Musalmans eat halal beef chicken and keep hindu girlfriends : Quora

Some hguy is shocked that why in his office the musalman who reject non-veg which is not halal have hindu girlfriends and others also try to woo hindu girls.

hindu girls halal beef

The muslimah answers that the hindu girls are in no way innocent or naive. They are deliberately going for the musalmans knowing full well.

So why hindu girls are going for such musalmans.

Hindu girls know the musalmans provide real anand, they know it too well almost as a historical fact passed down generations after generations . Educated and working class hindu girls like to try out new things which includes exploring their sexuality with musalman mards and once they experience the musalmani sullah supada there is no going back they get addicted to it even if later on they go onto marry a hguy but after few years of marriage when it gets monotonous she again seeks out musalman lund for the real anand.

2 thoughts on “Musalmans eat halal beef chicken and keep hindu girlfriends : Quora

  1. Hum sabhi ko maloom hai wo halal beef khate hain aur ye bhi maloom hai k ye khane se unke hathiyar ka size stamina aur sperm bhi bahot badh jate hain to kyu na jaye hum unke pas. Hamare hindu bhai jalte hain to jale hum to maze lenge unse..

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  2. Wow this post was published on my birthday, 21st May. I feel lucky because I match the description of the Hindu boy in this post. I’m still single but I hope to share my wife in the future with muslims. As for now if any muslims want to make fun of me or my mom/female cousins then my hangout id is [email protected]

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