Mus Female Celebrity says H!ndu women flock to cut penises of Musl!ms like bee to honey

Shez Pakistani-Canadian.
She had an online quarrel, lost her cool and spilled the beans about cut penises and H Women. Later she deleted the tweets but by then it was captured.

hindu women like cut penis Sure she must have seen it herself as she has been to India.

hindu girls flock to muslims

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  1. She also posted a tweet about Lord shiva which was insulting for many and she deleted the tweet later.

  2. Wwwoooww true words
    She said every true words…
    Reality of present
    Mmwwaaahhh Mmwwaaahhh Mmwwaaahhh Mmwwaaahhh Mmwwaaahhh
    Awesome words soina

  3. Yeah That’s True Reality, Even My Mom Has Addicted To These Powerful Lions Who Are Real Men, I Believe And Their Big Hard Tool.

  4. Jo dekha isne wo likh diya.. jise pasand wo padhe na pasand wo jaye.. simple..

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