Married To A Muslim And A New Life of a H!ndu girl

Someone said once “Muslim culture is said to be more permissive even when it may seem apparently more conservative from the outside.”

Hi, friends this is Afsa here i am 29 year old married. I was previously a Hindu but converted later into Islam . This story is not exactly a story but a thing about my life. I will narrate you my life events from me been 20 years old till today. So the story goes like this….

I am 20years old studying in engg college near delhi my name is priya. I was not the best looking girl in my batch but i managed to come in top 10. Many boys gave me good attention and i had few hook-ups in first 2 years of college but nothing lasted more then couple of months. At home , i had my mother only dad had expired when i was 4 year old .. Mom took real care of me by working in a it firm . We never had any money problems in our life mom earned well and had enough of family wealth too. Life was happening cool and full of adventures mom had less time to see when i am going and coming home and i took all liberty of it to party with my friends. It was my result day on 2nd year engg ..

When i saw a guy who looked really hot to me on first sight … enquiring who he was from friends i came to know he is a muslim guy named ameer i picked the most foolish idea to somehow talk to him and watch him closely … not as a to be bf just curiosity .. Mostly muslim guys are bit off radar in talking but he was really nice and i just fell in love with him within mins and so did he.

He was a year ahead of me , and our meeting got more often , longer & private. By the time i reached end of 3rd year and he finishing his engg i publically called him my boyfriend and we were a happening couple …. We kissed a numerous time & some rubbing but nothing more. After he finished his engg and started job he hardly use to get time for me and this was making me mad so he proposed me for marriage and i agreed. Mom gave a big resistance as he was a muslim and in my society marrying a muslim is end of the world tragedy but due to my continuous pressure she finally agreed.

His family on the other hand had no problem with me and agreed without any problem but his family was very very poor and poor to a extent they were 18 people living in 3bhk house with tiny bedrooms i was bit concerned about my privacy but ameer convinced me that he has a job and we would buy a bigger house. In his family he had 3 brothers ( he was smallest ) had 2 sisters 1 who was staying with them with her husband and he has parents and 1sister was a divorcee …. 1 room was of parents , 1 was shared by a bro and sis with family …..And 3rd was shared 2 bros ….

Ameer and her divorcee sister use to sleep in hall. His bros had 2 wives each which i warned ameer i would never allow for him and he had agreed. His father came to our house for a formal meeting to finalize marriage and mom agreed to all his demands reluctantly. As time passed and date of my marriage was coming near my mom was adjusting well with my fatherin law and mother in law she use to talk to both of them 10-15 times a day during marriage preparations.

Finally the day came , i married from my own house and his family shifted in our home for couple of days for it and i married my love and i was never more happy. We had a fantastic honeymoon in goa we did all possible wild things in goa …. Going to beach in a bikini then playing inside water in sea …. Fucking like rabbits in our hotel room for hrs we used up 18 condoms in 3 day honeymoon. I hardly called mom neither she did in my honeymoon just before coming back to delhi i thought of calling her but she didn’t pickup. I landed in delhi and we decided to go to my home first pick my luggage and then move to my new home.

When i rang up the bell it took a while for mom to open the door , and i was shocked she was looking dead tired and was giving me a forceful smile , i asked her what is wrong with you are u all right and she just gave me a signal to come in first …. To my surprise my inlaws and all in family hadn’t move out yet after marriage they were still in my home .. I was pissed off as my mom told me later that they are staying here and she is been taking care of them cooking for them doing all house work for last 3 days.

I immediately called ameer inside and told him lets go to our home right now to which he agreed he even apologized to my mother for the trouble she had in our absence. But only ameer was apologetic about it not those who were living for free in my home for 3days. My father in law … when told that we are going back blankly refused to go ….

He said my mom will feel insulted if we leave in rush lets go tomorrow he told me to stay with mom also for a night before going away from her with a cunning smile. Mom had no option but to welcome them to stay for another night. Finally , next day we moved out and i told mom to take complete rest now not knowing what trouble awaits me . When we reached our home my father in law ordered his daughter and family to move out of room and stay in hall along with divorcee sister.

And we were given her place in room this really blew my mind , that room hardly had any space they had no beds in room you have to sleep on floor … his bro along with his 2 wives and 2 kids were settled in this already … we got a little corner to sleep. I was so pissed off that i asked ameer if we could stay with mom till he buys a new home but he refused. I was not asked to cook as other ladies did that ..

I didn’t even have a changing room and bathroom was wet … i wondered i should have seen how he lives first before marrying him. I sleep in short gowns or sleep shirt / shorts but that looked difficult with his brother and family in room … i asked ameer for a escape route and he told me just go for changing last in room and i said ok. My new bhabhi striped her children to naked and told them to sleep … brother came into room in his undies and i was shocked and turned my face to ameer who was smiling back.

Then something happened behind my back and ameer told me to look back and go & change. I looked back and saw both bhabhi completely nude preparing to sleep i had my mouth open when i saw bhabhi and she told me don’t worry we sleep like this. I just got back into my senses picked my sleep shirt went into bathroom and came back and without looking to them curled into ameer in shame.

He knew my condition and he just laughed into my ears we were talking slowly into each others ears when i heard that moams the uff and the aaahas … from my back .. I hugged ameer tighter and he said don’t react just enjoy. Bro was fucking bhabhi right behind my back they were so close to me that bhabhi’s hand use to touch my back often. In the mean time ameer had slipped his hand under my sleep shirt and was rubbing my pussy .. I was so shamed because i knew his brother would be getting full view of my legs little of my buns and pussy too.

I objected this to ameer but he was on a different mood … the fucking sound for last 20 mins had made me hot too and i allowed him the touching. After his brother finished and i suppose was going back to sleep ameer suddenly got up with his hand still on my pussy and asked his brother to give him condom … i was shocked speechless seeing the brazen talk of ameer … his brother too replied “ aise he kar le na kyu chiaiye condom “ but ameer said … nahi condom sahi rehta hai do mujko to which he told bhabhi to give ameer condom from cupboard . …

I was really shamed never in my life i expected to be in a position where 3 people discussing i should be fucked by a condom or not. Anyways, ameer got the condom he removed my shirt completely and i did my best to hide what all i could with my hands … and ameer starting to bang me hard very hard i too lost my senses and removed my hands … me been new to sex had little control over my uffs and aaaha and fuck me more ….. I was very very vocal in sex after he slowed his fucking a bit i realized both bhabhis and brother were watching our fuck show and smiling i just hid my head in ameers chest as he continued to pound me in full speed again finally after 20-25 mins of high voltage sex he finished and i just laid without covering myself ..

I was then tapped on my shoulder by bhabhi who was trying to offer me a glass of water which i gladly took. I couldn’t meet eyes of brother at all i kept looking down as he enjoyed seeing me naked for first time. He even at end to my apathy discussed our sex with ameer … you should have done this that .. This helps to do longer and stuff. I was not happy and i told ameer that this is the last time he had sex with me with someone watching to which he gave no answer just hugged me and we slept.

After a eventful embarrassing night .. I was last one to get up in morning .. Bhabhi’s little son 1 year old managed to reach me with his toy which woke me up. I saw the room and everyone was already up and gone ( been a sunday i expected everyone to be in hall ) it was 7.30am and i was about to get up when bhabhi came into room to my surprise she was still naked … how can she go out naked … i said in my mind … and ameer entered the room too … he gave me a good morning kiss and told me to come out …

I told him let me wear my suit first but he said don’t worry just come outside way u are …i said i am naked and laughed but he didn’t laugh he was serious he wanted me to come out naked but i didn’t want too despite him been dragging my hand i managed to wear my sleep-shirt ..But i was still bottom less … reaching the hall i was in for a bigger surprise .. . Everyone was either naked or in shorts women except my saas were all naked … i was feeling shy in showing my naked thighs and legs to everyone but they were fine with me bottomless.

My saas was only one who was properly dressed ( she was supposed to answer all the door bells ) i took my tea and sat besides her when brother shamelessly started to narrate how ameer and i had sex last night and how vocal i am in sex on which everyone laughed and teased me & ameer. While sitting and seeing naked people for good few hrs i started to check out everyone … my saas was quite fat .. My father in law had a wrestler type of a body and dick had turned into semi erect after hearing my sex story ….

All bros were decently build .. Ameer was no doubt better looking then them .. Father-in-law dick was huge in semi erect i guess it would be around 8 and brothers would be around 7 … ameer had a 7inch bonner too … all of them were way bigger dicks then u see in india … in india i think average dick size would be 5 or 5.5 max. The ladies were average except 2 of them who were really as beautiful as some actress. Over all i rated myself as 3rd best in girls .

The morning tea was over and everyone slowly went into bath and dressed properly , i got a basic idea that they sleep naked have morning tea in the same way and remain well dressed in day time. The 2nd day , a sunday went in normal house work couple of people came to wish us too .. And it got over in night … ameer asked me to be naked only to which i agreed nothing really to hide when everyone in home had seen me naked and in room even seen me getting fucked.

Again like yesterday were suppose to sleep in the same way but kids who were suppose to sleep in front wanted to join his mother and we had to create a space from him which cramped us more my shoulder and bhabhi who was sleeping besides me now were pressed together … bro as usual came to her … this time i was not showing them my back and i too wanted to see the show …

It is one hot experience to see someone getting fucked a inch away. We all were so close this time that i moved too along with bhabhi in her fucking …. She got hold of my hand … shoulder..She even pressed my boobs in her fucking …… brother also didn’t hesitate to rub his arm on my waist sides of my boobs … he was brave enough to even hold my leg .. Thigh for support this really excited me a lot .. Ameer too saw this … i pointed out to him when his brothers hand was just a little distance away from my pussy but he ignored it.

When they finished bro today didn’t go back to his place he made everyone shift a little and made a place next to me this really turned me on … ameer fucking me with his bro next to me… ameer got up wore condom and separated my legs i had no place to go my legs went to bro even my knee even touched his dick onces .. In our sex he kept on guiding ameer to do this way do that way …. Ameer in return told him to hold my leg … i was shocked he is involving brother in our sex but with a 7 inch hot rod in my pussy i had little resistance ..

Brother gladly took hold of my leg while ameer fucked me … he rubbed every inch on leg he touched my boobs pinched them…. Ameer put me in various positions and bro enjoyed it equally he grabbed my boobs neck legs buns everything … it was really like having sex with 2 guys this went for over a hr …

We finished they both drank water left nothing for me … so i had to go to kitchen again … on my way i crossed dads room which was silent … i could clearly hear sex sounds from other room in which 2 bros where staying … as i reached kitchen and took water i realized someone in doing sex in hall too … and i just thought the whole family fucks ….. And started to comeback still in curiosity i peeped and saw the divorcee sister fucking her sisters husband …

To my amazement i came back and told this too ameer who gave me a smile and said … ghar mai chalta hai .. No wonder he didn’t object to his bro pressing my boobs so openly in our sex … and we just slept … in morning as usual everyone was in hall …this time no one made fun of me but my father in law was missing . I didn’t care thought he might be still sleeping but saas said he went at 11.30 in night … and didn’t return home yet i gave everyone a worried look but they didn’t care i guess that was normal for him to be out of home all night.

It was monday and a working day today , i was the only working lady in home so i got ready and we left for our respective offices …. In office i thought of calling my mom … she was not to well when i left her … and all this sex things at home made me to forget her on sunday… i called her and she sounded too formal to me i asked her how was she and she gave me a diplomatic answer …

I kept asking her if she is fine …. On which she said your father in law is here at home … this was like a rock hitting me …… i was really scared …. Did he tell my fuck story to mom ?? Did he tell i slept naked and had sex in a room with others watching me ?? What the hell is he doing in my home … was he at my home last night ??? I was in self shock mode …. Somehow i found courage to ask mom what all is he telling … on which she said nothing he told me u are very sweet and everyone likes you …. That eased my nerves . Still i decided i have to keep this family away from my mom … if she comes to know how this family lives .. She will never forgive herself and me for this choice.

I told her that i am coming home in evening to meet you .. And hung up … then i called ameer and told him … his father was at my home … possibly all night … he too was very pissed off he told me to be silent and connected his dad in a conference call ..And literally shouted at him for going to my home and asked him to leave at once and he agreed. I told ameer to pick me up from moms house in evening and ended the call. In evening , i reached mom and we were sitting and chatting when i asked her when did he came in morning … and mom said not today he came at midnight and i had to allow him inside. He slept in my room and i slept in guest room and he was here till noon when u called.

She told me that your father in law is really besharam he was roaming in our house in his undies i don’t like such things … what house have you chosen she cursed me for it …. And i just said in my mind .. “ u don’t know what happens inside “ . Ameer came to pick me up …. I told him everything on our way back and he assured me that he will talk to his dad and it will never happen again.

In night, again the usual fuck happened; brother fucked bhabhi then came by my side for his round 2 enjoyment today he was bolder he didn’t care to take permission from ameer to hold my leg , touch my boobs … he even sucked my boobs …. Once … ameer comparatively finished early in 15 mins today .. And brother was not happy about it … he told ameer you need to last longer this and that ….Ameer said bro i am not like you and i can’t do this again now i finished it once … to which he said …

I can do this 5 times why are u so slow get up do it again how will priya be satisfied … even i felt like having it a bit more but didn’t say … ameer just signalled brother u do what u want i can’t do more now and turned his back … i was still not sure what he meant by that but bro was between my legs in a flash i was doing all with my hands to stop him and called ameer to help me he turned back to me .. I gave him a save me look … he looked at bro who by this time was almost ready to push his dick in me and my one leg on his shoulder …. He just told bro … aaram se don’t get mad baas ….. And turned his back to me again ….. He had allowed his brother to fuck me ….Brother just removed my hand from my pussy and pushed his dick inside me …

He was surely better then ameer in sex he fucked me to his delight he was enjoying my tighter pussy a lot he literally chewed me completely after a good hr of fucking and sucking we finished and slept.

In the morning , i woke up and went outside i was welcomed with a cheer …. Brother had told everyone how he enjoyed fucking me last night and everyone asked me if i had enjoyed to which i said yes i didn’t look into eyes of ameer in shame … then wait a min …. Where is my father in law again …… at once i looked at ameer and spontaneously he said i called him .. He is coming back … i just said fuck and had my tea. Today the other too bros also didn’t mind touching me on thigh shoulder while having tea i knew they must be thinking when would they get a chance.

These things continued for days …into a month …. I had by now been fucked by all bros … only my father in law and brother in law had not fucked me ….. My father in law was a regular absentee from our morning tea … which was making my saas angry too now …. Despite telling him not to go to my home he use to go to my home every night … i even told my mom not to open door for him in night but he always got a way inside every morning i use to call my mom and she use to say he is here.

After 3 months , one saturday morning during tea my father in law declared he is going to give a very big surprise to all of us tomorrow morning we all speculated what it would be …. Soon it was time , it was sunday and we were curious to see surprise … it was 6am when i was sleeping i heard few voices of shouting some in happy tone some in shocked tone some in angry tone i just jumped and ran out ……

My saas was sitting on floor with her hand on her head ameer was angry … others seemed to happy … as usual we all were naked … i made my way to see the surprise .. I saw my father in law sitting in coat … with my mom …. At onces i put my hand on my boobs and pussy in shame but mom had seen everything happening … when ameer pulled me towards him and said dad married your mom.

My worst nightmare came true ….. Mom not only saw in what condition i was living … she was going to be a part of it too … i almost fainted but ameer caught me and made me sit on chair …. I didn’t know what to say how to react … my saas was crying …. Should i console her ?? Congratulate my mom ??? Tell her what blunder she did ?? I gathered myself and went to my saas first to console her … then i yelled back at mom on what she has done … mom was herself ashamed and it was written all over her face ….. My father in law .. Now technically my dad too … was smiling and asked me to come near him … he made me sit beside him and told me .. I didn’t force your mother i loved her the day i saw her ….

3 months i made love to her all night now she can’t remain without me … i started at mom … he held her head in shame looking down but the damage had been done. Mom was part of this family now. I asked them how did u marry so early in morning .. On which they told me they married yesterday and coming here after having first night . I was terrified i just went into my room and sat waiting this new thing sunk into me.

From next day , mom was sitting in hall naked having tea … with my father in law openly touching her boobs and legs … everything got normal sooner then i thought my saas adjusted too. Mom was getting used to this way of life she was surprised how all bros were touching me while good morning hug . She in day came to me and asked me how u adjusted and i told her stay here u will see everything and automatically adjust. She came to look into my room and she was surprised how i lived …she asked me what about your privacy …

I told her don’t u see everyone naked here there is no privacy here i have sex knowing everyone in room is watching she was really sorry for my condition i cursed her a lot of marrying my father in law to which she told me that he use to come in night and just sleep for a week then he started to seduce her and got her .. For 2 months he is coming and fucking her daily so she decided to finally marry him.

But mom entry into our house opened flood gates for everyone now everyone didn’t mind doing sex openly too mom was told stories how i fucked bros for first time and how vocal i was to which she just smiled looking at me. Mom even saw me fucking ameer bros , bro in law she had lost the right to stop anyone fucking her daughter …. My new dad too didn’t leave her alone she was seen fucking dad in every corner of house.

Today i am 29 year old having 1 kid ….. Never changed that house still in it …. Just made a extra floor for kids. From coming to repute rich family my decision to marry ameer turned my life and moms life for ever. I don’t regret marrying ameer today but i regret turning myself into a sex doll getting fucked everyday for last 9 years … sex is not as great as before…but is something difficult to live without now … i miss my good society life sometimes. This is a not a world i expected myself to be in but happy with what i have …. A loving husband … a beautiful angel kid and fun family.

Anyone wishing to share his/her experience can email me at [email protected] i am not keen for any sleezy talk so any such people avoid mailing or messaging me .

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