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Mom’s affair


This is a story of what happens in a big city.

My dad had got transferred to mumbai and mom and me relocated along with him. We got a flat in a society. However, within 3 months, he was promoted as sent to manage an IT project in US. We were very happy but sad that mom and myself will have to live alone in mumbai. Soon we got used to it though.

The society secretary was Asif Khan. His wife had died during childbirth and he had not remarried. He was a very friendly person and celebrated all festivals. He was not like radical muslim so everyone also invited him and had good terms with him. He was so popular that he was secretary of the society for the last 10 years. 10 years! what was his age then you may ask. Well he was 50 and mom was 42 at the time of the incident. Now let me come back to the story.

Mom had got a job in a hotel as a manager. It so happened that she got a phone call in July that there was an issue with a customer. She had to go and see for herself. Apparently someone had started a fight. She called me around 10 saying that she will leave soon.

Around 11 I called her again but she didnt answer. Her phone was on silent mode as I checked in truecaller. She had also shared her whatsapp location with me so I could check where she was. The app was showing her at the apartment building only. I didnt understand. If she was here then why was the phone off? and why was she not home? I decided to check for myself. I started from the ground floor and checked the entire building but no sign of her. Her scooty was parked there.

I didnt know what was going on at all. I went to the terrace and the door was locked. I noticed something peculiar. The door had an inbuilt lock. The lock was not dusty like the rest of the door. It had been opened recently. It was strange since there was nothing on the terrace except one store room and the door was always locked.

The keys were with the building guard and the secretary Mr. Khan. I went back to the ground floor and saw that the guard was sleeping. I quietly took the keys from him and went upstairs. I unlocked the door and got the shock of my life.

Mom and Asif were there! Inside the store room! There was a folding bed placed there. Mom’s saree was on the floor and Asif’s trousers were too. Both were kissing passionately. Soon all their clothes came off. Mom took his cut muslim cock in her hands and started playing with it. She licked it, sucked it and deep throated it. Asif was enjoying the pleasure. Then mom and his had a passion filled smooch and hug which showed how hungry they were for each other physically. My cock was in full attention and I was enjoying the show.

I wanted to join but was scared they might stop so I got butt naked and started watching them secretly. I was not feeling even a little shame or regret in watching my mom suck another mans cock and that too a muslims. I am very open minded and have always thought of sex as fun and pleasure activity. There was nothing wrong at all if my mom was having some fun with another man especially since dad was away. Infact I liked her choice of a muslim man because muslim cocks dont have foreskin and a longer and thicker than other cocks. She knew a quality meat well.

Asif then sucked her juicy melons like a hungry child and mom moaned. Her voice was loud but I guess she was confident that no one would hear them or maybe she was just lst in pleasure and ecstacy. Then I noticed something, it had started to rain. I quickly hid my clothes in a shelter and started watching again. The rain drops were loud giving perfect cover to moms dark escapades. I heard her talk – ” Choos le mere mumme mere bachche le choos le apni mummy ka doodh” . Asif was still sucking them like a baby. Her hands were in his hair. After sometime Asif said something to her quirtly which I could not hear. She smiled and kissed him. They both stood up. I got scared and hid myself. I saw them come out of the store room and go to back of the terrace.

I was spying on them butt naked and wet in rain from the corner of the store room wall. Asif was lying down on a wooden cot which is found usually in villages. Mom jumped on him and started riding his thick cock. Our building was the tallest in the society and so no one would be able to see them. Also the rain was a perfect cover as their moans would not be heard by anyone. Mom started to ride him like a hungry cat and moaning shamelessly. Asif’s hands were on her juicy tits and was pinching them from time to time. Mom was fully intoxicated in lust.

Asif then moved her on the bed and started to fuck her in missionary position. He was entering her deeply it seemed because she was really moaning very loudly and without any inhibition. My cock was dripping with pre cum. Suddenly due to their wild actions, the poor cot broke and both were on the ground.

The wild animals instead of stopping, kept fucking. Now the passion was really at its heights. After a while he took her to the boundary of the terrace where she placed her hands and bent down. He entered her  from behind and plowed her juicy pussy. To prevent her from making too much noise, his one hand was on her mouth while the other was on her left boob.

He came inside her choot and they both lay there on the terrace in each others arms. The rains subsided and I quickly came back to the apartment and dried myself. It was 1 am. I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I had come once on the terrace and also 2nd time in the apartment but still my dick was hard. Mom came back only at 2am. I realised that they had fucked some more after taking rest.

Since then, I have enabled whatsapp web on my laptop with moms phone and read her chats with Asif. They now meet on the terrace at 1 in the night for their love making sessions. I am happy that both are enjoying their relationship.

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  1. u and ur mom are too luckyyyyyyyyyyy
    like me amd my family

  2. masha allah kitne khus naseeb premi jora he jo khule aasman ke neeche….ya khuda yeh moka sabhi ko de.

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