Mom masi and Muslims part 2

In the first part I told how my mom reshmi fucked two muslim labours Kader and moinul in my home and later got impregnated.she got to know it in a month that strong muslim seed has broke the egg in her womb.she didn’t knew wht to do bcz my dad didn’t had sex with her over a year she called Masi,who stayed quite far away from our house.masi was a nurse .she was two years older than mom. her name Nandita bt she was a bit fatty.not so beautiful like my mom bt still very fair skin.she had a dominating soon as she came ,mom confessed her doings with the Muslims and started panicking.masi was furious.she scolded mom and said how on earth she had sex with other said they were hard built and they had big cocks so she fell for them.masi became more angry.she asked mom to abort the mom said,” it’s not only my child,I hv to talk with the fathers..” Masi ” r u serious? it’s u who is going to pay for it they will face nothing” bt mom was desperate so she called Kader and moinul to our house one evening when dad was not at home.They came and seeing them after a long time my mom got delighted.she kissed both of them infront of Masi and Masi got stunned.she would hv never thought her sister who was a well behaved cultural married women,who loved her family more than her life would kiss two low class Muslims infront of told Kader that she is pregnant with his child.they became real Masi intervened.she said it’s not going to happen and mom will abort the both moinul and Kader opposed.they said it’s a sin to abort.masi said it was a sin to have sex with a married women they said,” look Nandita,this thing happened between us so let us decide.and since she will b the mother of my child,I m a father now and she is my begum.a muslim child is in her womb and I will marry her if she wants.” Masi became angry and said ” how dare u say this,she is a married woman.” bt mom replied ” I m ready to leave them for u Kader,plz make me ur wife I will produce more babies fr u.”

Masi became astonished with mom’s words.kader and moinul left the home saying nxt week they will take mom to their moholla and ‘ nikah’ will happen.if Masi or anyone intervenes,they will go to my dad and say everything including the baby being kader’s.after they left mom and Masi had a talk of almost 2 hours.i can’t hear them as they closed the door and locked it after the muslim men r gone.i was certain that mom wants to b a muslim now and want to stay with can Masi save her? my only faith was upto her now as she was only one who can make mom convinced.masi was always a thinking women,a strict lady.she always wore sarees with out revealing anything.she was not pretty like my mom bt her skin colour was fair.she was a bit fatty.
Nxt week I found Masi is leaving.i didn’t knew wht will happen.she packed her bags and said she will drop her in bus stop.masi was wearing a yellow saree and blue was wearing a blue she was only 2 months pregnant her belly was not big enough for people to understand.when they were leaving my mom looked back at our house.i suddenly thought might be mom leaving the house as soon as Masi leaves .I followed them from a distance.i thought mom might drop Masi and then she will meet the no,both of them didn’t go the bus stop and was going to the moholla of immigrants was a filthy area.surprisingly they went to a school ( madrasa) was Sunday so the school was closed.kader and moinul greeted them from outside.and they went inside.i went to the backdoor, found a bathroom and a wall beyond that.i crept up the wall and came down and saw frm a window the proceedings.i found that there r six men including Kader and moinul.they were sitting and mom and Masi were listening to them .it was a classroom.i can’t hear what they were actually saying bt words like ‘ purification’ and ‘hindu sluts’ came to my ear.after 15-20 mins my mom and Masi started saying something’ it was like they agreed whatever the men were soon as that,the approach of the men changed suddenly.they went up and started undressing themselves.they put their muslim lunds Hindu mom and Masi were standing between six muslim naked men.kader,moinul and one more man went to mom and the rest of three started pull Masi’s saree and strict Masi didn’t even stopped them .they started pressing her boobs and one of them laid her on a table of a classroom.they pulled out the panty .two of them went to the other side of the table.the other one pulled Masi closer and got his muslim lund inside my strict Masi’s vagina.i could her the moaning of Masi frm the distance the moment the dick entered into her.the other two got their dicks to Masi’s hands and she started stroking them.frm that angle of the window, I can’t see my mom bt was sure that she was getting fucked by the rest of three as I could hear her loud moaning.i concentrated on Masi as I can only see her.the 3 mullas got her naked totally.she was so fair that the rest 3 looked like a of the men then laid on the table and Masi sat on his dick with her boobs on his face.the other one came from behind and put his dick into her ass.i don’t think Masi ever had double penetration as I can see the look of her was a mixed emotion of satisfaction and pain.the 3rd man now put his dick in her mouth thus my Hindu Masi’s three holes got filled by muslim dicks.the all three men fucked her fr half an hour .all three cummed in her three different the cum was coming out of her ass and pussy I saw mom came back from wherever she was.they both smiled at each was also filled with cum.then something extraordinary happened.both of them started licking cums frm each other’s looked like they were very hungry for the cum.they kissed each other with all the cums in their mouth.i thought it was the to my surprise it was not.the six men came back bt this time they brought an old man with them who can’t walk properly.he was the Maulana of the masjid.he was almost 60-65 years old.i was thinking what this old man will do? bt to my surprise,he pulled out his giant dick and boy it was really was bigger than all the dicks I saw so far.both my slut Masi and mom immediately started to suck it..the Maulana shouted ” These Hindu sluts r getting purified by my dick .frm today they r no more Hindus by Muslims.” after that he started fucking mom frm behind..the funny thing was when he was fucking,the rest of the men were holding was in a doggy position with her hands on the table. after she moved,Masi came in the same position.that old man fucked Masi for 5 more minutes and cummed inside her.then he asked them to wash themselves properly.i knew wht was nxt. they took them to mosque and mom got married to Kader and Masi with Maulana.however Maulana had 4 more wives and Kader had my converted mom and Masi started staying with them.

It was back in 2009 as means 10 years ago.after the incident my dad with me and grandma left the mausa got married to another woman.last year,my brother ( masi’s son) came to me and said he knows where they r staying right now.i wished to see them again and how are I went with him and found they no more live in a filthy was a big house in Khidirpur,a muslim hub in west bengal.we went and gave our and Masi came under burkha.they were happy to see us.they asked about us.I was astonished that in 10 years my mom( who is 42 now) has produced 4 muslm kids and Masi(44) produced 2 and was pregnant with one..the Maulana though died after 1 child and Masi was married as moinul’s 3 Rd wife..

so it was my mom and Masi’s story..I m happy how they r..Now I m going to marry my gf Shrestha in few weeks.i hv invited mom Masi and their husbands…I know they will come…after that ….will they fuck my wife too? dnt know. if it happens I will post it for sure.

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