Mother fucked by my brother’s Muslim friend

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Nitin writes:-
Hey admin my name is Nitin I come from a North Indian hindu family. I wish to share my real story with you please write your observation after reading my story. This incident took place 4 years ago when I was 15 years old , now I am 19 and studying in a university. My mother is a north Indian hindu fair, beautiful,  well maintained, well educated woman and she looks younger than her age. When i hit puberty I used to fantasize about my mom I couldn’t help she was lovely. I have an elder brother, at the time when this incident took place my brother was 19 years old. He had a friend named Yasir Khan both were in the same college. Yasir’s home was in the same neighborhood so he used to visit our home very often. I am making the long story short.
Sometimes I used to get jealous that when Yasir visited our home my mom used to take extra care of him like he is her own child. Once I saw Yasir and my mom both coming out from the toilet I didn’t know what was it all about my brother was not in the home that day and my dad at least thrice a week remains out because of his job. Again once I saw my mom and Yasir in the bedroom through the key hole. That day school was over early at 12 O’clock. I saw Yasir’s cock was out of his jeans and my mom had grabbed his cock smiling and shaking his dick slowly. His dick was long and hard, I saw he was trying to convince my mom to fuck but she was refusing. She sucked and jerked his cock until he cummed. That night I could do nothing but masturbate thinking about my mother with my brother’s friend.
Once my brother had gone on some college trip for a week but Yasir didn’t go. On second saturdays my school used to get over early at 11:30 AM. It was one such day when I arrived home early. House was quiet I had suspicion in my mind I ran  towards my mother’s bedroom, the door was closed. I peeked through the key hole and saw my mother lying naked on the bed with yasir on top of her fucking her pussy. Watching all this my cock became hard in my school pant. He fucked my lovely mom in different positions he fucked her from behind like a bitch and my mom was enjoying his cock, I could see that in her face. Yasir mounted my mom on his cock and rode her until he cummed. I know my mom liked his cock, after visiting your site I feel my mom was attracted to his hard circumcised muslim cock and loved getting ravished by him.

Reading your story this comes into my mind its a fact that is hidden but very much around. Its a kind of universal public observation and it should be more convincing than my personal observation which is more or less the same.
Its true on you. Hindu mothers want real satisfaction which hard circumcised rods of the beef eaterz can provide it seems.

9 thoughts on “Mother fucked by my brother’s Muslim friend

  1. I wonder how Hindus are openly admitting here to their mothers and wives giving in to Muslim men without any second thoughts. Clearly, some of the accounts almost sound like a sick sex fantasy but maybe not all. In my case, I have found it hard to admit but here seeing everyone open up I can share I think. My mother has grown intimate with a Muslim friend of mine for last 2-3 years and it was a shock for me. However, its not because dad is not good enough for her but we he has not been home most of the time for last few years. I have tried to reason with mom about getting away from Muslim guy but she doesn’t seem to listen and I am afraid to make a big hue and cry because we are a very respected Brahmin family and known to be very religious in society. Its been very difficult to keep it under wraps but even unwillingly I can only try to keep it secret or the truth will destroy all our lives.

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