M!m! Chakrabarty dumped her bf for a Turkish Musalman mard

Whether its Koena or Thapar girl usually the relationship between a h!ndu girl and Turk guy may not be long lasting, the highly masculine Turk would usually use a h!ndu girl in bed to full extent give h!ndu girl extreme pleasure and then later leave her after few years or months. They are good for casual sex and short term relationships for h!ndu girls, the aggressive and dominant Turk would never fail to satisfy a H!ndu girl’s deepest desires. Also Turk musalmans are men of premium quality they are well built and manly a modern day h!ndu girl would easily fall for a Turk musalman and in a day or two she’d spread her legs.

M!sti Chakrabarty a sexy Bengali girl dumped her Bong h!ndu bf after she went to Turkey where she met a Turkish musalman named Melih Kizilkayah (Kızılkaya) who was just 20 years old and Mimi was 27 years old.

Raj went to drop Mimi at the airport when she was leaving for Turkey and soon after that everything went downhill.

Mimi’s calls and messages to Raj became fewer as the days went on. When Raj would call, Mimi would either make excuses or shout at him rudely.
Raj realised something was wrong, but had no idea what was going on. He only came to know about Melih, when people from Birsa’s team in Turkey informed him about his growing closeness to Mimi. However, Mimi denied everything and claimed that Melih was just a good friend (Obviously).
Raj had an issue with it and they had a huge fight. Mimi completed the shoot and came back to Kolkata but it wasn’t the end.
Raj would call Mimi constantly and try to convince her that she had no future with the young man. But Mimi was in no mood to listen, since she was on cloud nine, dating this much younger guy the turkish musalman with big hard circumcised cock.

turk guy hindu girl

So Mimi realizes bengali H!ndu ladke k mai mai wo baat nahi jo turk musalman k lund mai hai. It completely captivates her. Mimi realizes turk musalman lund is so much better and forgets everything.

One day, Raj came to know that Mimi and Melih were out together all day, and she came back to the hotel in an inebriated state.

When he confronted Mimi about it, she promised never to repeat this mistake again. But things went only downhill from there, and the entire team in Turkey could make out that Mimi had fallen for Melih. When friends tried to dissuade Mimi from engaging with Melih, she snubbed them saying it was her personal matter and nobody was supposed to have any say in it. When, one day, Raj requested to talk to her and the entire unit in Turkey, including the local crew, on FaceTime, Mimi denied point blank. Supposedly, Raj wanted her to introduce him to the local crew as her boyfriend and Mimi was in no mood to do that. Disappointed, Raj then blocked Mimi on WhatsApp.

Mimi then called Nusrat, saying that Raj had blocked her. On Nusrat’s insistence, Raj unblocked her, and Mimi messaged that they would sort it out once she came back from Turkey. Raj, in reply, sent her a long, emotional voice message. But, when Mimi paid no heed to it, Raj realised that their relationship was over. So, he confronted her again and this time told her that he had proof of her closeness to Melih. That is when Mimi broke down and confessed that she had fallen for Melih Kizilkayah. Yes, I have fallen in love with him. What can I do? Aami to bhagoban noi. Tumi aamay Bhagoban kore rekhecho! she supposedly told Raj.

Kya mast thoka hoga imagine the moans and throbs

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  1. She is still hindu check her profile idiot

    • Lover of Hot Turk men June 23, 2017 at 6:02 am

      Looks like poor rational mind cant read properly, or he comes for some scholarly information on a NSFW site, or hez more worried if she converted lel. Where did it say she converted or Looks like a bigot or some islamophobe hiding behind the name thinks every girl who befriends a muslims or has sex with her muslim bf has to convert. Shez secular unlike you. A Narrow mind would be more apt

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