Mom’s transformation

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My dad is working in the US and I stay with my 46 year old mom in Mumbai. I had recently gotten a job in Mumbai and life was going well for us. Dad used to always send us money and mom didnt really have to work much. She spent her time in the gym and in shopping. As a result of which she had a figure to die for even at her age.

Many men tried her luck at her but she kept her arrogant attitude. But as she spend more and more time away from dad, she grew more irritable. Mom had completed her post graduation and not working was making her dull.

It so happened that one day we got a call that my grandfather was unwell. Grandfather had acres of sugercane farms in the village and used to manage the business effectively. He had around 100 people working for him. After grandmother had died, he had taken up drinking which in turn affected his health. We decided to spend time with him and so I took a week off.

When we reached the village, we came to know that he is not keeping well. Dad asked mom to stay there and help as much as she could because dad was unable to fly back. Grandfather was bed ridden but his mind was sharp. I had to return to mumbai after 1 week because of my job but mom had to stay there to take care of grandpa.

In a month we got to know that grandpa was not well and he passed away. After the final rites were over and dad went back to the US, I asked mom to return to mumbai. She was not happy with the idea. In mumbai she was living like a bird in the cage. Money was not a problem but there was nothing to do! Here she had begun to manage the business. Even the labours had accepted her as their new maalkin. She liked the respect. Everyone the the village and nearby area spoke well of her. After all she had left the comfortable city life to come back to her roots and help the business. There were rumors that after grandpa died, the business would be sold. Thankfully with mom being there, the labors and their families were reassured and so things were going well.

Mom’s personality had also changed. She had the aura of a commander. She was always giving orders to someone. She knew well that she had to instil some fear in people. At the same time, she paid handsomely to the labors when crop was sold.

From my time there, I noticed that grandpa had a close labor associate named Karim chacha who was around 55 years old. Mom never spoke harshly to him. She respected him as he had given his whole life to the business. There were a lot of muslims in the village and so with Karim chacha there, it made it easier for her to get them to listen to her. Chacha had always lived with grandpa and so mom thought it would be rude if his family was asked to vacate the banglow when mom started living there. So apart from household help, Karim Chacha, his wife and mom lived in the banglow.

Karim was always soft spoken but there were rumours that he had once killed a man on grandpa’s behest so people feared him a little. He used to put kajol in his eyes and often kept mum.

After around 3 months, I decided to go to the village and surprise mom. I reached late at night at the train station and decided to walk to the banglow. Had I taken a cab, someone would definitely tell mom that I was home and start preparations for the welcome. I reached around 11 and the lights were off. I thought the power was gone. I slowly went inside but didnt call out her name as to scare her. I quietly went up to her room. Karim chacha’s room was downstairs and only his wife was sleeping there. When I went upstairs, I heard some sounds. Everything was dark and the bed was making noises. My heart was racing. I knew what it meant but wanted to see it at the same time. I peeped in. The moonlight had lit up the room enough for me to watch the scene. Chacha was lying on the bed – NAKED and my nude mom was riding his cut muslim cock. He was sucking her boobs and moms hands were on his chest. She moaned in pleasure and rode him for a good 10 minutes. After which he turned her around and entered her from behind. She started to moan loudly during doggy style fucking. What surprised me most was that there was no shame that his wife was sleeping downstairs. Was she aware? Was everyone aware? Was chacha and mom having an affair! They fucked for a good 30 minutes between which power came on giving me an even better view of their fuck session.

I left quietly and went back to the station. I spent the night there and came back in the morning. Mom was happy to see me but scolded me and told me never to give such surprises ever again. I knew why he wanted me to inform her beforehand 😉

Later I came to know from other labours that someone from neighbouring village had tried to rape mom. Karim chacha woke up just in time and killed him. They buried his body in the farms. Mom was scared and her clothes were torn when chacha found her. From next day, she had started to develop feelings for him and a month later he had taken her as his second wife effectively becoming owner of the property. Mom refused to leave the village and is still there after 2 years enjoying sex with Karim chacha.

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