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Me and Ali

Hi guys! I’m a married white female from the UK, just wanted to share with you something that recently happened to me, i can’t tell anyone i actually know (for obvious reasons) and thought it would help to get this written down somewhere, as thoughts have been buzzing around my head for the last few weeks since it happened. First a little about me, i’m 30.. slim, with long brunette hair, olive skin and green eyes. I’ve been using a regular taxi to get to and from work, for around the past 3 months.. the driver that picks me up is usually random and changes every day, but one morning Ali turned up.. he’s a lot older than me, i’d say late 40’s to early 50’s, quite slim, and well groomed..i liked him from our first journey together, we joked about the weather, traffic, politics, the usual topics.. but then i got out and left for work, thinking no more about the ride. the next morning i rang the same taxi company and it pulled up outside at my usual time, only this time.. it was Ali again.. He smiled at me as i entered and we joked about him coming back the very next day, more chat on the way to work, and again i left with a smile and thought no more of it.. The next day.. Ali came again, I joked with him that he was the worst paid personal chauffeur in England, and this journey he asked more questions about me.. asked if i was married, had kids etc, and as i got out he said he’d look forward to seeing me tomorrow.. I couldn’t help but laugh a little as he smiled at me again, and we both continued with our day. The rest of the day i kept thinking about why he kept coming back and how strange it was to see the same driver more than once in a week.. had he asked for this job specifically? i decided that if he came back the next day i’d ask him about it. It was 9am, i looked through the kitchen window, and it was then that my husband breezed past and noticed that i’d made more effort than usual for a work day.. he was right.. i’d put a little more eye make-up on, sprayed my coco chanel perfume a little heavier, even wore a nicer dress that hugged my figure and revealed a little more of my cleavage, and i just hoped to god he didn’t assume i was having an affair, after all..i wasn’t! I remember telling myself how silly it was, and that it would just be another random driver that would be oblivious to my efforts, but sure enough as the taxi arrived, i looked through the kitchen window again, and there was Ali. I noticed him staring at me this time as i approached the car, he said nothing as we drove around the corner and that’s when the flirting started, we flirted all the way to work.. and just as we got to work i asked him if he’d been coming on purpose, he nodded and smiled at me again with a guilty wink, then i got out and went to work.. all day i couldn’t stop thinking about him, he was just a taxi driver, but it was so flattering.. usually i get my husband to pick me up from work, but for some reason i couldn’t stop myself from ordering a taxi.. my husband rang me to check i needed a lift.. “No, i’m fine thanks.. i need to talk to claire, so she’s dropping me off later” (i lied) he sounded a little suspicious, but it was nothing unusual as i regularly have meetings that go on later than my finish time. I rang the taxi again and waited impatiently by the doors at work.. sure enough, Ali pulled up again. I jumped into the passenger seat this time and we drove away.. we both said nothing to each other as we hit the first stretch of traffic.. but there was an awkward tension.. and then in his broken english said “you no normally don’t get taxi from work?” .. i nodded and said “i know, i just wanted to see you” and giggled.. Ali pulled the taxi over into a nearby car park and he asked me if i was being serious, i noticed his eyes were all over me now, looking at my legs, my waist and up to my cleavage that was just for him.. he said he’d become obsessed with me, and thought the fact that i was married, but got into his car everyday was really hot, because it was like we were having an affair but my husband watched me go to him every day and there was nothing he could do about it. I remember looking around and wondering i’d made a mistake, I’m a married mum with kids, and here i was, sat in a mcdonalds carpark telling a pakistani taxi driver that i’d made ann effort for him today.. it’s crazy to me, and totally out of character.. Ali looked at me again and said “i know somewhere we can go” i just nodded and again my heart skipped a beat as i wondered what i was doing.. this was crazy. before i knew it the car pulled up again in a quiet country lane, it was dark, and Ali asked me to get out of the car.. i did as i was asked and walked around to the bonnet,Ali kissed me hard and our tongues met for the first time, he smelt of musk and i could already feel his cock rock hard between my legs as he held my head and kissed me harder.. he flipped me around and forced me to bend over his bonnet, then i felt his strong hands lift up my dress and his face push deep into my ass and pussy, i moaned as he ripped off my knickers and then forced his tongue inside me from behind.. i could feel his nose pushing into my arse as he licked deeper. I’d never been given oral like this.. it was so lustful, so desperate, like he couldn’t get enough of me, his tongue was everywhere, and then before i knew what was happening, he was inside me.. slowly at first, then fast and hard as i moaned louder and louder, hoping nobody would me me.. he was holding my head down now as he fucked my pussy, he felt so big inside me, and i felt so helpless, i’d not felt another mans cock for so long, and now i was letting a taxi driver have his way with me over his bonnet!, He turned me around and asked me to suck his cock, i willingly obliged as he pulled out my tits from my dress, dropping to my knees and saw his dick for the first time.. it was huge…i ran my tongue up his shaft, and then took the head of his cock into my mouth, he thrust against me as i looked up at him.. he was talking in another language as i gagged on his huge length, he slowly fucked my mouth and then exploded down my throat.. then said nothing and got back in his car.. We didn’t say much as he drove me home, just kept smiling at each other, and then i got out of the car and walked into my house.. i remember realising i wasn’t wearing any underwear, and my mouth still tasted of him.. That night i sat and talked with my husband about our day, and as he told me about what he’d been upto i just sat there thinking “an hour ago i had another mans tongue in my ass.. probably best not to mention it :/
I haven’t called a taxi since as i don’t think i want it to be a regular thing.. i love my husband and my home life, but it’s probably the most erotic thing that’s ever happened to me, never cheated on my husband before, but hey.. if all taxi drivers were like Ali, who could be a regular thing 🙂

2 thoughts on “Me and Ali

  1. You can’t stay away from Ali for long. You will call him soon and he would own you like his personal whore. Soon you would get addicted to that big brown mushroom headed, cut cock in your white cunt and long for it daily.

    Your husband would also eventually come to know about it and accept this lifestyle as he can’t do anything to stop it. Soon Ali will plant his seed in your womb and you will bear him children and also make sure that your other married friends become Ali’s whore wives too by bearing his children.

    You and the other females will never allow your tiny dicked husbands inside. This is how it has always worked and same would be the case with you

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