Married Musalman man Seduces And Fucks Hindu Female Office Colleague

We had a team leader named Sulaib, he was Muslim and used to take namaz break in the evening.

Last year a Hindu girl joined our team and from day one I sensed Sulaib had his eyes on her. Sulaib was a married man and had 3 kids.

It was clear to me that Sulaib started lusting for her as she was Hindu and on top of that very good looking. She used to wear tight office skirts in which her sexy legs and thighs were visible and Sulaib was hardly able to control himself. It was just the second week I unexpectedly went inside Sulaib’s cabin and I saw he had put his hand on this Hindu girl’s thighs who was sitting next to him.

I also used to talk with this girl and she became my friend, once she came to me and asked me about Sulaib, what kind of person he is. I was confused. I asked her in what sense. She told me in the context of relationship what kind of guy he is. I told her that he is already married. I saw she was surprised to hear that but she didn’t say much.

Then next week in the evening I saw her going with him in his car. I knew something is not right, he must be banging this hindu chick. I knew it and even after knowing that he is marring she is still hopping onto his mullah lund

Few months later something totally unexpected happened. Sulaib did nikah with this hindu girl and made her his second wife. I cant believe she agreed to this. She left the job and became a randi of musalman.

May be it was his hidden desire to be nailed by Musalman who knows.

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