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The incident i am going to narrateis real; at the time when it occurred it was not at all shocking. Because the chain of events that unfolded then were so coincidental. A chain of events properly placed can lead to impossible things coming to reality. Sometimes ending so beautiful. But as I reread it and recollect it I feel amazed and extremely shocked and pained because it was not the right thing to have happened. But sometimes such things seem beautiful.

This story friends is a romantic affair of my mom with an absolute Abdul uncle and I was the camera and mic, my eyes and my ears the witness. Capturing this beautiful yet disturbing story for me, who would say a real incident like this narrated by a son is not disturbing for the son?
My mom’s name is Shobha and she is 40 years old then. Nearing her menopause I was 19 yrs studying . It was month of December and we were going to our native place to attend our massi daughter marriage. My dad stayed back for his job . I had finished semester exam and had 15 days holiday
So we had booked our train tickets for me and mom. to go to our native lace we have to change our train twice.
Let me describe you about is a well educated graduate. But a housewife. Mom is a very beautiful woman. Typical beauty .very fair beautiful silky hair slightly colored died Slightly on shorter side 5 feet 1 inches. Nice built and figure of a typical 40’s not plump not thin a healthy build. She had very beautiful hip and navel very fair. She used to wear only saris and her upper back and lower back were visible and trust me most beautiful fair and soft clean skin. She did not wear any makeup at all and she dint require .she had a very beautiful face men used to turn their heads to have a second glimpse of hers. She was a very attractive woman then. She had those simple sober looks yet if anyone would watch the curvature of her face and especially her thin beautiful lips. They would not take their eyes off. She had a nice straight not too long and not to short nose which in combination with her lips were absolutely sexy. She had nice not too big average size but globular breasts .she had a nice soft shoulder and fulsome trunk the kind men like to hug.
Now the reason I have described my mom here is because it is an important part of the story to have visualization of the characters. Also to let you people realize as a son I always found it difficult to go around with mom since as teenager it had affected me and given me a complex seeing men around giving their attention and mom being the centre of it and I never wanted anywhere near such attention. And the feeling and eyes of other people letting you know look your mom is a treat for the eye of the men around.
But now I had no option since I had to go with her as even I was worried about her behaviour even though the doctors told that it us just a passing phase. But I felt it as my responsibility to make changes in her life immediately.
so the day arrived for the journey , mother was wearing a pink sari and matching blouse, we reached station at 6 o clock and boarded , it was a Sunday and train was almost empty. I sat comfortably near window, mom sat on the middle sit since the whole sit was empty. a man sitting opposite us was continuously ogling at her .she dint seem to notice and I ignored the whole thing it was usual thing for me and I had prepared for worse than this travelling in middle class.i was thinking why blame him , even I do the same thing when I am alone and some beautiful woman is sitting in front of me. It’s natural men tendency. we were to travel to catch our train. it was a 2 hours journey, at the next station crowd increased, a man about 45 years old entered our compartment and sat in from of the empty space across us , he was a good looking matured man with what seemed a disciplined life style he must have lived from his face. Mom gazed at him. He was gasping heavily. must have caught the train after a lot of running, he settled and after looking around fixed his gaze on mom . Turned away to pretend he is not looking, then after a while the train started frequently turning his gaze towards mom. He was carrying a bit of luggage and seemed probably he was up to catch some long distance train just like us. He was looking at mom and mom was looking at him both looked compatible, some people match they both did ,both good looking , there was some attraction I could feel. next station the crowd increased and a man was eagerly coming to sit next to her , he was dirty and ugly looking, mom held the sit dint move not allowing him to sit, seeing this the stranger uncle asked the ugly man to sit on his place and stood , he was standing there for awhile and in between gazing at her place. Mom finally asked him to sit next to her as at next station crowed builded. He sat next to mom sparing a distance as not to touch her. As the crowed increased 4 people were sitting on each sit but not ours. An old couple arrived and was standing next to our sit. The stranger uncle didn’t budge. the old man seeing this started ” arey bhai sarko yar biwi ke sath baithe ho itni khubsoorat biwi hai tumhari itne alag nahi baithte bhai tumhara ladka waha khikii ke bahar dekh raha hai thodha romance karo biwi ke saath” meaning(hey man shift a little you are sitting with such a beautiful wife don’t keep so much distance your son is busy watching outside the window have some romance with your wife) hearing this I was stunned so was my mom and stranger uncle , but non reverted as it would become a drama if we did the stranger uncle compliantly moved closer to mom allowing the older woman to sit next to him on the last sit, he dint move much though allowing a small space for the older woman ,seeing this mom asked him to give more space and to move closer to her. He came closer to her and now both their thighs and shoulders were touching each other after 5 mins or so I could guess he was feeling uncomfortable and to ease the situation asked mom where were they going , mom answered him and he smiled and said he was headed on same train.
We were to travel about 1.5 hours more like this for the terminal station to arrive. I was feeling uncomfortable mom sitting so close to the man, mom was having a conversation with him it was obvious she was feeling comfortable with him otherwise she was not the type to talk to strange men, mom asked him” are you traveling alone” it was obvious he laughed and said yes. I am actually on a vacation of my son and we are going to attend our relative marriage functon.Only your son and you are traveling why not others ” mom replied with pause “yes, he was unable to join us due to his busy schedule ” she gave a small smile they paused the conversation for a while looking straight, the swinging of train was pushing them against each other they were intermittently sharing glimpses of each other , once trying to remove something from his pants side pocket he accidentally brushed against moms side navel , mom looked at him with a blank look , he said “sorry madam” mom said “it alright” and smiled back. heavy rush here ,why didnt you boarded in ladies comartment madam. i am Shobha . Oh sorry shobha ji. nice name . I am abdul. Mom asked him “where do you work” Abdul uncle–” I am a freelancer I edit magazine work”
mom–” must be interesting”
Abdul uncle– “I love it, you also work”
Mom–” I am a school teaacher in rimary school and just a housewife”
Abdul uncle–”no housewife is only just, I am sure you must have intrsting hobbies as well”
I was amazed at their conversation going on personal front now. There was some problem in the train and it stand still for 10 mins
Abdul uncle–“oh god now what happened, I hope no big problem, we don’t want to miss our train”
mom–” which compartment you are traveling”
Abdul uncle–” I don’t have a reservation, will see and fix something with the ticket master”
Mom–”hope you get a seat, it’s a long journey, and night journey you can’t do without a sleeper”
Abdul uncle–” Thanx for it’
Mom smiled
Abdul uncle–” your son is very quiet”
Mom–”yes he is, just finished his exams”
Abdul uncle–”really”
Mom–“yes, he is an engineering student, you must be having kids”
Abdul uncle–“yes a daughter she is in college, kids these days are strange”
like this their coversation went on and on and on.
The train were about to reach finally, and it was absolutely crowed we were going to have a task to move to the exit to through the crowd; it was 10 more mins for the station… 10 mins that were going to change lot of things inside mom.
Abdul uncle–” I think we should start moving now if we have to get out”
Mom– looking around with a concerned look “so much crowd I think I better should have gone in ladies compartment”
Abdul uncle–” may be, don’t worry we will get out, I have only this small backpack, give me some luggage of yours you don’t have to carry anything in hand, and you will have to use your hands to keep balance”
Mom–” nothing much we can manage”
We had a suitcase and a side bag which mom carried.We started to move since I was at the window I was the last to move out
the Abdul uncle got up so did mom carrying the side bag on her shoulder, mom was losing balance and I held her and asked her to give the bag she said it’s OK and moved slowly just behind the Abdul uncle two guys rushed between me and mom and pushed since they had to get at next station , mom screamed at them and I said god no don’t want any trouble as I tried to move towards her which was impossible since a bunch of crowd from other side entered the passage and got between mom and me , the guy behind her probably touched her somewhere with dirty intent she was giving a mouthful to the guy, such incidents are common in middle class trains, I should have asked mom to go in the ladies compartment, the man behind her gave back saying” if you are so worried about this , should have gone in ladies comp, the Abdul uncle asked the man to calm down , he asked mom to give her bag to him and hold his arm , she gave the bag , but was not holding his arm, the man next to them said to the Abdul uncle to take his wife in front of him and guide her by the side so that the public can get down at the next station, the Abdul uncle caught my mom’s arm and other around her waist and brought her in front of him , now there were men in front of her and Abdul uncle behind she was protecting her chest with her arms across her chest to prevent it from touching the man in front but it was so crowded and the swinging of the train meant she was swinging tightly on his back the man in front was obviously taking advantage of this and pushing behind with the swing of the train, mom was furious but dint say anything the Abdul uncle seeing this gave a push to the man in front , I said oh god don’t need a fight here, they were both giving mouth full to each other , the Abdul uncle was taller and nicely built with broad shoulders and strong arms, he lost control and moved slightly with a raised arm to give him a punch , mom suddenly turned and held his mouth with her hands to stop him yelling and grabbed him around his waist with both hands hugging him completely , she was very scared and on verge of crying, nice men around took hold of the other man and calmed him others calmed the Abdul uncle one man was telling the Abdul uncle” sir calm down look your wife is so scared and crying take care of her instead of creating a scene” he was with his wife and his wife said to mom ” you should have held on your husband like that, these dirty people would not have tried this dirty things knowing you’re with your husband ” mom was crying continuously with her head down in front of his chest, the Abdul uncle ran his hand over her hair and back to console her , next station was arriving and lot of people would be going out and lot of people would be storming in , the Abdul uncle and mom were almost in an embrace ,I could see from a distance his hand was on her waist holding her to comfort and her chest was on his lower chest there was no thin air between, I was stunned not only at what had happened but also about what was happening now , there was no concern on mom to know where I was , she was in a tight embrace with a Abdul uncle , it was not intentional just a coincidence but still it was very unusual.
Conscious that next station is arriving he pulled and turned mom towards the side bars of the compartment passage near exit so people can get down and people can rush in and mom will be safe between the side bars and his chest, as the station was approaching people had started pushing to get out , in locals people get out even before the train completely stops ,so that a hoard of passengers waiting can get inside before the train leaves the station, there is almost a big preparation you can see to get outside before 10 20 seconds of station arrival, people shove and push trying to move forward , and there is hell of a lot of pressure building inside the compartment , for once I was glad the Abdul uncle is taking care of mom , he was guarding her with his arms around her on the bars and she was clinging to his chest her hands had come out from the embrace
And were down below her in front of his groin he was making sure that it is not touched, mom had calmed down and was looking down. She also was taken aback by what had happened, the Abdul uncle was staring front ahead, the pressure of crowd and the swinging of train was making them swing against each other and her hands were in between accidentally touching on his crotch, it seemed his breathing had gone a little heavier, it was obvious accident or not, man’s sexual feelings rise without notice its natural after a woman touches him and especially near his private parts..
Next 15 seconds for unloading and 20 secs for loading the train would change a huge thing in mom’s life.
The Abdul uncle was feeling uncomfortable, it was obvious he had a hard on with a beautiful woman in embrace with him, to make himself comfortable he started talking to mom I was far away and it seemed they were whispering something I could see both of their faces and lips as I was at distance and had a side view, what I could read from their lips was.
Abdul uncle–” are you OK”
Mom looked up and said “yes without looking in his eyes,
Abdul uncle –smiling as if striking a joke” I have never been in a situation like this not even with my wife, for a while I had forgotten that it was u, I was thinking it was my wife, I am sorry if I did something wrong”
Mom looked at him in his eyes and said “thanks so much”
as the station arrived people started unloading pushing hard. Abdul uncle while exiting , he was bending forward to make room and his face and moms face got very close to each other moms back of hands in front of her groin and Abdul uncle’s crotch was pressing on the back of her hand he was breathing heavily again with a contact like that, his breath were going on moms neck and ear lobes, 8 secs had gone I was counting for this to get over another 35 40 seconds till people load inside and get comfortable positions inside the compartment so the passage frees up and pressure drops and space increases.

Within next 3 to 4 seconds comfortable looking Abdul uncle just few mins back during the conversation was now suddenly lost in ecstasy, he was trying hard to not show but there are some telltale signs and you can tell. Mom was obvious to this and was now aware of his hard on on back of her hands, if she removed it his cock would press directly on her sensitive spot, I could see mom slowly started to close her eyes and kept them close ,she was absolutely lost as if in a dream ,her breathing was getting slightly heavier , Abdul uncle saw this he was continuously staring at her lips his lips were close to mom has amazingly beautiful lips, now his breath and moms breath were on each other’s lip, he still did not lose complete control but was obvious ,he was unable to avoid this , obvious to him now that mom was also on the same boat as him and it was neither the fault of each of them ,he was rhythmically and very slowly pushing his crotch on back off her hand in conjunction with the swinging of train and peoples pushes , none was observing people busy getting out, then the unloading completed and for a brief pause there was space and mom and Abdul uncle clearly visible , still mom dint open her eyes , now the hoard of crowd that entered was Big and I lost sight of both of them for the next 15 secs till people moved inside the compartments ,finally when I had a little glimpse, I saw moms hands come out from her front and was now gently holding his back he had tightly pushed his crotch on moms groin but was not stroking but just kept a pressure, oh god this man had accidentally seduced my mom, they still couldn’t move since the pressure was more now since more people entered than got out.

Train had started and now it was 5 more mins till our station. I had expected more space now but it had not happened , I had lost sight of them again I was moving forward pushing people aside more than for getting out but for being furious for incidents I was witnessing. I couldn’t see them now even though I had come closer as two broad men were blocking my view, I had gone numb and started wondering what they must be doing now, had he kissed her, hand he moved his hand and touched her breasts, was they so exited now that they would start smooching each other in public, was he now stroking her vagina with his cock, I had seen her hands on his back last time I had the view, had she submitted to him was she seduced, her hands were on his back there was no barriers between her sweet spot and his dick except their clothes for a moment , he was a strong man well-built handsome looking for his age, I thought he must having a big cock, did mom like it , another thought ran in my mind my father had diabetes for years ,people with diabetes for long period have erectile dysfunction, was it reason for moms emotional unbearing. I thought I had a slight glimpse of them and I saw him whispering in moms ears was his saying” , then after a while again in glimpse I saw mom whispering in his years. … snap out come to reality I had to get out of the train just to console I though they must be discussing about me ,whether I will get out may be she was worried about me after snapping out of her accidental euphoria, I managed to somehow get near the exit ,and get close to them they were slightly in a better position he was away from her and there was some light between them now but to my surprise his hands had moved away from the bars and was holding her on her shoulder gently , much better I thought after what I had seen, I tapped him on his back, he turned and saw me ” thank god you have reached your mom was worried , you OK”.. I said “yes” his hand was still there on her shoulder and as an afterthought he removed it, crowed was still heavy, mom and him were having small perspirations on their faces very light but odd for month of Nov. , ” heat is on ” I felt like saying but dint..

Mom asked whether I was alright and said we should thank uncle without him I would have had a terrible time. I said thanks to Abdul uncle uncle. Abdul uncle uncle asked mom addressing her name “Shobha ji come in front of me we will have to be ready to get down” mom lost a little balance she was short and could not reach the top for holding bars, and holding her on both shoulders he said” don’t worry I got you, you will not fall” with a smile, mom turned and smiled at him. I saw an instant change in mom from what she was before we entered the journey she had not smiled like that for a long time.
it was 15 -20 secs for the station and people were pushing I was in back of Uncle Abdul uncle and mom in front of him he was holding her tightly and taking all the pressure on back he left one hand to catch the handle on top for balance and one hand on moms shoulder unable to make balance with the rising pressure he moved his hand from her shoulder and across her over the other shoulder his arm was clearly pressing on her top half of breasts (my mind raced to the time once when I had seen moms breast accidentally when she had come out of bath, she has amazing globular firm breasts, I was horny on the sight of her breasts milky white dripping with after bath drops from her nipples , her nipples were so firm and beautiful , the first time I had seen woman’s breast , now this man Abdul uncle uncle had a chance to feel them oh god) .

her back rammed in to his chest and her buttocks rested on his crotch, mom moved her hand and rested on top of his hand which was resting on her shoulder, I couldn’t see but it was like she was expressing to him, we will be getting out now, and mom was expressing her, may be a thanks or a some gesture of “will miss you”. , there was little space so maybe I thought she was making herself comfortable, whatever I knew it was more than that, I was behind and she did not see me and I saw only from a little side view. Abdul uncle uncle was getting aware of the gestures, to other people it would not be obvious as it was so much to the circumstances and situation if you look around every person was in similar positions leaning against each other somebody’s crotch in somebody’s ass.. But for me as I know her and only I knew Abdul uncle uncle was not her husband for everybody else they seemed like a couple husband and wife. I could clearly feel the difference and it was obvious…Abdul uncle Uncle now was obvious with her gestures he was the one in contact with her body so probably he read her gestures better, may be now he knew more than me or anybody else, may be they were talking to each other sharing their feelings with body contacts, she must be doing this and telling him something which he read,

I saw him gently pressing his hand on her shoulder and intermittently with natural swing of the train which was pushing his crotch in her ass , he now may be understood something , it was the emotional void inside both that with the little accidental closeness had bought them really close, maybe she was telling him something with those gestures and he was understanding ,,for me by now it was not at all sexual , it was like there is body contact that shares more bonding than sex , It was looking as if they were talking to each other without uttering a word. It was looking as if because they were unable to talk, and may be will never be able to talk what they wanted to.
Abdul uncle uncle aware of her communication in a comforting mode was pressing her shoulder gently and now started to rhythmically add more to the swinging action gently not at all erotically , just sharing a feeling of deep bond with that touch of his sensitive organ on her beautiful rounded bottom, reciprocating the bond , such that no one was aware of it except me , I managed to squeeze past the side of them and now on the side, mom was leaning on his shoulder, eyes closed , Abdul uncle had stopped putting extra in his swings and just the swinging of the train that was pushing his cock in her buttocks, mom felt the change and difference and opened her eyes. she saw me and behaved as if nothing happened there was no sign on her face that said she was doing something wrong , I asked her whether she is feeling alright, she said yes, smiled and said” just a little exhausted , as the train halted he jerked forward and kissed the top of her head on her hair and made it look like an accident, maybe she asked him with that last gesture bringing her head close to his lips, without saying and he read it perfectly .as if a parting kiss. With a huge push we all moved outside on the platform.
Thank god,finally we deboarded Mom said. yes shobha ji very tough to travel in these class.Then abdul uncle come to me and said how can you be so irresonsible. You must have boarded your mom in ladies comartment. Any way shobha ji Have a wonderful journey. Lets see if i get the ticket or not. Suddenly i said uncle if we have two seats if not we can adjust,,this was the biggest mistake i did.Actually in my rear mind i also wanted their romance to carryon. Mom also looked comfortable and said yes yes why not . Uncle said i dont want your mom to be uncomfortable. Mom said no no nothing like that. you heled us all through thid terrible journey. We are very much thankful to you. he confirmed our seat number and said ok see you soon and said ok shobha ji let me try first if not i will come to disturb you again.
Real Incident to started in train
FIRST part Ended. please post your reviews and comments then only i will write. It got lengthy since i couldnt remove anything which i felt.Kindly forgive me if it boared you.

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