Marrying an Arab guy: advantages beyond imagination

Hi there, continuing from my first post, my real life story, I would like to say a few things here.
There’s an extremely disgusting notion going on all over the world, especially India that Muslim men, specially Arab men are brute, uncultured etc. They are like beasts, they don’t respect women, they are rapists bla bla bla. I think i need to burst this bubble and set the record straight here.
I was born a hindu girl in kolkata and so i was told and taught all these nonsense. When I first came here in KSA for job and I was just 21, and saw bearded people all around me with different culture,i naturally got scared. But very quickly when i met this arab guy, my man, who too was bearded and kinda frightening on looks, and may be bcz my fate hinged here with him, he befriended me and we got to know each other well. As our meetings became regular and our relationship became deeper, my eyes started to open up and I realized the nonsense i was fed up with. He started taking me out and I even went to mosques with him to pray, which i could never believe to do if i had never come here. He is a devout muslim but that never scared me.
I had a bf earlier for almost 3 yrs, but we broke up bcz he had very little time for me. But here with my man, he had all the time for me. He was already married, father of a few. So he had a lot of responsibilities, yet he gave me so much importance.
like human nature, we became physically involved and that too very early in our relationship. My bf, being a typical indian career-minded guy, was never active. it took him courage of almost a year to go physical with his gf. But here, this arab man took less than a month to do it. He was the one who approached as i was shy and that’s the beauty. Every girl wants his man to be manly and make the move. He had two wives and yet he felt no shy to have physical relationship with me. And that impressed me a lot.
Gradually I fell mad in love with him and so did him with me and we got married in less than 4 months time. Yes it was quick and i was just 21 and him with all that background, but looking back, I think i made the best decision of my life.
One more advantage of arab muslim culture is the core family concept. His wives felt no jealousy, rather welcomed as their younger sister, something beyond imagination in India, also bcz polygamy is not allowed there. Anyway, another good thing is the big family idea. In India or the west, people plan family and they don’t like to have a big one. Here it’s absolutely different. According to Islam, you can’t stop or kill Allah’s creation or babies. And being a mother, I like this very much. I became a mother of his child, a daughter, before even we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. And now after 6 and a half years marriage and with 4 beautiful kids, I feel blessed. My school or college female friends back in India are either not married or just married and those who’re married, are busy with moneymaking and no time in conjugal life. Whereas I’m already married and blessed with 4 kids and my husband has all the time for me and our kids.
So in short, it’s only advantages to get married to an arab guy as i feel. So feel free and don’t back off if you’re having a relationship with an Arab guy. Trust me. It’ll be a dream come true.
Before I log off, may you all bless our new-born son, who was born in Feb this year.

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