Marrying an Arab muslim guy is perfect

I know Hindu guys won’t believe what I’m going to write. They’ll term it as a fake story. But I don’t care. I’m now 27 yr old, a Hindu girl from Kolkata. I got a job at Wipro Ltd after completing engineering and got placement here in their Riyadh office, KSA 6 yrs ago. Long story short: fell in a relationship with an Arab guy very soon who used to provide ration in our office kitchen. His family lives in Al Quwaiiyah which is some 160 km away. We got married a few months later. At the start, I didn’t even know that he was already married with two women and had a few children. But anyway, our different religions didn’t matter, our language difference didn’t cause trouble, neither did our age difference, as my husband was 26 yrs older than me nor did his prior marital status. Infact his wives welcomed me to their family as their sister. Even though my parents tried to persuade me out of all this, even to the extent of threatening to rejecting me, I went on with my decision. Now after 5 and a half years of marriage and three beautiful kids together, we are a very happy family living together . Me and my husband have decided to have a bigger family as it’s kind of a norm of my husband’s tribe. I too like the arab Muslim traditional idea of ‘bigger family, happier family’. My hubby wants to have more children, so do I.So what matters the most is love. So I want to convey a message to all the Hindu girls: it’s absolutely fantastic to marry a Arab muslim guy from every angle and also, don’t be nonsense what others say. Arab muslim guys are the most loving husband, atleast in my opinion. And to Hindu guys, just back off and keep crying.

4 thoughts on “Marrying an Arab muslim guy is perfect

  1. Nothing is unbelievable here. A hindu girls goes to Gulf – Thousands of hindu girls are working in gulf.
    She comes in contact with muslim and gets into a relationship with him. Again very common with independent hindu girls, working in Dubai and other gulf countries to make muslim bofyriend they dont even exclude pakistani guys.
    The musalman was already married – its no surprise a rich musalman in gulf having multiple wives.
    His muslim wives welcomes you- Well The Musalmahs are not as possessive as hindu girls. They prioritize their community and deen over everything else. They would be happy their islamic hubby is taking a hindu girl under the fold of musalmans.
    May be you got a cultural shock after that or you felt guilty whatever it is now you are posting on interfaithxxx that the musalman guys are better than hboys to make yourself feel better and that its all right you took the right decision and you want to live with it.
    Your story aint unbelievable whats more unbelievable is this 45 year hindu woman in Delhi after her hindu husband dies a year later makes a muslim boyfriend goes to honeymoon with him posts pics of them together in facebook. I even have their fb profiles
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  2. Proud of you sister, Your story sounds so real to me. Your message is loud and clear, big muslim family, happy family. Even though I am impotent, i hope someday i can have a bigger family.

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