Many hindu couples divorcing after honeymoon


Urban couples are increasingly calling it quits within months of getting married.
A couple returning from their honeymoon as soulmates is a thing of the past. Of late, there is a substantial increase in the number of separations post a honeymoon amongst city couples. Last month, a couple went for their honeymoon to Bali, but the woman’s efforts to seduce her husband failed and the 10-day trip was cut short to three days. When asked about the reason for not being physically intimate, the boy stated that even though he was not in love with someone else, he did not feel connected to his wife. Post their return, they decided to go for a separation. Says psychologist and marriage counsellor Sanjoy Mukerji, “There is a significant increase in the number of post honeymoon divorces in the last three years.

10 thoughts on “Many hindu couples divorcing after honeymoon

  1. There are reasons why the favorite muslim cuss word for hindu men is “Namard” and hindu cuss word for muslim men is “katwa, mulla, atanki”.
    These do not appear out of no where there are reasons behind it one which is that many hindu wives go to muslim men, many girls grab musalman lunds and tell them / pamper them that they are so much better in bed and the musalmans tend to unleash their best/extraordinary sexual performance with a kufr or hindu girl captivating her mind, body and soul completely.
    A match between an Agnostic girl from a hindu family and a devout muslim seems almost impossible doesn’t it ? Both completely different beliefs which clash with each other. But still the power of muslim lund was able to captivate. An example of such a girl named Navneeta Pathak who married a devout muslim.

    1. Fool urself. Religion has nothing to do with divorce. Divorces r not much common in Muslims just because most muslim women r not well educated, and they depend on their muslim husbands for their livelihood totally. On the contrary most Himdu women r well educated & can survive on their own even when divorced.

      1. That article is not about any divorce but specifically divorce just after the honeymoon which is increasing in urban areas which is predominantly hindu. Most people in urban areas are educated but Being educated doesn’t mean you are smarter. Even if the hindu women is self dependent still the husband pays maintenance & alimony in case they have lived with each other for some years.

        1. Nowhere is it proved that divorce immediately after honeymoon is because the married woman has found a muslim stud. So mixing religion with divorce is just a imagination.

          1. It is obvious
            You expect these Hindu women to say to TOI that hey my Hindu husband is a sissy and i am looking for a muslim hunk with cut dick

          2. Everything doesn’t have to be necessarily written or proved its understood that we hindu men not are not able to satisfy and captivate them therefore many of us get dumped right after the honeymoon by our wives.

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