Met A Hungry And Adventurous Hindu Wife On Tinder

If you come across a married woman with sindoor on her head on Tinder won’t you feel odd, that all is not well. I met such a hindu wife on tinder last year.
She was a dominant wife who was not afraid of her husband. In one pic she was in a saree with sindoor on her head and in the others she wore jeans and top. She wasn’t over weight and her tights were thick and ass was big along with her tits.
I liked her and had no idea if she would like me back but she did, so we got matched.

She had gym at her home, she showed me pics of working out in yoga pants. My dick become instantly hard on seeing her bottom.

When I asked her why she liked me she said in humorous way “sharma, mishra to kahi bhi raah chalte mil jaate hai par mohammad jaldi se nahi milta.”
Meaning that “Sharma’s, mishra’s are easy to bumb into but you don’t aways run into mohammad”.

I asked why aren’t there muslims where you live. She said there are only two in her social and business circle and they both are married and committed.

I told her to come to me so we can produce some mohammads. She loled and said she would have loved to if I were her husband.

I asked her if she has experienced some mohammad in the past, she said shayad neither yes nor no.

After two days when she was ready to take the next step she told me about her personal life.
She was the only child of her parents, she told me even if her hubby finds out that she is cheating he wouldn’t mind because of her property and money which she will inherit from her parents. Both the husband and wife were from business families, it was more of a strategic marriage rather than emotional.

After a week of chatting and getting to know one another she asked me to come on skype. She made me remove my t-shirt and pyjama.
After some time she asked me to remove my underwear too.
I said I wouldn’t do that because you will get scared.
She replied if that happens then it would mean that she has made a good choice.

I removed the underwear and my 8 inch cock popped out, her eyes got widened and than she gave a flying kiss.
I took my dick head closer and she kissed on the camera multiple times.

She asked me what part of her body I like the most. I said ass. She turned around and pulled down her yoga pants. Her big buttocks were fucking killer, my was dick was bleeding fire now.

She was in her underwear shaking her ass then she turned her head and looked into the camera with her horny eyes. I was jacking off. She turned around and said don’t waste your cum keep it for me. Please don’t masturbate keep the fire inside you, I want to burn when we meet, she said.

She fixed a date for our meeting. That afternoon she came in her honda accord car and picked me up. We went to a hotel. She paid for everything, I felt so lucky you dont often meet a woman like that.
I hadn’t masturbated since two days after seeing her ass, it was difficult but I managed. Now the beast inside me was going to unleash and devour her.

I grabbed her, she was in a tank top and tight jeans. She turned around and we both started kissing each other.
Filled with heat we removed each others clothes.
Then on the bed we kept foreplaying. My burning cock which was in her hand was yearning to go inside her pussy.

With the frst thrust inside her pussy her voice stuck inside her throat. She gets her voice back and starts moaning. I kept beating her pussy with my rod.
After I cummed her pussy the first time my dick was still hard as I wanted more.
She drank a bottle of beer after which she gets real slutty and sucks my dick. I teased her ‘enjoying sucking mohammad’s dick eh!’ she looks at me and nods in approval. Her face had now turned reddish.

I said you are so hungry for my dick, your husband doesn’t have what it takes to satisfy a woman like you.
She rises up, my dick was still in her hand, it was something she was not willing to let go. She bites my neck and says with her mouth close to my ears, ‘yea thats why I am chocking on mohammad’s cock looking to swallow it completely’.
She rubs my cock head on her pussy lips.
You hindu women loved getting nailed by muslim cock don’t you, I teased her.

Ahh! yes why not. Have you ever had slightest of resentment or grudge against the any hindu man. Not really even if we do it gets melted away by hindu girls coz most of them are so nice to muslims. They are good at soothing the muslim male with their love and gentleness.

Good to know but my family doesn’t like muslims very much won’t you punish me for that.
You are a real drunk bitch, it looks more like you want to get punished and fucked like a hindu slut. She didn’t have to say yes it was written all over her face. I fucked her while abusing her verbally and she enjoyed it so much.

The real fun began when I fucked her from behind. Her as bums were so good, she was lying straight on the bed up side down as my cock worked her pussy from behind. I had put all my weight on her from behind and she was loving it, after all she worked out every day to get in such a hot shape for some mohammad to enjoy the fruits of her body.

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  1. its real
    i got into relationship with a married man. i m living away from family for job in city,
    i am badly confused if i should marry as per parents choice, or I should marry this married muslim.

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