Me and My Mom Our Last Post

Hello All.
I’m Krishna Sharma & I have shared my True story with u before.
You can read it here –
As you all already know my Mom had fallen for the Mighty Mus*** Dick and I made the post to Let her know that I want the same for her.

She was a regular visitor on this site ( I saw it In her phone) & as expected she Viewed my post.
We didn’t have a formal discussion about it but I saw change in her behavior and attitude towards & with me. Slowly slowly things moved the way we both wanted. We didn’t have much Conversation about it in the first 10 days of her reading the post. All we have is some change in her & my behavior. She now changes cloths in front of me & she doesn’t ask me to go out of the room. In those 10 days she gave her panties to me to wash them. Now even I used to be in my Underwear only at home (when we were alone) & she also wears less clothes when with me.
After that we even start discussing it. It started with regular topics like Love Jihad (Haida was our favorite topic.), Nice Nature of Muslim Men, Beef  & other Minority Oppressing Activities where we supported each other in front of others.

Then we move to talk about the site. She initiated it when we were having dinner. She ask me how I come to know about it & I ask her the same. She told me her friend told her about the site. Initially as expected she hated it & had a fight with her friend. But then as Nature wanted she end up like she is now A Hin** Slut for a Mus*** Men.
After this we become close. That night we discuss everything with each other.

Next Night, I wear her Panties & She was in her panties & Bra & With all the jewelry like Mangalsutra, Payal, Bangles, Sindoor, Mahendi (as mentioned in many of your stories) & We watched the videos on the site together. I lived like her sissy cuck son.

After that we were open to each other to the next level. She agrees to be my mistress & I agrees to be her cuck slave. We wanted to have role plays like all the stories on the site.
Although We haven’t had got an Mus*** Man yet but are eager to get one. Currently we are more into this MomDom-Sissy son thing. She doesn’t wanted to Make much noise about it. Just her & me. She currently is planning to have only one Mus*** Lover but I’m sure soon She will love to have One Night stands with them. We have social issues due to which we were not able to Meet a Mus*** man. We are planning to have her join a job & get a Muslim Colleague there.

But the Problem is she doesn’t wanted me to Talk about it anywhere.
She is afraid that some one may find out about it. She even Don’t want any stranger to do it. I have to agree with her. So this is my Last post on this site.

I love her & will follow everything she will ask me to do.
Finally I’m living the life I wished for. Finally I got to be a Sissy Slave Cuckold of my Mom & She got to be the Slut of Mighty Mus*** Men.
I’m sad that i cannot post on this site again but me & my mom will now visit it together.

At last, i want to thank the admin of this site & the visitors of this site as well. Thanks for all your posts & posting my posts. U had made a Hin** Son & his Mother’s Fantasies come true.
We will always be Grateful to you & will always support the cause.
Also we will always love & support the people who visit here. May all your Fantasies Come true & you live the life you wanted.
Take Care & Bye.
Long Live the Mighty Mus*** Dicks & Slutty Hin** Pussies & The Obedient Hin** Cucks.

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  1. u r lucky bro….hope..she will serve more muslims

  2. I will wait you to tell Hindu guys that you are in right direction

    Kik id akaram786
    Google hangout [email protected]

  3. its awesome to see educated and mature hindu women..becoming their slut…i think…ek hindu aurat ki jgah muslim mrd k neeeche hi h

  4. I wanted to make u my brahmin dog for long time nd i had mailed u too.But u didnt reply.Guess I wont Get u.Hard Luck nywys enjoy!!

  5. Woww kash koi bhabhi ya behan mere ko bhi apnaa kuta kutta bana le

  6. Really, me too appreciate this site for giving a platform to a topic that is continuously being oppressed by such a majority. All thanks to the admin and all for creating a safe surrounding for us girls to openly express our views and rights. Although some people misuse this medium sometimes but I am always grateful for everything that this site stands for.

  7. I am so happy for the guy in the story, I am glad that he got what he wanted. Sadly it’s their last post, if it weren’t then I am sure they would have presented us with so many great stories. Good luck for the future sissy boy ??

  8. I also want to be a sissy boy of a hot h mom 🙂

  9. kaas mujhe bhi mera koi relative yaha mil mai bhi .uske sath mil kr.. muslimo ki sewa kar saku

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