Mrs. Seema Gupta massaged and fucked by Salim

Seema ek 42 Varshiya millionaire patni hai jo 3 bachchon ki maa bhi hai and she is having big choochiyaan and an gaand to match. Aaj woh ane club mein massage karwane aayi hai. ab aage … She went to her locker and got her bikini, then returned to the mirror to dress. She didn’t care who was watching her. She dressed slowly, pulling the panties up her smooth legs until she’d covered her golden choot.

Her tit cups covered hardly more than two-thirds of her nipples. She ran her brush through her hair a few times, until it shone like yellow gold. Then she shoved her hair behind her shoulders, feeling the ends of it tickle the center of her naked back as she walked out of the locker room under the envious scrutiny of the other women.

She nearly collided with Salim in the hallway.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Gupta,” said the wide-shouldered young man in his white uniform.

“That’s entirely all right, Salim,” Seema was struck again at Salim ka jawaan sharir.

“If you’re ready, I can take you early,” he said, his eyes on her choochiyaan.

“I have a cancellation.”

“Give me ten minutes. I wanna catch a few rays in the tanning booth.”

“I’ll get the table ready,” Salim said, glancing once more at Seema’s choochiyaan before heading on down the hall.

Seema lay under the ultraviolet lights, having skinned off her bikini, her eyes covered with opaque black cloth. She turned every little while so she’d tan evenly. She thought of her upcoming massage, could almost feel Salim’s big strong fingers on her flesh, relaxing totally. She realized her choot was throbbing. Her muscles pumped and tingling, her skin sleek with a sheen of sweat, her choot pounding like a heart.
She felt more and more sensuous as she posed under the ultraviolet light, tanning her smooth skin. The buzzer went off in the ultraviolet booth, signaling Seema that she’d had enough. As she sat up and slid off the tanning table, she felt a tightening in her choot and a twinge of anxiety in her stomach. After she put her bikini back on, she left the tanning room, heading down the hall to the mgaandage room in a partial daze.
The moment Seema walked into the room, Salim quickly slid around the table and shut the door behind her, locking it as he always did. He turned down the lights to a cozy glow. The sheet on the table took on a slightly yellowish cast.

“Warm oil?” he asked.

“Yes,” Seema said. “As warm as you can get it.”

“It’s heated and read,” he said. “And you prefer wearing your bikini?”

Seema paused for a moment. “No,” she said. “No, I think I’d be more comfortable with it off today. I’d like to try it that way once.”

The boy didn’t respond for a few seconds, just looked at her as if he couldn’t understand what she’d just said, as if she’d spoke in a foreign language. “Off?” he said, almost with a frown.

“Off,” Seema said. She reached behind her to untie her halter. “Will you help me, Salim?”

“Well…well, I mean, sure,” the boy mumbled. His fingers fumbled with her knot. She could have untied it faster, herself.

Her halter fell away at last and Salim quickly bent to pick it up.

Seema shoved her panties down to her knees before the boy could straighten himself.

“Please, Salim,” she said, “will you help me with these?”

The boy’s face turned red. His fingers shook as he guided the panties off over Seema’s bare feet. The musky aroma of Seema’s moist choot rose in the air.

Seema lay back on the table, letting her legs spread as wide as they could without falling off the sides of the table. Salim moved around. He pushed a small pillow under Seema’s neck as she raised her head slightly. He oiled up his hands with warm oil. His breathing was much more noticeable than usual. Seema sighed as the young man’s big fingers began to knead and stroke her face. He moved to her belly, coating it with hot oil.

His hands slid up to her choochiyaan, spreading hot oil all over them, squeezing her choochiyaan, his fingers rotating over the erect cherry-bumps. As he rolled her nipples between his fingers, Seema’s choot contracted and a small spurt of hot choot juice lubricated her swollen chootlips. She moaned, writhing. His breathing loud and shaky, the young masseur moved down. Seema opened her eyes just in time to see his face lower between her legs. As he fastened his mouth to her choot, Seema gasped.

The boy twisted his head as if trying to burrow it up her choot. He rubbed his face and lips all over her wet crotch, moaning, mumbling. He pushed his hands under Seema’s thighs, lifted them, spread them wide. Seema grabbed the backs of her knees to steady her legs in the air. She spread her legs as wide as she could, opening her choot up completely. The boy’s fat tongue slid between her chootlips.

“Mmmm, mmmm!” Salim moaned as he munched. He sucked on Seema’s swollen

chootlips, chewed on them. His tongue twisted, fucked in and out, probing, licking, tasting.

“Oh Salim!” Seema gasped. “Oh God!”

She couldn’t believe this was happening. Not even her husband had ever done anything like this to her before. She’d had deep dark fantasies about a man licking her choot, but she’d never dreamed her fantasies could ever become real.

Chooso she breathed. chaato! Oh, yes!”

She let go of her legs, holding them up with her leg and hip muscles, and she mgaandaged her oiled choochiyaan, pinching and rolling her nipples with oiled fingers. Her choot contracted repeatedly, and she could tell by the way Salim slurped and sucked that she was oozing hot fuck juices into his mouth.

“Make me come!” she moaned. “Oh, darling, make me come! Suck me off!”

She couldn’t stand the heat and tension between her legs. The burning itch was going to make her scream. She wiggled her gaand, rubbing her seething choot in the boy’s face, fucking herself on his probing tongue.

“Lick!” she gasped. “Suck! Oh, God!”

The boy growled like a dog. His teeth sank into her spongy chootlips, grated her clit. She saw stars. A fireball whirled through her loins and exploded. She jerked her gaand, grunting, moaning, coming!

“Ohhhhh, darling!” she breathed, grinding her contracting choot in the boy’s mouth. “I’m coming, baby, lick it!”

Salim slurped at Seema’s bubbling choot furrow, his long tongue flapping. He licked her open choot from one end to the other, even licking deep between her legs and tasting some of her gaand. His tongue felt like a flaming snake to Seema as it tortured her writhing crotch. He kept licking even after her contractions had pgaanded. It was as if he couldn’t get enough of the taste of her choot and gaand.

“Stop,” she whimpered. “Oh God, it’s too sensitive! Please stop!”

The young man straightened up, breathing hard. choot juice dripped from his chin, sweat from his nose. A few of Seema’s golden choot hairs were glued to his lips. His eyes were glgaandy. He gazed down at her naked body as if

hypnotized by it. He began to unbutton his shirt.

Seema watched, fascinated and shocked as the boy took off his shirt. He was more muscular than sh’ed thought. His chest and abdomen looked like they’d been carved out of stone.

The boy stood there in a pair of white bikini briefs. It looked as if a softball had been stuffed in his crotch. The boy pushed down the briefs and his Muslim lund sprung up and out.

His Muslim lund looked like a big veiny billy club. And it throbbed. Seema couldn’t take her eyes off his Muslim lund. Her husband’s hindu lund was nowhere near this big, this powerful looking. The boy’s fuck rod almost frightened her.

Salim mounted the table, climbing up at the foot end and kneeling above alice. His muslim lund kept throbbing. His smooth skin was flushed from his face to his feet.

“Salim,” Seema said. “Hey Bhagwaan, what are you doing?”

The boy was panting, his powerful chest heaving up and down. He mumbled something, but Seema couldn’t make it out. He appeared totally flustered, the opposite of his usual professional self. He reached down, forcing Seema’s thighs back against her shoulders, opening her up. He moved forward, hooked his shoulders under her knees, pushed his fat cock-head against her choothole.

Seema was shaking. He was going to fuck his Muslim lund into her choot whether she wanted him to or not. She was powerless to soap him. He would rape her if she resisted.

She mumbled gibberish, unable to understand even herself.

The boy leaned into her, wiggling his loins. His Muslim lund forced her Hindu chootlips wide. The supada slid inside, then the entire lund. With a smooth, gliding motion, every inch of his Muslim lund disappeared inside her hindu choot. His eyes rolled back and he groaned.

And Seema groaned with him. It was such a delicious sensation as the boy fucked into her with his smooth hard Muslim lund. Oh God, she wanted to feel it again! She wished his cock were a mile long so she could feel it fucking into her for hours. That initial fuck-thrust felt so good.

She realized she was panting as fast as the boy was. She reached up, running her hands up and down his flanks. Her palms made caressing circles on his lower back. She stroked his gaand.

Hey Bhagwaan she moaned. Chodoooo Mujhe

The boy started to move. His hands braced on the table alongside her shoulders, he began to raise his loins. His Muslim lund slipped nearly out of her, then fucked back in as he simultaneously swung his hips and drove with his
powerful thighs. His gaand cheeks contracted as he rammed his muslim lund in to the balls.

Seema moaned, her Hindu choot saturated with itchy thrills. She clutched at his back with her tapered fingernails. As he pulled out and fucked in again, she wiggled her gaand, screwing her choot upward on his plunging cock.

“Oh Salim, fuck me! Oh yes!”

The boy ground down on her, rubbing his chest against her oiled choochiyaan. His sweat dripped on her face. As his skin rubbed against hers, he became slippery with her oil. His sweat added more lubrication and soon their skin was making wet noises as it slid together.

“Let me wrap my legs around you,” Seema said. “I want to feel more of you.”

The boy eased up for a few seconds to allow Seema to slide her legs off his shoulders, over which they’d been hooked, and she got her legs inside his arms and flung them around his lower back. She clutched him with her arms and legs and he writhed in her embrace. She contracted her choot around his buried cock, mgaandaging his big lund with her chootal muscles until he gasped. His lund flexed repeatedly inside her.

Teri choot to ek muh jais hai” he muttered. “It sucks like a mouth.” He lay on her with his full weight, rubbing himself against her oiled flesh, letting her pleasure his Muslim lund with her deft choot.

She bit his jaw, licked his salty neck. “Fuck me,” she growled, wanting to feel his lund move inside her some more. “Oh God, give it to me!” She clawed down his back, grinding her hairy groin against his. “Mmmm, fuck me!”

The boy looked delirious. He squirmed on top of her, rubbing his lund in circles inside her choot. Her teeth gnawed his neck and she felt him shiver.

“Grind that big thing,” she moaned. “Oh Salim, move it!”

“Ohhhh mannn!” The boy thrust, thrust again, fucking his lund in deep.

“Oh, you brute, fuck me!” She couldn’t get enough of this feeling, of the

boy’s muscular body and hard Muslim lund. She hadn’t felt so possessed, so loved in years.

Salim braced his elbows on the table, swinging his pelvis, plunging his fat lund. His supada popped in and out of the mouth of her womb. His cockshaft rippled against the sensitive wet meat of her swollen chootlips.

“Ohhh yeahhh, yeahhhh!” he moaned, his eyes glazed over with lust. His lund swelled inside her choot each time he thrust, hardening like steel. His abdomen smacked against hers, their sweaty, oiled flesh making sucking noises as it met, then pulled apart.

Seema tossed her head, rolled it from side to side on the table. The small pillow had long ago been knocked aside and had fallen to the floor. She clung to the fucking youth, grunting and panting even louder than he was. Each time his lund fucked into her a zillion fuck-tingles flood her choot and loins.

Her choot meat swelled, growing tighter and tighter. It felt as if her lions would explode.

“Oh Salim, oh God, baby, fuck me!” She clawed his back some more, not caring whether she ripped his skin. She ground her heels into his gaand, spurring him on to fuck her harder, deeper, faster.

“Oh! Oh God, oh shit!” The boy was shaking. The veins stood out on his neck and temples. He slammed his lund into her, fucking in again and again.

Seema thought she’d die with pleasure. She was on the verge of exploding, and she wanted the feeling to last forever.

The boy rutted with one last barrage of fuck-thrusts. His body vibrated as if its every cell were quivering and ready to burst. His eyes rolled back until only the whites were visible.

Seema held her breath. Her choot contracted hard.

The boy shuddered. he gasped. “Oh fuck!” His jism surged into her choot.

Seema gripped him in a crushing embrace, feeling his lund pulsing inside her choot and his jism spurting into her. Her choot meat tightened to near splitting, her toes curled under, and she melted into ecstasy.”Ohhhhh, yesssss!” she moaned, her choot chewing up the boy’s cum-spurting lund, her pelvis grinding, her nails digging in. “Ohhh, shoot it!”

The husky young boy whimpered in her arms, fucking his sizzling cum-load deep into her choot. His lund flexed repeatedly and her choot responded by gripping, sucking, gnawing. She felt slick juices running out of her

fuckhole and down her gaandcrack, whether cum or her own female fuck juices she didn’t know. As her choot filled with jism, the boy’s plunging lund made obscene liquid noises inside her. When he finally pulled out, his lund was dripping with cum and choot juice.

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