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  1. I too have it. I lived in with a paki in Sydney n missed a real man’s love when he passed away .Came back to India n got married. Was so bored with my Married life until I met Riyaz,a dark hot guy from Gujarat whom I met in Delhi at my friend’s wedding where I was alone. Riyaz and I hooked up in the Khan market where we first met. He was the groom’s friend. We exchanged numbers and became friends. I guess it was love at first sight. We ended up sharing bed on the second day of our meeting and it was amazing. His kisses ,his cuddles and his love was all I needed. We stayed together for a week and are still in touch. Phone sex with a dark Muslim guy gives me a lot more pleasure than fucking my husband. It’s been a month since I fucked my husband while Riyaz fucks me on the phone daily. The way he licks me on the phone I feel I m with him. An abusive rusty muslim man gives much more pleasure virtually than a sissy Hindu hubby in real. Miss him a lot and he has promised to meet me next month. Really excited to meet him again.
    More Muslim men are welcome though
    Kik simmi874u

  2. I’m a single Hindu guy. If any Muslim bull wants to humiliate me by talking about their fantasies of Hindu women, please ping me on [email protected]. You can also talk dirty things about my mom (unfortunately don’t have a sister). 🙂

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