Musalman Professor With Hindu Girlfriend Denied Room

The 31-year-old musalman assistant professor from Udiapur was with a hindu girl. They both were to stay in the same room.
Seeing this the hindu hotel staff got nervous that the masalman mard will have sex with hindu girl and cum all over their bedsheet. Hence they were denied the room.
Will this stop them from fucking no, they will find some other place.

Hindu boy reaction

Thats because hindu women love going for Musalman Lunds, its gives hindu women real anand.
Chaheye kisi ki bhi sarkar ho Hindu ladki musalman laude par chadne se apne aap ko nahi rok sakti kya kare hindu ladki santust he musalman k sulle se hote hai. Ye to sadiyon se hota aa raha hai.

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