Muslim Addiction 2

I finally have come up with the final part of my previous post – ‘Muslim Addiction‘.

As Saddam was kissing me there were millions of things going through my mind, what about the promise i made to myself? What if my husband finds out? Shall i be guilty of what am doing? All these questions were flooding my mind along with saddams harsh lips on mine. I didnt even realized in all this chaos that my hand as if it has his own mind was groping saddams huge cock and as it was getting hard my dream broked up like a bubble and i was back to reality. I was feeling his cock growing inside his pants and at that moment whatever dignity and shame i had left in me was quickly losing battle against the lust i felt for saddam. May be he had an insight of what was going through my mind and stopped kissing me touched my face and said ‘Tu bhi yahi chahti hain, ye nakhre dikhane ke samay nahi hain’ His words gave me some relief and i felt even if what we are doing he wont judge me. He laid back and opened his pants i was looking at him like a statue then he took out his cock out and i couldnt decide that should i be exited or disgusted.

At first i couldnt make of its size but as it grew it stood tall. It was very dark in color his hairs spread around it, it was so dark only his circumsized head looked a bit fair. I held his cock in my hand and i realized it was so thick, i looked at saddam and he simply smiled at me.

‘Le muh main sharma mat’ i obliged and went down on him. I licked his head with my tongue and felt a strange taste touch my lips maybe it was his precum. I opened my mouth wide and finally after a long 6 months a manly musalmaani lund was in my mouth. I was overjoyed and started to suck it nicely. I suddenly remembered every cock i have ever sucked and just thanked musalmaans for having such beefy cocks. I sucked him for a long time but he was nowhere to cum. Finally my jaw was hurting and got up for breather, ‘Saddam…’ And he suddenly put his tongue inside my mouth and he kept on kissing me for a while. My pussy was flooding at that moment i wanted him badly inside me but that wasnt the ideal location or enough space to get fucked. ‘Ghar chale?’
He said, ‘kyun? Kuch aur nahi karna’

‘Ghar pe Aman rahenge nahi iss waqt, lets go home’ He understood what i meant and asked to suck him some more. I was more than happy to do it. After a hour long drive we reached home. We didnt talked a single word during the drive i was still thinking of what happened and whats to come.
As we reaced home he parked the car and i went straight away inside the house he came in a quick time. He was smart to lock front door and as i stood waiting for him in living room he came and i quickly hugged him his chest was very broad and wide and he was almost half a foot taller than me. I was filled in completely. ‘Bedroom main chalte hain’ he said. ‘Waha kyun?’ ‘Tujhe tere hi bistar pe chodna hain pooja’ believe me my pussy was melting with all this.
As we went inside our bedroom he sat on bed and ordered me to get naked.

I took off all my clothes, but he told me to kept my mangalsutra on. He wanted to own me that day. I stood there naked infront him and he was checking me out from every angle. Then he just pushed me on bed from behind and told me ‘kutiya ban ke reh bhenchod’ i had totally submitted at that time. I stood there like a bitch while he took off his clothes and started checking out our dressing table, he brought some gel and applied it all over his cock and my asshole. I was quickly in shock as to something worse is going to happen and while i was in my thought i felt my heart just skipped a beat before i can sense anything half of his cock had forced himself inside my tight asshole.

I couldnt even take a moment to endure pain that another shot came in and my asshole felt as if its torned very badly my vision was blurred i thought am losing my consciousness but those were just tears which blurred my vision. It was so painful that nkt even a single shriek of pain came from mouth! And thus for the next 20 mins he kept on destroying my anal saying all kinds of abuses to me. And finally he shot up his load of cum inside my ass. I was horror striken i couldnt even move a muscle and remained at same pose for few more mins. I cried n cried and asked him ‘tum choot main bhi toh daal sakte the’ to which he replied ‘teri choot tera pati roz chodta hoga, mujhe teri gaand chahiye jo sirf meri ho’ !

He applied some more cream and gel and he was soon back again but this time as my ass was already torned up, i showed courage and took his every stroke like a pro. As he was about to cum he took his cock out and came infront of my face and shot his cum all over my face and my mangalsutra. ‘Abse randi, aisa tere saath roz hoga’
‘Saddamm…’ ‘tujhe adat ho jayegi, aur tu puri maal ban jayegi samjhi kya randi saali’
I couldnt agree more.

Its been 4 months since that afternoon and whenever my husband goes out saddam fucks me on our bed. This time he has destroyed my ass so badly that now i am able to enjoy his fuck a lot. He was right about one thing, usne mujhe adat bhi lagai and he also made me a randi for musalmaans!
He also enjoys my choot now sometimes but he prefers my gaand a lot. Thanks to him i have a very tight thighs and shape of my ass has changed wondefully too.

Thats all from me. Hope you people enjoyed it.
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  1. Meri biwi ki palang tod chudai uske muslim boss karte hai,aur anal fuck bhhi uske saath unhone hi shuruat ki thhi

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