Married hindu wife affair with muslim man

Shadab Ali 25, was in relationship with Premlatha, his neighbor who was married off to another man but their affair continued and she got pregnant with Shadab’s child.
Shadab married muslim girl Aasma later and had two children but his affair with Premlatha continued. Soon Premlatha separated from her husband and began to live with Shadaab but it was not acceptable to Aasma, she was not willing to let her be his second wife and fight breaks out between Premlatha and Aasma for muslim lund.

2 thoughts on “Married hindu wife affair with muslim man

  1. actually hindu lady is winning…
    nobody couldn’t separate a true love in musllim man and hindu woman
    the proof of their true love is premalatha’s baby by shadab.
    so asma should triple talaq shadab and premalatha should nikkha with shadab

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