Lund War

The women who reported the highest number of vaginal orgasms during the previous 30 days tended to say they preferred longer penises, the findings revealed.

This might be due at least in part to greater ability of a longer penis to stimulate the entire length of the vagina and the cervix.

Women who prefer deeper penile-vaginal stimulation are more likely to have vaginal orgasm, consistent with vaginal orgasm evolving as part of a female mate choice system favoring somewhat larger than average penises.
Research article:

Bigger dick can make you more attractive.


Researchers created 343 computer-generated male figures varying in (flaccid) penis size. A group of 105 young Australian women were asked to rate each image on sexual attractiveness.
While narrow hips and broad shoulders were rated as attractive, larger penis sizes were strongly linked to high attractiveness scores.

If you ask a woman in person many of them would say size doesn’t matter even if she likes the big ones just like a girl says she likes nice boys but you find that her boyfriend is actually a bad boy.
It is often said about women that ‘sometimes woman say one thing and do another (the opposite)’ which is also a reason why many men say they can’t understand women.
Men and women have different personalities a man could boast about how many women he has fucked to show his alphaness he could easily say that he like tight pussies, big ass and tits but most women even if even she likes a big dick she would not brag about it like men, at the back of her mind she also knows she would be labelled a slut if he does that.
Another reason is embarrassment women knew men are size conscious, if you ask a female friend of yours this question she would most probably say size doesn’t matter, this is because she doesn’t want to mortify you in case you haven’t got a big one. She would choose the safer answer.
She might even say it due to lack of experience.
The wife may say the exact same the if her hubby has got a small one, it doesn’t matter, she mind love you for other reasons, but still she gets fascinated with the big ones every times she sees them on the internet. On the contrary female with a big dicked partner would praise the size of his dong.
Follow the eyes not the words, Eyes don’t lie thats why if presented with a small one and a big one women would stare at the big dick.

When it comes to sex the image of indian hindu men is very week to say the least,  Indian hindu men have the least sex, once a week on an average while hindu women are women are the third largest female viewers of pornographic content, surely they need more and thats where the musalmans come in and should come in.

In the size war Hindu men have the second smallest penis in the world after Korea. The Pakistani penis defeated indian penis by quite a convincing margin.  It turned out to be .8 inches larger than Indian hindu penis, .8 inch is quite a large difference on an average. Why pakis topped south Asian countries and turned out to be bigger than indian hindu penis ? It could be a matter of debate. While its true the pakis look more beefy than physically more well built than their counterparts. If we talk about physical appearance than Kashmiri muslims look more at par with pakis. The pathans on the other hand also look different than an average hindu. In a gallup survey it was revealed that majority of Pakis think that Pathans, kashmiris and pushtoons are the best looking people in the subcontinent.

It is good that some hindu men are taking pride even in smallest penis, a good example just live with what you have got. In the above pic Raj Kumar (rajeeve gupta) was the happiest person on the earth when he won the smallest penis contest.

The average size of American penis was 5.1 inches, most muslim countries were not on the list as they dont take part in it but still there were a few muslim majority countries in the list and their penis sizes  were bigger and above average. For example Turkey 5.5 inch average, Algeria 5.5, Morocco 5.9, Lebanon 6.6,Egypt 6.2 inch average.

Now how to do better and save the face, next time there is a smallest penis contest the we should push Kashmiri muslims into the survey to improve the performance. Having studied in a college where quite a lot of Kashmiri musalman students used to study I saw that hindu girls just drooled over them, the relationship between a hindu girl and a kashmiri musalman guy would be seen as having no future by many, but still a good sexual relationship which many hindu girls want during the college life to have a badass and smart looking bf. The Kashmiri musalman students usually stay within their own group but I was able to become a part of a group of 4 kashmiri guys who were my class mates after I was able to convince them that I support them, so they took me in. All four of them lived together and every Saturday they used to bring Jugaad they had quite a few Shrishti, Divyani, Tanvi, Esha but  their favorite Jugaad was a hindu girl named Preetika she had a buxom ass. They used to gang fuck the hindu bitch all night long. I also joined them on many occasions. I saw their penises they were all circumcised with big dicks, more than 6 inches. I was 5 with loose skin hanging on my flaccid dick and it looked different. I also fucked the jugaad they brought and after I was done fucking her. The boys used to say ‘bus ho gaya’ I fucked her for like 10 to 15 minutes ejaculated and then went home while for them even a night was not enough. I knew they were superior in sex and enjoying inferiority gave me a different kind of pleasure that why I joined their group. Sometimes I could feel as they banged the hindu girl that they loved to release their frustration by fucking the hindu bitch and hindu girl loved it equally, the intensity.

Once I frankly asked a female class mate of mine her named was Archana that which guy looks the smartest in our class. She said Nasir one of the kashmiri musalman guy. I wasn’t surprised.
I told Nasir about this and I pushed him to go after her. He started  making eye contactwith her and she also looked at him. I knew she would spread her legs very easily for him. I also told nasir tujhe to ye araam se de degi.
Now Nasir started trusting me more than ever when he saw that I am tying to put a hindu girl on his muslim dick, by making him go for her.
He did have much problem coaxing her. After a week she was in his bed and he fucked her with full force. I asked him about his experience and he didn’t shy away from telling me. He said he fucked her all night and she loved it, he revealed she is quite good at sucking dick. She loved his dick and every now and then praised the size of his dick. She said while slapping his full hard dick with her hand umm kitna bada hai tera umm its so big, sure she loved it.

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