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Mom’s Affair With Muslim Neighbour

Hello, this is Vishal & today I’m going to tell a story about my Hindu mom and our Muslim neighbour.
Those days we used to live in outskirts of Hyderabad as my father used to work for a plywood company. The factory was in outskirts of the city. So dad used to leave early at 7 and used to be back around 11 at night. He used to travel a lot to other cities and other countries related to his job. So normally my mom, me and my two sisters Anita and Reena used to live. Our residence was a three-floor bungalow situated in a small street in the highway of Hyderabad outskirts. That time I was 21 years old pursuing MBA and my sisters: Reena was 19 in class 12 and Anita in class 11. My sisters’ school was nearby but I need to come to the city for college. I used to be back home by 2 and sisters used to be back by 4. So from morning 8. 30 to 2 pm my mom used to be alone at home.

Just opposite to our bungalow there was a building of 4 floors which belonged to a local trader Sheikh Hashim. He had 6 shops in first two floors which were rented by him and top two floors he used for his personal use. He was very rich and used to get the rental income of 7 lakhs monthly so just for time pass he used to come to his office. His residence was in the main city where he used to live with his wife and two kids. He did not have any staff on his floor and he used to spend time watching tv & using internet.
He was around 39 years old that time. He was around 5. 8 ft tall little fat, black with a thick beard and trimmed moustasch. He was very much addicted to sex and he liked matured women especially Hindu woman(which I got to know later). He often used to watch my Hindu mom. And after sometime when he used to get hot he used to masturbate watching her. This was his daily routine. Now let me describe my mom. My mom Sunita was around 45 years old. Height 5.6 ft tall, little fat with the figure of 38-34-40. Face color milkish white with step cut hairstyle. She used to wear saree and deep cut blouse through which her cleavage her back and her stomach were clearly visible. Between her cleavage her mangalsutra resided. Even though she was 45, she used to be teased by local people whether young or old. Hashim wanted to fuck her but he didn’t even get an opportunity to talk to her.
He came to my contact through a friend of mine in the area. We often used to hang out together & he would invite me to his home and make tasty biryani for me. He liked to eat beef biryani but when I was there he cooked chicken biryani because I was a Hindu. Then one day he said I want to have lunch at your home. You have never invited me to your home. How many time I have brought Hyderabadi biriyani for you. Why don’t to take me to your home for lunch. I agreed. I called my mom and said that one of my friends is coming for lunch. She said fine. Sometime later we went to my home. This was Hashim’s first entry to my home. I introduced him to my mom. They both said hello to each other and we sat down. After some time we had a delicious food. Hashim was very happy and he thanked my mom.

Hashim- Now I have to come again and again to have this tasty food Sunita ji.
Mom(Smiling)- You are anytime welcome Hashim ji, you are our neighbour you can visit us anytime.
That was the first time when Hashim saw my mom so closely. When she was preparing food that time he went close to the kitchen with a reason for poor network connection to see my mom from sideways her huge juicy boobs and her big ass. That whole night he was thinking about my mom and he consciously masturbated four times.
Then he started searching a chance to meet my mom out of the home. After a few days of watching her activities, he found that mom used to go to the city twice a week for purchase. This time when my mom went for purchase in auto he started following her in his car. Mom went to the supermarket in the city for the purchase of household products. He stood in front of the supermarket as if he too came for some work. As soon as Sunita came out Hashim went to her.

Hashim- Hello Sunita ji, how are you?
Sunita saw him and said,”Hi, I am fine how are you? I just came for some purchase.
Hashim- Ok if you are going home I can drop you. After some hesitation, my Mom agreed as she had lots of purchase. After 45 minutes of the drive, they came home. During driving they were talking about each others family. Mom was friendly so Hashim became her friends quickly. My Hindu mom’s body fragrance was making Hashim go mad. Having such a beautiful and sexy Hindu woman next to him his penis erected to the fullest extent. His pant zip became a big tent, but anyhow he controlled. Hashim delivered all the purchased products at home. Mom offered him lemon juice. Hashim had the juice and thanked her. While going back he asked my mom’s mobile no. After thinking for a few seconds she gave her number to Hashim.

This was Hashim’s first victory. He knew when my Mom was free so he used to call and talk to her. Soon they became very close friends and Mom didn’t have any nearby neighboring friend. Soon Hashim started sending SMS’s to Mom and slowly he started spending adult SMS to her.
Hashim- Raju & his friends were playing cricket. Raju hit the ball into a woman’s home. He went to the women to fetch the ball but he got confused when the woman came with the ball.
Mom- Why? That was not Raju’s ball?
Hashim- No, try a little more and answer.
Mom- Ohh no, I can’t think of it. Iquit, tell me now.
Hashim- Because Raju was confused to see how the ball got stuck between two footballs.
Mom- The woman came with two footballs?
Hashim- No, but yes, her natural footballs.
Mom(blushing & smiling)- Your jokes are getting naughtier huh. Good one though.
Now Hashim understood that time has come for the final attack. He waited for my mom, Sunita’s next outing. And that day came.

That day mom went early after we went to school. As planned Hashim followed here. She went to the city mall. Hashim followed her and went in front of her.
Hashim- Helloello Sunita ji.
Mom (was surprised)-Hi, how are you?
Hashim said seems you came for shopping. Let me help you.
Mom said sure.
One hour they spent for purchase. While they came out it was 12:30.
Hashim- Sunita lets have lunch as it will take 1 hour to reach.
Mom agreed.
Then they went to a vegetarian restaurant. They had lunch and they were back home. Then they sat and started chatting.
Hashim- Sunita if you don’t mind can I ask you something.
Mom- sure.
Hashim- Your husband stays away more than home than how do you satisfy your physical needs.
Sunita- That’s a very personal question Hashim, I never expected you to ask me this.
Hashim- I’m sorry Sunita, I was just curious how does such attractive woman like you control yourself. I will tell you honestly about myself. I am married but I am not happy with my sex life as my wife is average looking narrow-minded. So I masturbate daily. That’s how I satisfy myself. I’m telling you this because I consider you my good friend & I think I can share anything with you. You should also share these things with me you like, it’s ok if you’re not comfortable.
Sunita- It’s not like that Hashim but I feel awkward talking about this subject. I don’t have sex, infact I haven’t had it in months. To suppress this I pray so that I don’t think about it because I know there is no-one I can have sex with. But sometimes my body gives up & I masturbate.

Hashim-Don’t you think Sunita that we both should help each other? We both need each other.
Sunita(shocked)-What are you talking about Hashim? You are a Muslim man & I’m a hindu woman. We both are married. What will people say? We both have commitments to our partners,we should not betray them.
Hashim-Your husband doesn’t care about you & my wife doesn’t either about me. Why can’t we be happy. So what if I’m Muslim? There are so many Muslim men who are with Hindu women, nothing happens to them. No one is going to know about this except you and me, I promise. I just want to keep you happy Sunita, I feel attracted towards you.
Sunita- I like you too Hashim but I’m not sure about doing this.
Hashim took the chance and kept his one hand on her shoulder and another hand on her other hand.
Sunita said it is wrong.

Hashim said it is wrong only if we are caught.
Then Hashim took my mom’s face in his hands and turned towards his face. Sunita’s eyes were closed. Hashim kissed her on her forehead, then cheeks then nose and then smooth. They smooched for 10 minutes. Then Hashim removed saree from her blouse. She was wearing green saree. Hashim’s eyes were wide open seeing my mom’s juicy watermelons. He quickly removed her blouse and bra and started sucking her boobs and started sucking biting and licking them. His dream of fucking a mature Hindu woman was going to be true. Meanwhile, his Muslim cock was hard like a rock. My Mom too started enjoying it, may be her wild side took over her. Hashim ’s circumcised Muslim cock was making her horny. It’s scent was filling her nostrils. After sucking my mom’s boobs for half an hour(he really did suck her boobs for that long) he opened her petticoat and removed her panty. The first time my mom was complete nude in front of a man apart from my father & it was a Muslim man.

Now Hashim became nude and kissed my mom’s legs. He started licking them and then licked my Mom’s pussy. His tongue was exploring my Mom’s Hindu pussy. He even bit her pussy. Mom was getting hot. She took his Muslim cock in her hand and started stroking it. Hashim’s 9 inches Muslim cock was wrapped around my Hindu mom’s hand. Mom became wild and licked Hashim’s hairy chest. Hashim then turned her licked and bit my mom’s ass.
Mom got on her knees and took his big Muslim cock in her mouth. It was very big and thick mom could only take half of it but still she tried. She was sucking it like there was no tomorrow. Hashim too started thrusting his big Muslim cock in her mouth He started fucking Mom’s mouth. The saliva was falling onto my Mom’s boobs and mangalsutra. After 5 minutes Mom succeeded in taking his whole Muslim cock in her mouth. She then started sucking his balls and stroked his cock.

Hashim then grabbed her around her waist and turned her upside down. Now my Mom’s Hindu pussy was infront of her mouth and his Muslim cock was touching my Mom’s mouth. My Mom was a little heavy but Hashim was very strong he started licking my mom’s puffy Hindu pussy like he was eating a watermelon. Mom being upside down was trying her best to take his Muslim cock in her mouth.

Hashim- Your Hindu pussy tastes so good just like beef. I can eat your pussy whole day.
Mom- Ahhhhhhhhh, Hashim you suck it so good ufff. I’m cumming sssssssss Hashimmmm.
Mom started cumming and Hashim enclosed her pussy with his mouth drinking all her juice. Hashim then carried my mom in his arms and took her to her bedroom(my parent’s marital bed) and my mom lied in her bed and Hashim lied upon her and after a deep smooch, Hashim placed his dark thick hairy Muslim cock on my Mom’s Hindu pussy. Mom moaned a little. She was intoxicated by his cock. Hashim then placed it in her pussy and pushed. She screamed slightly. Hashim- Don’t scream too loudly, you don’t want anyone to hear you moan and scream.
Slowly my mom’s pussy opened up & Hashim started pushing his entire Muslim cock in my Mom’s Hindu pussy. Mom’s facial expressions were very sexy, she looked like as she was experiencing heaven. Any Hindu guy would have had cummed in minutes seeing her like this but Hashim was a strong Muslim man. Mom was really enjoying. His balls were hitting my Mom’s ass and the room was filled by the sounds it created. This huge Muslim cock was piercing my Mom’s Hindu pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and told him to fuck her harder. Hashim kissed her wildly and started licking her neck while increasing his pace.
Mom- Ahhhhhhhhh, Aaaaaahhhhh yes sssssss fuck me fuck me like this, uffffffff my choot was so hungry aaaahhhhhh fuck it harder.
Hashim started fucking her with all his strength. Mom was moaning very loudly. Hashim stopped her by shutting her mouth with his mouth. It was a wild scene Mom was getting pounded mercilessly by this Muslim beast.
Hashim- Ufff my Hindu bitch take my Muslim cock take it all in your Hindu pussy. Aaahhhhh I’m about to cum mm
Mom- aaaahhhhhh aaahhhhh uhhhh yes I’m cumming too ssssssssssssssss cum inside me uffffffffffffffffff.
After a few strokes Hashim deposited all his Muslim cum in her Hindu pussy. They grabbed each other tightly while cumming. He put a lot of sperm in my Mom’s pussy, Mom must have been satisfied after getting a load of hot Muslim cum in her Hindu pussy.

He took out his Muslim cock from her pussy. His cum was coming out of her pussy over her asshole.
Hashim- Ufff Jaan you are so sexy I’ve never fucked a horny woman like you.
Mom- you fuck like a beast, I have never felt so satisfied in my life. Your cock is so big and you are so good at fucking.
They started kissing wildly. Mom’s mangalsutra was between her big boobs & her hair were untied and were making her look sexier. Hashim’s cock started to grow again. He started mauling Mom’s boobs and started sucking them hardly. He was pulling her nipples while sucking. Mom started moaning again and pushed his head in her boobs. After sucking and mauling her boobs he again inserted his Muslim cock into my Mom’s Hindu pussy gushing back his cum ,which was dripping out of her pussy, inside it. He started fucking my Hindu mom very hard with her legs on his shoulder and his whole weight on her body.
Mom- aaaahhhhhh your cock is so hard so quickly aaahhhhhh yes keep fucking me like this.
Hashim- Yeahh my Hindu bitch I can pound your pussy whole day.
Mom kept cumming and screaming, she was finally getting her pussy drenched by a big Muslim cock. After pounding my Mom for 20 minutes he deposited his cum in my Mom’s Hindu pussy once again. After ten minutes he got up and went to the restroom to urinate.
He came back and said.- Sunita, you are amazing.
Mom said thank you very much, dear.
Sunita prepared food for Hashim which they had together.
While going out Hashim said,” Dear, this is just the beginning. Now you are my woman, not your husband’s. You are my begum.

Mom(smiling)- I’m surely yours Hashim, I am your woman.
Hashim kissed my Mom and went to his home. Hashim was feeling great after fucking my Hindu mom and my Mom was looking very happy after getting pounded by a Muslim cock. She blushed while looking at the bedsheet and changed it. Her eyes fell on a photo of she & her husband. She felt a little guilty but then she remembered how good Hashim was with her in her bed something which her husband couldn’t do. Remembering that she decided she will keep taking this Muslim cock in her Hindu pussy because it made her feel good. She smiled and started thinking about the next time Hashim will pierce her Hindu pussy again.

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  1. Nice story same as my Brahmin mom

  2. so lovely fuck by Hashim ji,Waiting for many more story of Hashim ji conquering pussy’s of young chiks

  3. Sudha Di aap kh rhi thi ki m apni mummy ko Unki manjil pane m madad kru kya aap btaoge Kon si manjil h vo

    • manzil he
      firoz uncle tumhare papa ban jaye

      • Par uske liye to mere mummy papa ko divorce lena padega of Agr firoz uncle Ne mummy se shaadi krne se mna kr diya to vaise to Vo mere nazayaz father ban hi gye h

      • Sudha Didi plz guide me m b chahta hu ki meri innocent sanskari Brahmin mummy mere father ko chod de or firoz uncle ki begum ya rakhail ban jaye bs firoz uncle ki ho jaye pr ye hoga kaise m to firoz uncle K ghar aate hi unke pair chuta hu or apne room m chla jata hu fr mummy or firoz uncle khub pyar krte h m bs apni mummy ki siskariyan or dard bhari awaaz sunta hu jaisa aapne kha tha

        • लव भैया
          बहुत अच्छी बात है कि तुम ने फिरोज जी को पापा मान लिया यही खूबी फिरोज साहब का दिल जीतने की पहली जरूरत है।
          अब तुम पापा से अपने बिजनेस को दूसरे शहर में फैलाने के बहाने फिरोज जी को उनके बिजनेस पार्टनर बनाने का प्रयास करो और फिर पापा को नये बिजनेस पर भिजवा दो और उनको बोलो कि यहां सारा काम में फिरोज जी की गाइडैंस में संभाल लूँगा।
          मम्मी से रोज़ उनकी खुशकिस्मती एवं ख़ुशियों की तारीफ करते हुए फिरोज साहब की बात छेड़ उन्हें बता कि मम्मी आजतक आपकी दुख भरी कुण्ठित जिन्दगी से (जिसकी वजह सिर्फ और सिर्फ पापा थे)तुम भी बहुत दुखी थे। अब मम्मी के चेहरे की चमक खुशियाँ चहकते स्वभाव से,तुम बहुत खुश हो,इतना सम्बल जवान लडका,यदि अपनी प्यासी,संस्कारी,खूबसूरत,गदराई जवानी ढोती,हिन्दू मम्मी को दे दोगे, तो वह सारी बेड़ियां तोड फिरोज साहब को अपना बनाने को मना ही लेंगी।
          हां एक बात और यदि तुम्हारी उम्र शादी वाली हो गयी है तो तुम फिरोज जी या उनके बेटे द्वारा परखी बताई लड़की के अलावा किसी और से शादी को तैयार ही मत होना।
          फिरोज जी के बेटे से भी तुम दोस्ती गांठ सकते हो।
          फिर पापा तो अपने आप ही रास्ते से हट जाएंगे हार्ट अटैक या किसी एक्सीडेंट से ।

          • Sudha dii m Bs ye chahta hu kisi ko kuch naa Ho firoz uncle mummy ko apna le Bs par muje ye smjh nhi aata ki firoz uncle mummy ko beef kyu khilate h or shraab cigarettes kyu pilate h

  4. Great story really like it Hashim ji

  5. superrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    its like my home experience….
    my mom and my muslim step dad started their sex life like this…..
    now my mom and sis and me too like muslims slave not only my stepdad ……lot of muslims………
    my fb id : kichu kishore

  6. Log kyu sochte hain k shadi k bad aurat ki personal life khtam ho gayi. are abhi bhi wo aurat hi hai uski chut me abhi bhi kashish baki hai .. use abhi bhi maze lene ka poora haq hai.. Shadi shuda aurte jinke pati unko khush nahi kar pate wo behichak muslim mardo se sambandh rakh sakti hain.. isme kisi ko koi problem nahi honi chaiye.. ye to natural hai..

    kik: deviarti
    Hangout: [email protected]

  7. Arti tiwari I agree with you isme Kuch galat Nhi h my Brahmin mom enjoy with muslim firoz uncle at my home muje bura nhi lgta Unki b Apni personal life h she is very happy with him by nt wd my father jinhone mummy ko ghar gaadi paise bache sb Kuch diya Lekin jo sukh firoz uncle K neeche aakr mummy ko mila vo sbse kimti h

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