Mom And Muslims

Hi i m manas and this is a true story.this incident occured almost 8 years back when i was still a school going boy. Me and my family lived in a small town near india- bangladesh border.i belong to a high caste hindu father is an govt officer( dhruvaranjan mukherjee age 42) and my mother a housewife( reshmi mukherjee age 33). Bt my mother was also very educated as she was a school teacher earlier.we stayed with my grandmother and had a big house with 3 floors.that time i was preparing for my upcoming we were only 4 members the 3 rd floor generally remained unused. One day my father noticed that the two rooms in the 3 rd floor are in a bad state so he decided to colour the it turned out,the nxt day two workers came to work.they said they will take a minimum 2 weeks to finish the grandmother who was alwYs a curious person asked their names. The elder man,who was aged almost 30, told his name ‘Kader’ and the other who was may b 20-21 named ‘moinul’.grandmother didnt liked that 2 muslim men will be working at the house and straightway asked dad to remove my dad,who was a secular person asked grandmother that its not a big thing as they will only work in the 3rd floor they dont even had to come inside our home as the stairs from the backdoor lead straight to 3rd floor.grandmother though was not pleased remained silent.
So they started work and my dad went to office.i stayed bcz on those days i seldom went to school as i preferred to study at home.i started studying on the 2nd about 12-30 pm moinul asked me for tea or water.i coveyed it to mom.few moments later she went to serve them tea.i went mom had fair skin with long hair and a perfect bong look,some said she resembled srabanti chatterjee(bengali actress,Google if u want to).and also had a nature of talking with peoplr she entered the room both kader and moinul looked at her in a lusty way as they earliers nvr saw my mom.though she was wearing nothing revealing.both of them bcame happy to see mom as she delivered them tea and started talking with them.they told mom they both came from Bangladesh in searxh of u all must know that everyday lots of bangladeshis come illegaly to India, they dont hv valid identity proof as,though,liked them being bangladeshi as she is also daughter of someone who came from Bangladesh during 1971 this the conversation started to develop.frm the nxt day mom used to go to 3rd floor to serve them tea( sometimes with snacks) and spent an hour talking about lot of grandmom didnt liked it and one day when she came down called her a slut fr spending tym with was in tears and unlocked herself in a room.i had to go to a tuition on that time so i leaved.i came back after 1 hour and couldn’t find mom in her room.i found the whole house, grandmother had gone fr a bath.suddenly something clicked my mind and i went to the 3rd floor,without making any sound.i found the door opened so i stayed back as i heard them talking in a very low voice.
Mom ” plz kader let me go my son can come anytime. ”
Kader ” i wont reshmi.i dnt like to see u cry”
Mom ” plz let me go. My mother in law already swearing on me fr only coming to u..i don’t want this to continu.. ”
Kader ” well we will make her alseep from tomorrow,only u hv to put the dose in her meal.”
Mom ” wht abt my son?”
Kader ” send him to school frm tomorrow”
I was surprised to hear that my religious hindu mom is talking to a muslim man who is nothing but a worker in this way.the closeness between them gone to a different level altogether.that evening my mom scolded me that i dont study hard enough in my home and i should go to school from tomorrow.though i knew wht her intention was i agreed to go to school.the nxt day i left fr school at 10-30 bt came back withing half an hour from the backdoor which i secretly opened before leaving the House.i found my grandmom asleep in her room.i stormed to the 3 rd floor bt found nobody there..i was surprised.then i came to the 2 nd floor and found my room locked from as it was my room i knew there was a ventilator in that room frm where everything can b seen frm the next i took a chair and climbed onto it and put my eyes on the ventilator.wht i saw was hindu mom was kneeling down in between two Muslim studs and stroking there circumcised cock with her hands.her hair was open, she was still wearing the sindoor and all other things that a married hindu woman wore.though her saree was not in the right place as the pallu fell frm her shoulder.her cleavage was visible as the blouse came a little she was looking ravishingly beautiful on that look. She was stroking those cocks and the size of the cocks were quite big.minumum 8 inches.infact moinul’s cock was bigger than kader’s.
Kader was taking his cock slowly to her mouth bt she was denying it.after a few times of her denial,kader forcibly put his dick inside her mouth.i could feel mom was not able to handle the cock in her mouth as her eyes almost busted out.she started choking on to it.nxt it was the cock of moinul which was even bigger and she was only able to take half of it inside her mouth.both of them choked and gagged hard on her throat.kader them pulled her up and tried to open her saree bt she said ” plz kader dnt make me naked,i love my husband a lot..” both of them smiled hearing it and kader said ” so u bitch want to get fucked without getting naked? Ok i wanna make ur wish fulfilled..” he laid her on my bed,where i used to study and sleep,and pulled her saree and saya up bt didnt removed them..moinul put her boobs out from the blouse bt also didnt remove it and started sucking them.kader removed her panty and mom’s hairy pussy got mom started screaming ” i hv never opened my legs infront of anyone except my husband” “ok then” moinul said ” we r also ur husband frm now on” both smiled evilly and kader put his large dick inside mom’s pussy.. Mom was going to scream bt moinul quickly put his giant cock inside her mouth and only a low moaning could be i saw frm the ventilator, kader’s dick was not gtting full inside mom’s pussy and he was trying hard with every attempt put get it totally inside her. He was fucking so hard that drops of water came out from mom’s eyes.

After few minutes,kader asked moinul to enter..moinul with his fat dick rammed into mom’s cunt and she was in high sky..frm her face it was tough to imagine is it was fr the pain or the satisfaction.after few moment moinul put mom into a doggy position and fucked frm behind.this was all happening with my mom wearing all the clothes.none of them was fully was really weird to see my mom submitting to the muslim men bt not getting naked bcz she thinks only her husband can see her naked..after few moments kader again started fucking her lying her flat on bed.i saw frm there a black muscular stud was ramming through the holes frm where i was born.suddenly mom pushed kader aside.i didnt understood first bt then realised she didn’t allow kader to cum inside her..kader cummed on her belly and moinul cummed on her face. Kader smiled and said ” oh my reshmi begum u r so amazing..frm now on we will fuck u everyday till our work gets completed.”.. They took their clothes and went back to the 3rd laid on the bed with cums of two men on her body..her hair was messy,eyeliner came down to the cheeks and most importantly, still was not fully naked.slowly she went up and went to the bathroom to clean herself.
Now i knew its going to happen everyday so i started to leave home saying i was going to school and came back only to watch mom get banged.this continued fr 10-12 days.the common thing on everyday was mom nvr got naked fully and nvr allowed any of thm cum inside her.
On the 14 th day of the work,which was supposed to b the lst day,my dad told the workers that he wants a design on the wall so the work got extended fr a week. Little did dad knew that he was allowing those men to bang his wife fr one more week!

Bt alas it wasnt the case that happened.the nxt day i heard mom said to them that her period has it was stopped fr a few days.

On the 4th day,it came to b a govt holiday so dad stayed at home.the nxt day was supposed to b the last day as the work was almost completed.i was very curious abt that day as i knew the moment dad will leave they will start.this time whn i entered my home frm the back door i found no one in my room..i was surprised. Then i heard some moaning frm the i went up i found those 2 scums r fucking my mom in the newly painted room..i went to the verandah and sat quietly beside the window. To my astonishment i found my mom totally naked..and also that she was having anal sex . Infact both her holes were filled up by the circumcised cocks of moinul and kader.during that time kader said “reshmi u said u love ur husband so u will not get naked fully,wht happened today? U came naked here to get fucked.. ” sure mom came to them naked as i cant find any dress of women inside that room…mom smiled with two dicks inside her and said ” yAAHH UUU Twooo r my husband frmm now.. Ohhh”.. I was terribled how mom said means he totally became a whore of them..the men loved those words and started to fuck more passionately.. Suddenly i heard a sound on the stairs and i saw my grandmom coming from there..holy shit! The door was also not closed. I thought now this is going to b a big as soon as grandma put her eyes through the door,moinul put his dick out from mom’s ass and kader with his still inside mom’s cunt, put her in his arms and quickly moved beside the the door was opened,grandma cnt see the other way. Moinul was with his pants on though he was fucking.he didnt got time to put his dick inside his pant so he turned around opposite of grandma,and assumed he is colouring the wall.grandma standing in the doorstep asked moinul ” i cant find my ‘bouma’ all over the house,did she came here?” moinul replied without turning ” why would she come here? She nvr came here after first few days” grandma nodded her head and slowly went downstairs. Has she got two steps further she could find her daughter-in-law in the arms of a muslim worker totally naked..after she was gone all three sighed relief..
Mom ” that was close..she could hv caught us redhanded today.”
Moinul ” yes bt kader bhaijaan saved u today”
Mom ” yes kader saved my home frm geeting broken. Thnk u kader”
Kader ” only thnk u? I want a prize fr it. ”
Mom ” wht prize? U know i hv given u my everything”
” not yet” said kader and again took her in his arms ” i m going to cum inside u and u will allow me to do it…”
“Oh no kader,i know ur one drop of potent sperm is enough to make me pregnant…” bt kader was on a different mood frm submitted to him and kader cummed inside mom’s pussy that day…
The nxt day the work got completed. They came to receive money and invited mom in their ‘moholla’ where immigrants were said ” look kader u two hv given me the ultimate satisfaction which i craved i hv a family and i cant cntinue being ur whore…i though deep inside will remain u two’s reshmi begum.” all three had a smile and kader and moinul left..

Its not the end of it thoug. Mom found after a month that she is pregnant with kader’s child…she didnt knew wht to do so she called her elder sister,my masi ( nandita chowdhury,age 35,govt nurse). The story will continue…..if u liked this story plz let me know.then i will publish the nxt part…

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  1. Good story, well crafted, it has much potential for a hindu housewife to serve her low class muslim masters and help her hindu sisters similarly

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