Mom taken by neighbour

I live in mumbai with my mom. My dad works in the gulf and is home only few times a year. In our apartment building, there were 2 flats on one floor. A new family moved in on our flat a month back. At first, we were quite distant from them as they were muslims but soon we got to know them well. The man was Imran who had his leather business in the city. He lived with his sister Shehnaz and 2 children. Once we got to know them well, Imran shared that his wife Simran had died during the birth of their second child. He had married a Hindu wife as he was quite open minded. He occasionally enjoyed a few drinks too when his children and sister were asleep. How do i know this? because he used to invite me to join him late at night.

Imran was around 38 years of age. My mom Sunita was 44. She was very friendly with Shehnaz and the two got along well. I had not noticed her interacting with Imran much. It so happened that one night I got to see her real desire. I was not able to sleep and it was 2 in the night. I heard some moans coming from her bedroom. Carefully I tip toed and placed my ear on the door to listen more. She was playing with herself! I immediately got a hard on but I never hard any sexual feelings towards her. She was moaning and enjoying herself. Then I heard her say – ” Ohh Imran, ohh baby fuck me. Take me. I am all yours. Fuck me with your muslim lund”

I was shocked on hearing this! At first I thought I was dreaming but I wasnt. My hindu married mom had the hots for our neighbour muslim man. She satisfied herself thinking of a musulim lund ravaging her! It went on like this for some time. I had made up my mind that I need to help her get sexual happiness and I had to somehow get her and Imran some intimacy.

When I was having drinks with Imran on the building terrace on night, he casually told me that Shehnaz is moving to Delhi as he is expanding his business. She will be looking after the office there. I asked him about the kind and he told me they will stay with him but go to her place during vacations. I sensed an opportunity! Next few times we drank, I used to always bring out the topic of mom in front of him and how lonely she is. After a few pegs, he would also sympathise and would often say – ” What a loss, such a beauty is all alone. Her husband is working in a far away land and there is no man for her”

I took things one step ahead and said – “Why do you say there is no man. You are here for us na uncle”

He looked at me and said – ” Yes I am always here for any support she needs”

I drank some more and told him – ” She needs a man in her bed”

He suddenly got up and looked at me in disbelief – “Are you suggesting that…”

“Yes uncle, she like you sexually, I have heard her moan and say your name out many times. I think you should satisfy her. You have my approval and full support with this. In fact, I would rather have you sleep with my mom than any other man. I trust you and you deserve a woman too. This is just a consensual relation between two adults and I dont mind it at all”

He hugged me and said – “Give me your apartment keys”

We came back to our apartment and went in. As luck would have it, mom was moaning like a bitch in heat. He looked at me one last time. I smiled and said – “Like I said, I’d rather have you fuck her than any other man. ” He went in her bedroom

I stood at the door and was listening to them. Mom was shocked. She asked him to get out and she told him he was drunk. He told her he got in as the door was unlocked and now he has heard everything and wont leave. Mom’s desires took control of her and soon she relented. Both started making out and feeling each others bodies. He turned the lights on for me to enjoy the show. Mom went down on him and sucked his cut cock hungrily. He fucked her missionary style and then doggy style. Mom moaned a lot during doggy style fucking as his cock was entering her pussy really deep. She then rode him like a cowgirl. They fucked for close to an hour that night.

Once he came inside her with a thundering groan, I quietly went to my room and jacked off in the attached bath. Then I slept. Next morning, everything was normal. No hint of the wild night mom had just a few hours before! I checked and the spare key of the flat was gone. My mom mustve given it to uncle so he can come again at night. Imran confirmed this when we next met. He told me that he had the best sex with her as her choot is really tight and she is very active in bed. He told me he would sms me when they plan their next session.

He does let me know about their ‘sessions’ and I secretly watch them fuck. They fuck 2-3 times a week. He also brings so alcohol for mom as she likes to get drunk and fuck her muslim lover. Their relationship has also taken the next step and Imran has told me that they are now dating and going out. I also suggest mom to spend more time with Imran so she knows I dont mind. I am really happy to know that mom’s physical and emotional needs are being well met by her muslim lover Imra.

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  1. I wish mera betaa bhi aise hi helpful ban jaaye..

  2. Sonia mujhe aapkq beta bna lo.
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  3. meri mom ko bhi mere neighbour zakir uncle roj R**** ki tarah cho*** hain….dad ke office jane k bad 🙂

  4. saali hamari moms hoti hi raand hai jo bade musalaman lund dekhte hi pagal ho jaati hai aur apni salwarein gira deti hai. 1 saal se daily apni maa ko roj naye musalman mard se chudwate hua aur zalil hote hue dekh raha hoon par abhi takk meri maa ki aag nhi bujhi hai aur ulta aur jyada badh gyi hai

  5. Kash meri maa bhi aesi hi chudkad hoti, kash mujhme bhi itni himaat hoti ki mai asal jindgi me meri maa chudwata

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