Muslim Amazon Delivery Agent became my BF

I am Aishwarya, 24yrs old, from Chennai and i would like to share with you all an exciting experience that happened to me 2 months ago.

I have been a regular reader of all the articles in interfaith site and i have always been attracted to Muslim men, just like any other girl. I had ordered a Lipstick on Amazon and 2 days later, i received an SMS from Amazon that it will be delivered by Amazon Agent Shoaib before 8pm. As usual, i felt a little excited on seeing the name, but forgot all about it as the day progressed.

I had just got a new Job, so i moved to Chennai and and staying alone in a 1BHK. Around 7pm, i had just come back from my office and was watching TV. I heard the doorbell. I opened to see Shoaib, he was tall, well-built, dark and handsome.

Shoaib: Maam, your order.
Me: Thanks. (I smiled)
Shoaib: (Smiled back) Please sign here maam

I signed on his phone and gave it back. He touched my fingers while taking it back and he left. I went back in and looked at him through the keyhole till he disappeared. About an hour later, i received a whatsapp message from him:

Shoaib: Hi
Me: Hi. Who’s this?
Shoaib: Its Shoaib, i delivered your Amazon order.
Me: Oh… What do u want?
Shoaib: Nothing maam, just wanted to tell that u were looking very pretty.

At this point, my pussy started begging my brain to flirt with him.

Me: Thanks 🙂 You were looking handsome too 🙂
Shoaib: Thanks Maam.
Me: 🙂

About 20min later, he messaged me again:
Shoaib: Had dinner maam?
Me: Yes i had. U had?
Shoaib: Ys.
Shoaib: Can we be friends maam?
Me: You just came to deliver my order and now u want to be my friend?
Shoaib: Buy u are very beautiful maam.. And hot.
Me: ha ha ha… Okay, we can be friends.
Shoaib: What had u ordered maam?
Me: It was a lipstick.

He sent me a selfie with a thumbs up. I started to get really aroused at where this was going. I sent him a pouting selfie. He mistook the pout for kiss.

Shoaib: U sent me a kiss?
Me: No.. that is called pouting. Its not a kiss.
Shoaib: Bad… i was happy that u sent me a kiss.

I purposely ordered for a Tshirt on Amazon and sent Shoaib a message.

Me: Shoaib, i’ve ordered another item on Amazon. If you will only deliver, then come after 8pm tomorrow.
Shoaib: Send me the order ID maam. I’ll only collect it.
Me: Thanks dear 🙂
Shoaib: welcome dear :*

He sent me a kissing smiley. I giggled by myself and didn’t reply. After about an hour, he sent me a selfie with him blowing a kiss with the caption “Good night maam”.
I replied to it with a selfie of me also giving a blow-kiss.

Next day, i received a message from Amazon that Shoaib will be delivering my item. I was excited on reading this. He sent me a message around 11 saying he has collected my item and he will come to deliver after 8. I replied “Thanks dear”.

I finished my office and reached home around 7:30. I wore a sleeveless top where my cleavage will be visible if i bend, and a short skirt. I also put on the lipstick that he had delivered the previous day. Around 8:30, Shoaib knocked my door. I excitedly opened it.

Me: Hi Shoaib (i smiled)
Shoaib: Hi maam. Your order.
Me: Thanks. So all your orders are delivered?
Shoaib: Yes maam, yours was the last. I will go home from here.
Me: Come in na them. Have some coffee and go.
Shoaib: Its okay maam.
Me: We’re friends na? then come in. Your job is over anyway.
Shoaib: Okay maam.

He came in and i closed the door behind him. I asked him to sit on the sofa and went to the kitchen to get coffee. I purposely bent while giving him the coffee so he can see my cleavage.

Shoaib: Thanks Aishwarya.
Me: Aishwarya? what happened to maam?
Shoaib: We’re friends na… so i can call u by name.
Me: Okay… i smiled. How’s the coffee?
Shoaib: its very nice Aishu.
Me: So now it became Aishu huh? Only my close friends call me Aishu.
Shoaib: then sit next to me, we’ll become close friends.

I laughed and sat on the sofa next to him.
Shoaib: I don’t think this is clone enough. Come closer.

I moved a little closer to him. Our thighs were touching.
Shoaib: Now i can call u Aishu right?
Me: Ha ha… yeah you can.
Shoaib: Really? I thought we had to get closer.
Me: Should we get more closer? (i winked and bit my lips)
Shoaib: As close as possible.
He moved closer to me now and put his hands around my shoulder and slowly slid it down to hold my waist. He simple pulled me in one strong force and i now sat pressed against him. Shoulders touching, my thighs pressed hard against his.

Shoaib: Is that the lipstick i delivered yesterday?
Me: yeah… is it nice?
Shoaib: Its making ur lips look very inviting.

He came closer and gently touched his lips against mine. I just closed my eyes as i felt my entire body shudder. The next thing i felt was his wet slimy tongue running along my lips, tasting my lipstick. His hand slid inside my top and was gently caressing my waist. I parted my lips as he was licking them and slid my tongue out a little to meet his. I felt a shock run through my body as i felt his grainy tongue against my tongue. He was now licking my tongue that was fully out and his entire mouth encasing my mouth with our tongues in between licking each other. His hands raised my tops and unhooked my bra. As my bra came loose, he started to fondle with my boobs, running his thumbs over my erect nipples, and squeezing my boobs with his palms. My hands involuntarily started unbuttoning his tshirt and his jeans. He them broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, “Liked it?” he asked. I just blushed and nodded.

He removed my sleeveless tops and my bra. Then he got up and removed his tshirt and jeans along with his underwear. He was standing there stark nude in front of me. And i saw his cock… It was soo huge!! It was black and circumcised and huge!! It as moving up and down, throbbing as i looked at it. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. I felt it… for the first time, i had touched a muslim man’s cock. It seemed like an instant connection between us. As soon as i touched it, it spat out a little precum and started throbbing in my hands. I got down on my knees in front of him and gently kissed his cock’s tip. A precum string followed my lips from his cock as i smiled looking at him. I then opened my mouth and took his cock in. It tasted soo yummy. I immediately felt addicted to it. I started sucking it… taking it deeper into my mouth. Shoaib was enjoying the blowjob. He was moaning. He was muttering that hindu women had the best lips for sucking.

Once was done with his cock, he picked me up and took me to my bedroom. He dropped me on the bed and pulled off my skirt and panties. I smiled at him and bit my lips. He then came over me and started sucking on my boobs. Oohhh that was heaven!! He gently chewed on my tits and licked them later. He also sucked on my boobs one after the other. My nipples became really sore, but the pleasure from him was soo great that i didn’t even notice the soreness until he was done. He then rubbed his cock over my pussy that was dripping wet now. Slowly his cock crept in. I could feel the pain increase in my pussy as his cock slid in. I had never been fucked by a cock this big before. He stopped inserting when he realised that is cock can’t go in any further. He pulled out and thrust in hard. I screamed, but his cock had now moved in further. He kept thrusting hard everytime until i felt his cock was all the way in. I kept screaming asking him to stop but he never listened. Now he started fucking me and i was glad he didn’t listen. His huge cock touched every cell of my pussy. I cannot explain the pleasure i was feeling. I kept moaning and screaming from pleasure and pain. He bent over and started to smooch me wild. We kissed so hard and sloppy while his cock was drilling through my pussy. I had orgasmed 3 times by then.

He then stopped the fucking and asked me where he wanted the cum. I told him i have already tasted it, so this time he can cum inside me. I knew i couldn’t get pregnant as i wasn’t ovulating, but i really wanted to feel his cum flow into me for some reason. He smooched me wildly again and started fucking me. Within a minute, his body just froze over me and i could feel warm thick liquid oozing into my pussy. He then laid down next to me and i slept in his arms that night, feeling soo happy. He is now my boyfriend and we stay together now. And i sleep in his arms every night, feeling happy and contented.

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  1. nice story, I did chat with you in the interfaith chatroom and you told me about the publication of this story,,,,,,well that was a nice story. Yes we muslims really love hot hindu females like you, this has become natural for us. I would wish if any hot female or hw want to have erotic sex chat with me on hangout, msg me [email protected]

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