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Mom’s Affair With Muslim Neighbour 2

Previously, I told you how my Hindu Mom, Sunita, was seduced and fucked by our Muslim Neighbour, Hashim.

After fucking the hell out of my Hindu mom Hashim was feeling victorious. At night Hashim and my mom started chatting.
Hashim- Did you enjoy today Sunita? I sure did, it was the best fuck of my life.
Sunita- I really enjoyed today Hashim. I never thought sex can be this pleasurable
Hashim- If the partner is right then it is the most pleasurable thing in the world. Your husband and my wife don’t match our sexual capacity. We two are really made for each other Sunita.
Sunita- You are right Hashim, I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I should enjoy while I can. It’s not my fault if my husband doesn’t pay attention to me.
Hashim- Yeah darling, but this Muslim bull of yours is always having his eyes on you 😉
Sunita- Haha I know, I also remember you were calling me a Hindu bitch while fucking me, what was that all about huh?
Hashim- It makes things spicier. I love Hindu women, always wanted to fuck one and today was my lucky day. I’ve fucked a few Muslim girls but they can’t match to a lusty Hindu woman like you. Opposites attract and you and I, Hindu woman and a Muslim man, are opposites.

Sunita- I also got very excited when you were calling me that . I have to say your Muslim cock was so much better than my husband’s. I want to taste it again, It fit so well in my mouth.
Hashim- You don’t have to wait for long. I’ll come to your home tomorrow morning at 9 and then we’ll have a lot of fun. Be ready for me my Hindu darling.

Sunita- I can’t wait Hashim, I’ll be ready to serve you tomorrow.
The next day Hashim came at 9. Mom was wearing a transparent black color saree with golden border and a red coloured blouse. Her blouse and belly was were visible under that saree. Her big breasts were barely fitted in that red blouse. Her hairs were untied. She had applied bindi and Sindoor and her mangalsutra rested on her blouse. Hashim was just wearing boxers and a T-shirt he was waiting to fuck Sunita very badly. He knocked and Mom opened the door. Seeing her in that saree made his dick erect. He sent straight to her and grabbed her by waist and started kissing her juicy lips. My mom also started responding with equal ferocity. They both were kissing each other wildly. Hashim then started mauling Mom’s boobs, he got behind her and opened her blouse now he started mauling Mom’s boobs over her pink bra. He took out her right boob and started sucking on it. He was sucking on it wildly. Mom grabbed his cock over his boxers, it was hard like a rock. Hashim then took out her bra and started massaging Mom’s boobs from behind, her mangalsutra was getting sandwiched between her boobs. He put her mangalsutra in her mouth and continued mauling her boobs. Now he grabbed my Mom’s pussy over her saree and started pressing it hard. Mom was moaning with her eyes closed
Mom- aaahhhh that hurts uffffffff mmmmmm

Hashim- That’s how you Hindu woman should be grabbed by Muslim bulls.
He then took his hand inside her saree and petticoat and started rubbing Mom’s Hindu pussy. With one hand he was mauling Mom’s boobs and with other he was ferociously rubbing her pussy. Just 5 minutes of getting mauled and rubbed by a Muslim bull was enough for her and she cummed in her panty.
Mom- aaaahhhhhh I’m cumming sssssssss do it more rub my choot ssssssssssssssss aaaaaahhhhh
Mom cummed but Hashim was just getting started he ripped off her Saree and opened her petticoat which got wet at her pussy area. He then tore his panty and picked her up and took her to her bedroom.
He locked the door while my Mom was lying naked on the bed looking at him. He took off his boxers and T-shirt and sat just over her big boobs, he put his Muslim cock on my Hindu mom’s lips and Mom knew what he wanted. She opened her mouth and he inserted his dick in her mouth. This huge Muslim dick was barely fitting in my Hindu mom’s mouth. He was fucking her face like her pussy. Soon mom took his whole Muslim cock in her mouth. She got used to his Muslim cock. Her face was a mess, saliva was rolling here and there on her lips to her neck and on the bed.

Hashim then took out his Muslim cock from my Mom’s mouth and started licking my mom’s Hindu pussy.
Hashim- my darling Sunita your Hindu pussy tastes so great, just like your juicy lips
Mom- sssssssssssssss you lick my pussy so good ssssssssssssssss lick it Hashim aaahhhhhh
Hashim made my Mom cum once more, he drank all her cum and he placed his big circumcised Muslim dick on her Hindu pussy.

Hashim- So is this Hindu cow ready to be drilled by this Muslim bull?
Mom- Yes I’m ready put it in my Muslim bull.
Hashim then set her Muslim cock on her Hindu pussy and gave a thrust, in just 5-6 thrusts his Muslim cock was fully exploring my Mom’s Hindu pussy. Mom started to moan loudly without caring about others.
Hashim then got her on top of him without pulling out his cock from her pussy and told mom to fuck his Muslim cock. Mom started to thump her heavy ass on his big Muslim dick taking it all in her Hindu pussy. Mom’s ass was very thick, I’ve seen people look at her ass with lusty eyes but my Mom was thumping her big ass on a big Muslim cock.

Hashim grabbed her ass and started pulling it down hard on his cock. He began spanking my Mom’s ass. My Mom’s ass cheeks turned red. Hashim sucked on my Mom’s nipples and began thrusting his Muslim cock in my Mom’s Hindu pussy.
Mom- AAAAAAHHHHH ssssssssssssssss uuuhhhhhhhhhh yes ssssssssssssssss Hashim you fuck me so good Ufff I can’t take it I’m going to cum mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Hashim- Yes my Hindu bitch, cum on my Muslim cock come on.
With a loud scream Mom began cumming on his Muslim cock. Hashim’s Muslim cock which was already wet with my Mom’s Hindu pussy juice now had white foam around it. It was the result of his drilling my Mom’s Hindu pussy.
Hashim then started to speed up and with all his strength started to pound my mom’s Hindu pussy. It looked like he was going to cum in my Hindu Mom’s pussy again.
Hashim- I’m going to cum bitch ahhh your pussy is so tight.
Mom- yes darling cum for me, drench my thirst.

Hashim then took her off him and near her face. With a loud moan Hashim started to unload his sperm on Mom’s face and boobs. His Muslim sperm was all over on my Mom’s face, mostly on her lips and nose. A few drops of his sperm also fell on Mom’s mangalsutra.
Mom started to lick off his Muslim sperm that was all over her lips, Hashim rubbed the rest of the sperm on her face with his cock like he it was a beauty cream. He then scooped his sperm off her big boobs by his Muslim cock and put it in her mouth and Mom licked all the sperm off his cock.
Hashim and my Mom both went to urinate together and came out after some time. They looked at the clock, it was 11:30 am. They’ve been fucking for 2:30 hours now. Both were satisfied and it reflected on their faces.

Hashim- I enjoyed a lot today fucking your pussy. You Hindu woman have an insatiable pussy I must say.

Mom- it looks like I am also getting addicted to your muslim cock Hashim.(Mom then realised what she just said).Ohh no what I’m saying I should not say that.

Hashim- Nothing wrong Jaan i like hearing you call my cock as Muslim cock, it really turns me on.

Mom- It’s still 11:30 we have alot of time still left.

Hashim- So you want to fuck you more with my Muslim lund?

Mom- yes I want that, you said yourself we Hindu woman have insatiable pussy.

Hashim- Yeah I’ll fuck you again, but I’ll make it quick because today is Friday and I have to go for jumma’s namaz.

Mom- Then I surely you’ll give me everything you have and fuck me like a bitch to make it quick.

Hashim smiled and then he got my Mom on the bed again. He placed her legs on her shoulders put a pillow under her waist and then with a single thrust he put his whole Muslim cock in her Hindu pussy.

Mom- Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssssssssssssss it hurts like hell, ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff you almost killed me aaahhhhhh

Hashim- I have to make it quick remember and you knew that I’ll make you my bitch in this session.

Hashim then put all his weight on her and began fucking her hard. Mom’s legs were beside her face and Hashim started kissing and biting her lips. He was fucking her very hard and thus the room was filled with heavy thumping noises, I’m sure someone would have definitely heard that noises. His Muslim cock would go all in her Hindu pussy and would come out wholly the other moment. The whole length of his cock was going deep in Mom’s pussy. Mom never won against Hashim and started cumming but Hashim didn’t stop he continued pounding her hard. He began sucking her right boob and bit on it which left a mark on it.

Mom- AAAAAAHHHHH what are you doing, it hurts ssssss don’t bite it, it’ll leave a mark.

Hashim-that’s what I want, I want to leave alot of marks on your Hindu body my bitch. Now bitch I’ll cum any moment and I’ll put it deep in your Hindu pussy.

After a few strokes Hashim started unloading his cum in Mom’s Hindu pussy. This Muslim man already cummed 40 minutes ago but still he cummed alot more the second time then Hindu males who have sex after a long time. Mom’s pussy was filled with his hot sperm. Pregnancy didn’t seem to be far for my Mom. After a couple of minutes Hashim got up off her and went to urinate and freshen up, he wore his clothes and told kissed my Mom and told her that now he has to leave for Namaz.
Mom accompanied him to the door while holding her saree with one hand covering her boobs and rest of the lower body.
Hashim left for Namaz, Mom was really happy after getting fucked by Hashim again. Fucking with a Muslim guy & cheating on her husband was really exciting her now. She thought what would happen if her husband gets to know about this but quickly consoled herself because she knew Hashim and she would continue to fuck very carefully. She changed the bedsheet which was all messed up by their wild sex session & started preparing the lunch for her children & waited for her next encounter with Hashim.

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  1. Awsmmmm…. Plz someone guide me I hv to write my mom story

    • कहानी में एक्साइटमेंट तो है, लेकिन बिलकुल नेचुरल भी है। केवल अवसर मिलने की बात है, बाकी हर हिंदू, खासकर ब्राह्मण लड़की या महिला मुसलमान से मजा लेने और मुसलमान को मजा देने को तैयार रहती है।

  2. woww hot and nice storyyyyyy hashim is real hero

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  4. Namard Ganesh Pandit July 7, 2018 at 2:57 pm

    Har maa ne yesa sukh bhogna cahiye aur betiyo ko bhi yese sanskar dene cahiye jise muslim mard asani se chod sake [email protected]

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