Meri 3 hindu dost

I’m from banglore. Shivajinagar wr almost muslim stay but I have 3 friends who were hindu ankita(18) ,varsha(20) & poonam(23) we are in same girls collage.
We four stay with each other once those 3 hindu friends came to my home. They Saw my cousins & fealt shy I had told them this 3 are my cousins Imran, Asif & Maso. My friend’s were talking with my cousin then we thought to go for dinner we 7 people went to a bar my friends were crash with my cousins I was sitting alone but my cousin imran & poonam wr dancing on dance floor Ali & Varsha were drinking bear & Maso & Ankita were flirting each other they 3 were enjoying like a couple then at late night at 3 we drop them in their home her mother & father were angry we left them & came back to my home.
After a week imran told me I want to meet poonam,  I will call 3 of them tomorrow when no body will be at home. Cousin said ok thanks u sister. Imran ali & Maso held a house party next day,  called ankita poonam & varsha & told about the party they were happy & prepared for party & told her parents that we are going to college trip we will come after 2 days & they three came to my home my cousins welcome them give a rose & take them in house.

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