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Mughal invasion – Sex Story of Alauddin Khilji (Part 1)

mughal sex story

This is a story that was passed down from generations in my family. My ancestor goes back to mughal leader Alauddin Khilji in 1300 AD and his conquest of Mewar in Modern day Rajasthan where my family comes from…

Alauddin Khilji was a great mughal ruler who conquered Rajasthan in a matter of weeks and killed off the king to take over the entire area. His first order of business was to spread Islam over the area and replace the ignorance of idol worshiping.

During this time there were many protests and fights from hindus in the area. Alauddin did not take this kindly and swiftly silenced them. During a meeting with the military general and advisors, many said that the hindus in the area should be punished. While many pitched different ideas, Alauddin said that most of them don’t realize the benefit of being muslim and that they have tainted hindu blood.

He said that it is their job to make sure that muslim blood is spread in the country. Birth rates in the area were low due to famine and hindus refusal to eat meat especially beef that is known to increase fertility. He said that if we have strong muslim men impregnate hindu wives, in a few 100 years, we can eliminate the hindu lineage from the area.

The next day he gave a proclamation to the entire state. He said that all the locals will be punished for disobeying him but because he is merciful so he will spare their lives. He said that every town and village will be installed with a Muslim “Amir” who will rule over that area and will collect taxes and provide security for the area. In return, he said it is the duty of the village or town to reward the “Amir”.

He called the reward “Suhag Raat”. He said that all virgins that are married to hindu men will spend their first night with an “Amir” so that a muslim offspring can be given by the hindu women in this state to help with the low birth rate. He further stated that these muslim male offspring since they have muslim blood will be able to go to school and get a paying job when they become an adult. If it is a muslim female offspring, she will be a married off to a muslim. On the other hand any hindu offspring will work as a slaves to muslims in the area.

The next day he called out muslims soldiers from neighboring states between age of 30-40 for the job of Amir. Since these soldiers traveled many distances and have not been with their wives they were sexually hungry and heavy competition for the job. 200 soldiers were selected by Alauddin as “Amir” and sent them to rule over each village and town in the area.

One of the Amir, was Muhammed who was a 38 year old soldier, fat, old and with a beard. He has 10 kids and 4 wives but has not seen them in 2 years due to his soldier duties. He was sent to Chittor to be an Amir in the area. Few weeks later a hindu couple had an arranged marriage in a Marwari Brahmin household. Bride’s name was Rita Singh, who was a virgin peasant at age 18 and Groom was a farmer at age 20.

During the completion of ceremony they were greeted by a troop of muslim rulers riding their horses to the event. Muhammed emerged from the white horse and read the proclamation from Alauddin, to give up the virgin bride as a reward for protection so that the Amir can enjoy his Suhag Raat. Despite protest from groom and both families, due to the troops around them they fell quite later in fear of their life. The bride hesitantly walked over to Muhammed and sat behind his horse while they rode off to his palace.

When she arrived at the palace, she walked as Muhammed appreciated her beauty. She was fair and slim, wearing a yellow sari with embroidary. She had a nose ring with jewelry and bindi in her forehead, with her mangalsutra prominent in her chest.

He told her to bow down to his feet first and thank him for giving her this oppurtunity. She immediately did it while she was nervous. He then told her to get up and go to the dining hall to eat dinner before their Suhag Raat. They first served her a large portion of rice, and then added a pound of beef.

She was shocked to see it since she has never eaten meat. Muhammed said that he wanted his child to be strong like him and forced her to eat it so that she can be pregnant after that night with a strong muslim child. At first she has to force the beef in but eventually ate the whole thing since she was hungry and there has been very little food at home due to the famine recently due to lack of rain. He then ordered his servant to take her to the bath area to properly clean her and apply sandlewood for his Suhag Raat but insisted to redress her with the same jewelry and dress she is in right now.

After Rita finished with the bath and dressing, she walked into the bedroom where muhammed was lying in a bed decorated with flowers. She brought in milk with saffron and gave it to muhammed while sitting next to him in bed. Muhammed drank the whole thing and threw the cup on the floor. He then went over and kissed her on the forehead and continued down to her lips. He then undressed her and exposed her white virgin breasts. He then went ahead sucked on them with delight since he has not been sexually pleased in a while.

He then took her kurtha down to reveal her hairy virgin pussy, which he then proceeded to lick while Rita screamed with delight. After he was done, Rita was sweating profusely with ecstacy in her eyes. He then pulled her by the hair, while laid back in bed and ordered her to pull his pants down and return him the favor. She went ahead and pulled it down to reveal a huge circumcised 9 inch cock. She then went ahead sucked it with delight while he forced her head onto his cock.

After he was able to get a orgasm, he pushed her toward the head of bead and shoved his cock in her tight ass while she screamed in delight. He pounded it while pulling her hair while she was screaming and him yelling “filthy hindu harem”. He then took out the cock that was covered in some blood from trauma and shoved it in her tight pussy, while she continued to scream in pain and delight. After he experienced another orgasm, he turned her to reveal her mangal sutra on her chest and her nose ring.

He then in ecstasy, choked her while pounding her pussy while staring at her beautiful eyes. She rolled her eyes back in ecstasy while he fucked her mercilessly for 10 minutes, before releasing a flood of cum into her pussy that was dripping down.

He then told her to use her hands to wipe her pussy and lick it as a reward for her work. She ecstatically did it in delight while licking each of her finger. Muhammed then laid next to her in bed while she fell on his hair chest with a smile.

Then next morning, when she woke up, muhammed ordered her to take 2 gold coins on the table and get dressed to leave to her groom’s home. She immediately did it and scampered out of the palace with a smile reminiscing about the amazing night she had with the muslim the night before….

To be continued….

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  1. It’s very true. Alauddin khilji was a great ruller. I salute him and there solgers.

  2. Very nice n historical story..
    Plz write more of this…
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  3. put rani padmini in part 2

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    पद्मिनी ने आग में कुदकर जौहर व्रत किया था।
    पदमिनी नंगी हो कर अलाउद्दीन की गोद में कुदकर शौहर व्रत की थी।
    पदमिनी का पति रतन सिंह नपुंसक और अफिमची था नामर्द पति रतन सिंह से अतृप्त चोदक्कड पदमिनी अलाउद्दीन से गांड हिला हिला के बुर चोदवाती दी

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