushed forward stretching her tight opening. “Oh fuck me with your big circumcised dick Khalid!” My wife cried thrusting her butt up to him. “Open me up! I don’t care who sees me!! Stretch me. Use me. Take me. Force me. Oh my God, I’m coming all over your big circumcised dick!!” Khalid stuck his finger up my wife’s butt. She moaned and bit into the leaves on the ground.

Khalid drove his huge cock in an out of Urmilla’s pussy over and over. My wife came repeatedly. She was moaning and grunting as she humped her buns up to meet Khalid’ dick. Her smooth buns were dancing wildly as she thrust her butt up to Khalid’ black loins. Over the next 20 minutes. My wife was brought to orgasm 7 or 8 times by this Muslim stud. She was going crazy.

“Shoot your come up my married Hindu cunt, Khalid!! Make me take it!” I could see Urmilla’s, creamy pussy juice coating Khalid’ huge circumcised cock. My temple going Hindu wife was allowing a huge Muslim cock to fuck her sacred hole!! “Oh, Khalid you are touching places in my pussy that have never been touched!!” She cried. I could sense the expressions, moaning and groaning of pleasures of seventh heaven and erotica in her eyes and cries.

“Oh Yes!! Khalid!! Make me your Hindu bitch!! Fuck me hard!! Show me how to get fucked!! AH!!”-moaned my once faithful Hindu wife Urmilla, as Khalid’s mammoth tool was ploughing her fertile lands in between her legs. Khalid was shoving his circumcised manhood into the pit of my wife’s womanhood as if he had something to prove to her and me. A point: that I did not know how to fuck. A point that my wife Urmilla had not known yet what it was to be with a real man. Urmilla’s screams and pleasure moans escaped her mouth as she closed her eyes to feel the erotica and ecstasy.

I watched as Khalid’s body flexing his toned muscles as he thrusted his manhood with all the force he had. I watched Khalid in an excellent motion of flopping and flapping sound as his pelvis hit hard my wife’s buts. I watched with total surprise and disbelief how my wife’s sacred hole reacted as Khalid invaded her sacred hole again and again to be conquered and resized.

I watched as Khalid’s butt began to flex over and over again. He was shooting his scalding hot come up my wife’s unprotected cunt!!

Oh my God!! He shot come up my wife’s pussy for several minutes it seemed. He finally stopped thrusting and pulled his huge circumcised dick out of my wife’s pussy with a loud plopping noise.

Cum spilled out of her hairy cunt, and ran down her thick bush onto the clothes below. He grinned at me as he rose up from my totally fucked and spent wife. He picked up his shorts and walked right by me standing at the bushes.

“Damn, you got a hot wife!” He whispered, as he passed me. “Tomorrow, I might fuck her in the ass!!”

I was frozen in place. My wife was passed out on the ground. Her thick bush was matted with come.

Her pussy red and stretched open, and Khalid’s circumcised cum gurgled out of her cunt. I stood there looked over the lurid sight before me. I was totally stunned!! Man what an erotic day, I thought!! I got worried, about what could happen next. I had the gun in my hand but no guts to pull the trigger on the guy who fucked my wife senseless in front of me; instead I moved my hands on my dick and started exercising it. When Urmilla came to her senses, she was in complete new look, I thought she probably had realized what they have done. This was not supposed to happen. But I found the expressions of super pleasures in my wife’s eyes. But my eyes were grieving and vengeful. As for the soldier he was somehow satisfied many years after in his life, he was fortunate to fuck a married Hindu woman bare back and deposit his salami in her sacred spot. As Urmilla crossed the bush, she stepped again on a sticky compound, a cold chill flows through her spines.

She saw the pistol on the ground. She chuckled mischievously. She knew that the nut was cracked. I asked her “Do you love me?” She replied in a breath “I love you, but….” A hell lot of difference lies in between “But I love you…” and “I love you but…….”

Without any delay we started our journey through the forest towards the refugee camp. All the time Urmilla was flirting with Khalid as if she was on a date with him, and I was just a nobody accompanying them. With each and every flirt a message of humiliation was conveyed to me. A new development was taking place. Urmilla told me that Khalid was taking special interest in her for some time and has been complimenting her, on her revealing clothes and her body almost every hour. On some occasions he even told Urmilla that she was looking damn sexy today and her husband (that’s me) would keep her awoke whole night. She explained that she felt flattered at his comments and gradually started liking such comments. I thought that Urmilla had not noticed me when she was getting her brains fucked out by her bull Khalid. Khalid was winking his eyes every time on me after he noticed I watching their show. Though I cummed several times while watching Khalid and Urmilla’s live actions but I must accept I was unable to get their movements out of my brain. I would never forget how my Hindu wife’s body reacted with each and every invasion of Khalid’s potent Muslim circumcised meat.

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