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Muslim arab had sex with Swedish female cop


Swedish female cops have really hot pussies with sexy well maintained bodies. Pic just for example.
I have been living in Sweden since 5 years. I recently hooked up with a Swedish blond female cop named Nora and I banged her tight Nordic pussy. The best thing about these bitches is that they are very hungry and like it real rough especially Nora she can ride my dick for extended periods. She endures much while i pull her hair and bang her from behind. I keep pulling until she screams with pain and pleasure. Tie her hands and fuck her like a white slave.
Viking pussy is really hot the Nord men cant satisfy them they need circumcised Arab muslim cock.
Some nord white boys are watching too much TV these days, sayin its viking vs muslim cut that crap, the viking shit only works on TV in the real viking pussy is really enjoyin arab and afro muslim dicks, they love mounting themselves on the arab cock and ride it as if they were on a stallion. They love to be spread and split in half by arab cocks. They are gettin ploughed by superior dicks. Soon the moans of Nordic women will be heard across all of Scandinavia while muslim dicks rough fuck their hot pussies.

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