Muslim a supreme master

Hi my name is mohit and I am from Rajasthan and I am a Hindu jat.I have four members in my family including my dad , mom , my brother and me.I am 21 year old and currently studying. We have a very happy family and we use to enjoy a lot. Now I am going to tell you a incident of my life that I have never imagined .

As we you know that our India has good relations with African nations, and many African students come to India for there higher studies and in the same way a African boy from Congo come to our college for his higher studies . he was such a massive in built that he locks like a beast . he was around 6feet 8inch in height heavy muscles, very dark in colour and very small hairs.

As he was very different from all other in class, he was having a tough time in making friends but I approached him and with time he become very close to me his name was zaid and he was a Muslim .he become very good friends , I used to go with him for his naz in mosque .I generally look like a child when I use to walk with him, with time we use to discuss about sex religion and many other things .he was a very religious and he used to say that Muslims are the supreme raise on this earth but I use to neglect it .one day he come to me and said that he was having problems in giving rent of his room because he was from a poor family and his father was not able to send him money .on that I said
Me:- don’t worry zaid you can come to my home .

Then later I convinced my parents for this and they agreed , next day zaid shifted in my room in our family house.My father was serving in doordarshan and as a government serve he use to be posted in different parts of country. After some time zaid got comfortable with our family .one day when we both were having breakfast before going to college my mom came there cleaning our house floor and she was wearing a red nighty andher boobs were clearly visible , I looked at zaid and he was staring at my mom but I think it’s normal for any man and I forgot it and then we went to college .If day later on Sunday we both were watching porn ,then I asked zaid does he want to fuck any Indian girl then he replied

Zaid :- no brother I don’t want to fuck any girl , I have fucked many in Congo now I want to fuck a real woman.
Me:-real woman means?
Zaid:-means a MILF .
Me:-ohhh great ,do you have any milf in your mind whom you would like to fuck.
On which speak nothing .

Now something about my mom my mom was a traditional Hindu woman named susheela ,her age was 41 and she was very fair in colour most fair in our family . she used to wear saree , nighty and sometimes traditional Rajasthani dress.As she was from a farming family and she use to work hard in daily life she was very fit for her age .she generally use to wear bangles in hands , mangalsutra in neck and payal in legs.
Zaid was a regular workout person and he use to wourout alot and that was reason for his massive body.
One day my father come to home and said he need to go to Assam for his next posting and he was leaving next week.
Also our summer vacation were also stadress, me and zaid were very happy hearing for my father left and our vacation started .On the first day only my mom forget to take her towel to bathroom as she was thinking about dad.then she called
Mom:- mohit bring my towel .
As I was playing my vedio game zaid take towel and gave it to my mom as she opened the door my ms wet hand and her wet hairs made zaid lust for her my mom just smiled and said thanks zaid.then mom came out after bath and she was wearing her traditional Rajasthani dress in which her milky stomach and her deep navel was visible .zaid was continually starring at my mom .now my mom started to pray .At night when me and zaid were laying on our bed he said.
Zaid;- I want to fuck a Hindu Milf.

Me – why Hindu.
Zaid:-to make her feel what a supreme man feel like.
Me :-ohhhh OK.
Then from that day he started to work out in our home only with just a short his bare muscular body was on complete display and gradually I started to understand that he was trying to seduce my mom.first was angery but then I got excited by the idea of my Hindu mom susheela getting fucked by a beast.zaid was continually giving his he regularly talks to my mom susheela. Sometimes he even take her for shopping etc he also started to help her in kitchen in this process he even touch her day he come after bathing in a towel with his huge dick erect in his towel and my mom was standing there .she was just looking at him with his eyes open , both of them looked each other for 2 minutes and then mom walked in her’s being one mouth since my dad has gone to Assam .two days later my mom was working in our garden and suddenly rain started and she was getting wet and when she was returning home she fall on the stairs and zaid run and held her in his tight griparound her waist then he picked her up in her arm both of them were looking in each others eyes and after 5 minutes my mom was in home and in a African Muslim hulks arms

Mom(susheela ):-I need to bath.
Then she went into bathroom and come after 15minutes ,zaid was sitting outside the bathroom only my mom come out and looked at him and went in her room to change .Suddenly after two minutes zaid got up and entered my mom’s rooms .it was not looked .My Hindu mom was standing there naked with just mqgalsutra in her neck bindi on her head , sindoor , red bangles in her hands and silver payal in her feet.
My mom shouted
Mom(susheela):-zaid that are you doing here.

Zaid:-I want you
Mom(susheela):- what do you mean by I want you?
Zaid said nothing and started to kiss my mom .my mom was shocked by this and tried to stop him but she was a doll in front of that beast.
Zaid keep on kissing my mom , then he left her up and take her on our parents bed and then you surprise my mom started to kiss zaid .it was looking so warm I cannot tell you. After 5 minutes he started to sucked my mom’s boobs with lite brown nipples and mom started to moan.
Mom(susheela):- zaid be gentle .

Zaid smiled and stated to suck her boobs again.then he come to her deep navel and started to tongue her navel round and round my mom was in heaven she was moving her head in all directions and and moaning then zaid removed his shirt and his massive muscle were there for mom

Mom(susheela) :- I want to feel these muscles for so long and she started to his chest and back every each of that back Muslim body was chocolate for my Hindu mom.then she take his boxer off and she got shock of her life, a massive 11 inch black cock was standing like a pole my mom said zaid !!! And stopped in which zaid said
Zaid:- susheela what happened never seen a Muslim cock before.
Zaid;- don’t worry now I am here .
Then zaid pushed my mom’s mouth on his pole and said start
My m follwed him and started to lubricate that pole with her saliva she keep on sucking her cock for 5minutes then mom asked him to turn around and to me and zaid’s surprise susheela started tolick zaid’s asshole .zaid started to moan

Zaid;-ohhh you Hindu whore ,you looks thirsty.
Mom(susheela):-ya I have not filled any man from last 3mounths.
Zaid;-don’t warry now I will be there everyday.
Then suddenly zaid jumped and started to lick my mom’s pussy and finger it
Mom:-ya zaid eat it

After10 minutes when mom was about to cum zaid stopped and adjusted his big cock on my birth hole and then pushed mom started to react in pain
Zaid:-oh my god you are so tight susheela .but after today I will make this pussy a backhole by destroying it.
Then in next push whole 11 inch was inside my Hindu mom susheela’s pussy my mom shouted in pain
Mom(susheela):-aaaaaahhhhhhh hhhheeeyyyyy rrrrrraaaaaammmmmm
Then zaid started to go up and down , his speed increased gradually and moans moans also. His cock was shining because of my mom’s pussy mom’s pussy my streached to a limit .my fair Hindu mom below the African Muslim hulk my looking very sexy her body turned pink due to mercilessly drilling of my birth hole
Mom(susheela):-aaaaaahhhhhhh zaid I love you aaaaahhhhh you are very deep inside me oooobhhhh .
Zaid:-now you realise who is supreme raise is
Mom(susheela):- yaaa my love .you mud are supreme .
Zaid:-call me your master you Hindu slut.

Mom(susheela):-yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeessssss. Master zaid.
Zaid:-that’s my Hindu whore susheela
Zaid was fucking my mom so hard that my parents bed my make ng sounds as if it was going to break .my mom’s legs were wide spread and sound of her payal are full in room.
Then zaid my mom to become doggy and then he pulled her wet hair and started to fuck her more vigorously and he was also spanking her milky ass .
Zaid :-my Hindu slut your pussy is so good .

Mom:- ohhh my master zaid this Hindu slut is your salve treat me like a slave my master.
Zaid increased his speed more .it’s being 30 minutes and my mom have cummed 5times but zaid was drilling my mom’s Hindu pussy nonstop .after 15 more minutes my mom said.
Mom(susheela):- zaid I cannot take it anymore please .
Zaid:-just wait my slave
Then he increased his speed souch that it was looking like some bullet train and mom was not even able to breat properly .after5 minutes of such a god like fucking he shouted.
Zaid:-take the supreme raise in your pussy you Hindu whore.
And he cummed inside my mom and then both slept on my parents bed.
The story will continue in next part please comment below how you like this incident of my life.

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  1. I wish my mom shamla will get such pleasure, it’s just that I wanted first time to be rape, later she should submit to the Muslims and fuck them regularly infront of my dad and our neighbours should witness it… She should be humiliated to the core..

  2. Wow really a nice one…

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