Mangalsutra fetish

mangalsutra fetish

Mangalsutra is worn around the neck by married hindu women which signifies that she is married. Today different groups have different opinions on it. Like many feminists are of the view that it is a tool of hindu men to control women, its is like a “Leash” worn around the neck which denotes that this woman is already owned by some man as if she has a master. They have very negative views about mangalsutra many free thinking women want this practice to end for the sake of liberation.

But there is not just one road to liberation.

wife sucking lund

This is an old pic and since many years I am seeing that this has become a trademark for mangalsutra fetish. In the above pic there is a h!ndu woman named Arpitha. She is sucking a circumcised Mus*** cock with her mangalsutra wrapped around it.

This one is a newer pic.

hindu wife circumcised cock

Mangalsutra alag he chamak jata hai hin** aurto pe.

hindu wife backless

sexy bhabhi

Man h women like to display their mangalsutra. The sight of mangalsutra turns on some mus men.
Hindu aurat ko mangalsutra mai dekh kar kuch musalman mardo k lund mai halchal hone lag jaati hai.


This comment I came across was posted in reaction to a real incident where a hin** wife had an affair with a mus** colleague and she sleeps with him with sindoor and mangalsutra, as depicted in that episode.
How could they sleep with another man wearing their sindoor and mangalsutra ?
Thrill of doing the forbidden.
Some dominant mus males fantasize about wrapping the mangalsutra of h wives on their big hard circumcised rods, while some wives feel liberated while doing so, not to mention the immense pleasure.

Mangalsutra could be used in BDSM + interfaith cuckold session wherein the h wife wraps it around mus guy’s dick conveying total submission, and since that piece of necklace signifies something and is deep rooted so it makes it more real and heart raising.

Many people here have fantasy and fetish regarding mangalsutra which usually involed a mus guy.

Now time for some fun to help you with your fantasy.

Ilyas Khursheed:  I like to go after hindu women with mangalsutra , I like how they act like a pativrata at first but soon the sight of my big manhood melts them down completely as they fall into my lap like a rose petal. 

Mahmud FarakuddinWhenever I hookup and undress a married woman ideally a hindu woman I remove everything from her body except the mangalsutra. The sight of it multiplies my lust.

Jabbar Sheikh: First time I went after a mangalsutra clad h woman I thought I am in for a challenge but soon I found out that she craves to wrap it around a muslim studs circumcised pole.

Basheer Ali : My worst enemy has a sexy wife and she feeds on my dick. My big circumcised rod always remains hard for her. When she wraps her mangalsutra around my huge rod my manhood gets even harder as the veins on my dick pop out when I see the symbol of her husband around my cock.

14 thoughts on “Mangalsutra fetish

  1. i love and feel excited when see newly married hindu biwian with sindoor and mangalsutra. yaar lund hard kar daiti hay. cute sexy hot hindu biwian. kaminian saree bi tight kar daiti hay peechwadhay say. jab dekti hay muslim gor raha hay. muslim lund ko tadhpa daiti hay.

  2. now i understand why waseem always makes her naked but keep that mangal – sutra and sindoor and fuck her. but to b true i love the sight of him fucking her . he fucks awesomely more than that my wife is satisfied. ty waseem may god give u more pussies.
    his kik id : mdwaseem1

  3. This is correct, sahil always wants my wife to wear saree below navel, sindoor, big bindi and mangalsutra. (100% genuine not a fantasy)

  4. Mangalsutra & sindur are symbols of hindu wife’s exclusive devotion & dedication to her husband. There has to be very strong attraction to make her cross exclusive boundary of her husband.

    [email protected]

  5. Magalsutra and sindoor are two most important symbol of our marriage and dharma and just a touch of muslim penis on it makes us wet to the core.

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