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Hello readers, this is a story about how sheer luck and give immense pleasure to our lives.

I am the only child of my parents. I was 16 when this happened. Dad was working in Riyadh and mom was a homemaker. Anjali, my mom was attractive at her age of 38 and had a very friendly nature. Many men had tried to get close to her since dad wasnt around but she maintained her distance. That is until that day.

Our neighbours were a Gujarati family. We were very close to them. The told us that they are going to move to another location since the owners of the apartment want them to vacate. The owners were a muslim couple who managed a chain of jewellery stores. When they arrived, their attitude seemed snobbish and unfriendly. The husband was Amir Shaikh and his wife was Haseena Shaikh. Amir had inherited the business from his father and was doing a decent job maintaining it. There wasnt much growth now but he liked to live a luxurious lifestyle. Their children were in hostel and between the two of them they had 3 cars! Haseena dutifully wore a burka when she went outside so no one really knew whether she was really a haseena or not but she was slim and fair. Amir was a chainsmoker and had an air of superiority around him.

But with time, people come closer to each other. Haseena and mom became good friends. She used to feel open and comfortable in our home. We too likes her nature a lot. Amit never came with her. He was always busy with work. Haseena had given mom a set of spare keys to her apartment incase of emergency and we too had given her a set of ours. Things were going well.

It was 4pm on a sunday and mom and me were having a nap. I woke up and didnt see mom around. I figured she mightve gone for shopping. I went outside the apartment since I wanted to go to the terrace. That is when I got to be extremely lucky.

Shaikh’s apartment door was a bit open and the key was in the lock itself. I didnt understand and thought that someone ustve missed to take it out. Then I realised from the keychain that this was the spare key which was given to us! Before I could hear anything, I heard moans coming from inside. I didnt know what to do so I tried to sneak in.

As soon as I sneaked in, I saw my mom peeping from the corner of the hall inside the bedroom. I found it ridiculously strange. What on earth was she doing spying of our neighbours and what about the moans. Had she heard them too? What were they all about. Was that the reason she had come in to check and forgotten the keys at the door? The keys – dammit. I carefully put them back in the lock incase mom realised she missed them and was about to leave when I heard it again – ahhhh.

I turned around and at that moment I knew what that was – a sex sound. They were having sex. But what was mom doing peeping on them. OMG she wasnt just peeping, I saw that her one hand was in her salwar and she was enjoying herself watching them fuck. I positioned myself behind her and could see that she was infact looking at a mirror which reflected the action going on in the bedroom.

I became very horny and came back to our apartment to jack off. Wow my mom was pleasuring herself! It was a golden sight to see. After all she too has physical needs. Must be difficult to live alone I thought. Later that night when I had gone to bed, a thud sound woke me up. I looked around and realised that the door of her bedroom was closed! I figured she might still be horny and enjoying herself so I triend to sleep again but I couldnt. I began getting naughty thoughts and so I went to her bedroom door and peeped in. What I saw and heard blew my mind completely.

Amir was in there with her. Mom was standing and so was he.

Mom – yahan is samay kyu aaye ho
Amir – silently removes his pack of cigs and lights one
Mom – ye allowed nahi hai mere ghar me. Nikalo bahar
Amir – starts to remove his clothes
Mom – please ye kya kar rahe ho. Mai shadishuda hun. Please chale jao
Amir – doesnt listen and removes all his clothes. He stand in front of her butt naked and his cock in full view
Mom – staring at his cock. Please aisa mat karo
Amir – went and slept on the bed. Takes a drag and says – jaanti ho, aaene ki khasiyat ye hoti hai ki jo humein dekhta hai , hum use bhi dekh sakte hain
Mom – went pale. Please maine kuch nahi dekha. Mai wapas aa gayi thi
Amir – haan wapas to tu aayi thi par aadhe ghante tak maze lene ke baad. Tera haath kahan tha ye bhi mujhe dikh raha tha. Aaj teri pyas bujha ke jaunga
Mom – please maaf karo mujhe. Mai aisa nahi kar sakti
Amir – mera lun jhool raha hai. Use taan de. Fir dekhta hun tera kya karna hai
Mom – she took it as if she gave him a handjob, chances were that he might leave so she complied
Amir – closed in eyes and enjoyed the handjob. Muh me le mera lund
Mom – nahi tumne tan do bola tha dekho na kitna tan gaya hai tumhara lund. Ab please jao
Amir – Ae Anjali, mazak bahut ho gaya agar tune meri baat nahi maani to mai sabko bata dunga ki tune aaj kya kiya hai
Mom – after sometime reluctantly agrees. She starts to lick his balls and suck his shaft.
Amir – lights another cig. Ahhhh jannat hai ye to.

Mom kept sucking his cock for a good 10 mins. It seemed she was getting into the mood too. After she had enjoyed his thick cut muslim lund, she did the unexpected – removed her night gown and exposed her bare titties and ass to Amir

Amir – ab aayi na line pe. Kitne nakhre karti hai re hindu auratein. Par usi me to maza hai asli

Mom was completely naked and she hungrily jumped back on the bed and started sucking and spitting on his cock. It became well lubricated. Mom then positioned her body and took to top inside her pussy. Her eyes were closed with please and wild side had finally come out. She adjusted herself and took his cock inside her

Amir – Ahhh tum hindu auraton ki choot itni tight kyu hoti hai
Mom – kyuki musalmaan lund humare patiyon se zyada lambe aur mote hote hain to unse sukh dene ke liye

I was shocked to listen to mom talk dity and act like a slut. I got a hard-on and began to play with my dick. Mom started riding him. She was moaning and even Amir was enjoying the show of her body. He was playing with her boobs with his hands. Mom reached out to his pack of cigs and lit one up. She was smoking while she was fucking him. Amir was enjoying himself completely. After the smoke, he turned her in doggy position and fucked her smooth choot from behind. He showed her no mercy and the tight choot was giving his waves of pleasure. Mom was moaing – AAAAHHHHH yesssssss zorrrr seeee maaarrooooo meriiii CHOOOOT. She was completely his at that point of time.

Then they both turned to missionary and he pumped her like a jackhammer. It was surprising that he still had so much vigour left after the session with his wife. After around 20 mins of passionate and primal fucking they both came and collapsed in each others arms. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself and went to bed.

The next morning Amir and Haseena invited us for lunch and when we got there, he offered mom a job as a regional manager in his business. Mom happily took to job and as a good luck token, he presented her with a gold chain. Every time since then when mom tells me she is going to be late from work, I know she is working out the thick muslim lund of my neibhour who has become her lover and partner.

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  1. Good tumhari mother ab asli mazaa le rahi hai zindagi ka

  2. meri mom bhi kai baar aisa maja le chuki hai musalmani lund se ….. kik abhikmohan

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