Married 54 year old boss

I am jaya 36 years old now married with my boss Junaid Khan 2 months ago. He is 54 years old hunk. He has already 1 wife and I am his second wife. I am so surprised how his first wife behaves with me normally. She has decorated suhag raat bed for us. The thing which surprised me more is suhagraat. Junaid ji fucked me very mecilessly three times a night. I was totally exhausted. He made me to suck his cock. and every time he has discharged thick semen inside my pussy. I am really surprised how 54 yrs old has such stamina. From that day he is fucking me twice a day. We are not using any protection. We have also had our honeymoon in simla where he was fucking me mercilessly. I think we went to simla only for sex. Now we are living with his younger brother 40 yrs old his wife, junaid and his first wife. His younger brother is eyeing on me. Once he was fondling my ass which was seen by his wife. She smiled but never objected. I am surprised how both ladies bear me knowing their husbands are eyeing on me. Suggest.

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  1. matured bearded muslim man are very hot.i m married but my attraction towards matured bearded muslim man.

  2. But now his brother is eyeing on me. What should I do? How both wives are silent

    • जया बहन
      दोनों से खुलकर मस्तियाँ कर। तुम्हें अब शरमाने की नहीं रन्डीपना दिखाने की कोशिश करनी चाहिए।
      जैसे मैं निकाह के बाद सलीम जी की तिसरी बेगम बनीं हूं अब मैं सलीम जी और उनके मित्रों के लिए अपनी हिन्दू सहेलियां एवं अपनी रिश्तेदारिनों को तैयार करके अपने फर्ज को अदा करती हूं ।
      सलीम जी के रिस्तेदार या खास मित्रो को तो मैं बहुत खुश रखती हूँ उनके इशारे से ही मैं पसर जाती हूँ ।
      तू भी मत शर्मिली बन बस खुलके मस्ती ले और दे।

  3. jaya Ur lucky yar.i m also searching such types of matured muslim.

  4. Meri biwi k lite bhi aisa boss chahiye

  5. Haa.. Par How their wife accept us

  6. Jaya Didi, Their Wives Have Accepted You Because They Also The Thirst Of Woman For Hard And Long Cock Of Powerful Hunk Like Junaid And His Brother.
    You’re Lucky Sister.
    Enjoy Jaya Didi.

    • Yes you are right. Last night my husband spent his night with his first wife and then he joined me @ 2 am and fucked me. I guess he spent 4 hrs with first wife. I don’t knw how many rounds. And next 5 hrs with me for 2 rounds

      • I always ask him.. Why he wanted to fuck me after fucking his wife. He says he feel proud when he put his monster inside me. Kya har muslim aisehi sochte hain

  7. Take everyone’s cock in ur family. You will feel like heaven

  8. No imranji… My pussy only belongs to my husband.. But his brother is trying on me

  9. I wish i had such a husband and brother in law… Muslim men are soooooo gud.kik simmi874u

    • Yes sinmi. You will get. Waise muslim husband chahe wo 50+ ka bhi ho, pura majaa deta hain. Mere pati puri meri chudai karte hain aur meri chut apne pani se bhar dete hain. 50 + age main bhi wo apna beej mere kokh main dalna chahate hain. I am sure he will get success and i will be pregnant with his child

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