Musalman Mr. Faisu + hindu girls vs Hboys: Reason why are some Hboys jealous of Mr Faisu and team07

Now there days there are countless musalman teams there on tiktok and instagram like teamnawab, sahirsquard and so on. Mr. faisu is a musalman who is part of musalman team07.
All these teams consists of hot musalman guys who are drooled over by hindu girls.

Some Hboys accuse these musalmans of spreading lovejihad.

A hboy Aditya Sharma wrote an answer and his envy for real mard musalman Mr. faisu was quite evident.

Hboy said that Mr. Faisu wishes eid and jumma but never any hindu festivals. Well he is musalman mard its his choice, you dont see musalman mards crying over hindu boys not wishing them eid, why because musalman mards are lions and lions dont care about opinions of a sheep. Hboys craving for musalman mards social approval it seems.
Why dont hboys make video about hindu culture like these musalman mards do, well they know no girl would be attracted to it as girls are attracted more towards men of islam the real mards.

The fact is that Mr. Faisu has got thousands for Hindu female fans (ache gharo ki hindu ladkya) who drool over him. In fact most of his fans are hindu girls, and they seem crazy for him.
Now hboys know it very well deep down inside, that a hindu girl would not only go for these musalmans over hboys but she would even convert to islamic faith for him, which becomes even more clear as there are many hindu girls who wear hijab and make tiktok videos to gain Mr Faisu’s attention.
Hboys know these muslman mards have the power to cock-block them out of existence.
It wont be a surprise if Hboys very own cute hindu sister at night getting wet watching these musalman guys on the very same chinese mobile phone which she got as a birthday gift.
Its not that Musalman mards of team07 are forcing hindu girls to sleep with them. The hindu girls are themselves drooling over them and falling into their lap.

Quite recently Mr faizu made a video which turned out to be controversial. Video below

Mr. Faizu and his musalman group made a video of musalman guy tabrez who was killed. Mr faizu in the video said ‘dont call muslim terrorists when Tabrez’s son grows up tomorrow and seeks revenge’

The video became viral and hboys accused musalman faizu of spreading hate while hindu girls on the other hand came out in support of musalmans

On facebook and other social media on Mr. faisu’s page hindu girls showed support to faisu which shocked many Hboys.
Hboys should go study let musalman mards do the romance and romanch, its their domain.

A glimpse of how hindu girls supported Mr. faisu. Hindu girl writes miss you faisu. She feels sorry that hboys are calling musalmans terrorists.

Hboys on the other hand well its nothing new they always cry about hindu girls going for musalmans or hindu girls siding with katmullahs.

Hboy himanshu shares screenshots of how hindu girls are siding with hot musalman guys

Hboy krishna calls for educating hindu girls.
Hboy Ashish also tried it to no avail. The spell of powerfull musalman katbullah is impossible to break.

Its Hindu girls vs Hboys on the internet very common coz hindu girls love musalman mards.

Why I think Mr. faisu’s Revenge statement was misunderstood

Well the musalmans had realized way back that there is no point fighting with hboys, its just futile. This is the reason why when some hguys lynch musalman for eating beef, the muslims never fight back. The musalman would win over two more hindu girls as a compensation. What Faisu really meant by revenge was that when his son grows up and makes hindu girlfriend marries and breeds her. The musalman know its far more productive to make hindu girlfriends spread love with hindu girls then fight useless hboys, so most of the time you would see the musalmans simply ignoring hguys.

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