Mom’s rekindles old flame

I had recently been looking for a new job. My Mom Vidya and I had moved to Mumbai from Kolkata. Mom is a Bengali woman – curves at the right places, dusky complexion, big eyes and lovely smile. Any man would fall in love with her ever at her age of 46. Many stared at her and few tried to become her friend but she kept her distance. After all why shouldnt she? She was married after all.

Dad had gotten a job in the US and was there for the last 1 year. The plan was that he would get us there once his company approved our VISA but as US was not really accepting of foreigners, it was taking much longer. Meanwhile mom had become irritable and frustrated because of her lonliness. She had told her relatives that we are going to America when dad got the offer but now here she was – just a lonely housewife.

Once a got my new job, I devoted most of my time there which made mom more irritable. I think the lack of male attention was driving her crazy. Men would give her attention but of the wrong kind. Most guys in the society lusted after her. They wanted to fuck her as her man was away.

I got very close to my boss and he used to invite me back to his place after work. His name is Samir Khan. He had never married which I found surprising as muslim men even have 2 wives and he had none. Over a period of time, I ended up asking him and he told me that he loved a girl in college but because she was Hindu, her parents didnt agree and so he had never married. I felt sad for him. I asked him which college and he told me Kolkata University. I knew my mom had also graduated from there so I asked him the year and to my shock it was the same batch!

When I came back home, I thought of helping my boss, if she knew any Samir for college. I thought one of her college friends wouldve been his girlfriends and we could set them up now for some fun. I my surprise mom started sweating and asked me where I heard that name. I told her he is my boss and that he went to same college as you did. She asked me if I told him about her. I replied in negative. She immediately got relieved and said she doesnt know any Samir Khan.

I found it to be weird. Why did she sweat on hearing his name? And why did she not accept that he was in her college. I got a feeling that perhaps mom herself was his girlfriend. It was hard to believe that but I had to confirm. In the next few days, when I got the chance, I asked Samir about the name of his college love. He told me Vidya Mukherjee!

I got the shock of my life. Mom dated my boss!! Wow it seemed so scandalous. I couldnt sleep that night. Kept thinking about them. Over the next few days I asked him for more details. He told me that they dated for 3 years and yes they did have sex. He told me she was a firecracker in bed. I got a hardon thinking about mom and him fucking in college. I decided to do something to help moms loneliness and Samir’s lost love.

When I went home, I asked mom politely to sit and we needed to talk. Somehow she knew what was it about. I told her everything. She started feeling guilty. I told her that there is nothing to feel bad about but did you really love Samir. She told me yes. I told her that I will help them both and will setup a meeting. I told her that in todays day and age, its ok to have a lover outside marriage. I knew Samir and found him to be a decent man/ boyfriend for my lonely mother so I told her that this relationship has my approval. She was delighted to hear this.

Soon arrangements were made and Samir started visiting our home for dinner. I gave them two time to rekindle their long lost passion and love. Samir was socked that as her son, I was willingly helping her but later they both praised me on being such modern and open minded. I told Samir that I have vetted you and mom couldnt have a better partner than you. Their relationship blossomed. Mom started to wear more sleveless blouses and I knew why.

It was Samir’s birthday and he invited me and Mom at his farmhouse with some other guests. At the last moment, I made some excuse and forced mom to go alone. I kept imagining them heating up the place so naughty me follower her and went to his apartment. There were 15 guests and they all were having dinner and some drinks in the front lawn. I hid myself and watch as him and mom avoided each other till the guests had gone. He had taken 3 pegs already when the last guest had gone. I couldnt see mom anywhere. Suddenly she came out of the guest house. She was probably in some room waiting for people to leave.

She kissed him passionately. He lifted her up and took her inside. I followed them and stood next to a window. They both undressed quickly. I saw lust in their eyes. Mom unzipped him and started playing with his hard dick. Soon he thrust his dick inside her and ploughed her for a good 30 mins before changing positions. They fucked missionary, doggy and then she rode him. Mom was acting like a bitch in heat. They finished their love making by 1 am by when mom called me on my number. She told me that she is on her way back and I told her to spend the night there itself. She didnt resist much after the call she told Samir that I told her to stay. Samir told her that I am fantasising them having sex and that she should let me enjoy. She smiled and kissed him.

In a few more months, I got Samir and mom to marry each other as per islamic rules. He became moms second husband with her sons permission.

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