Muslim Bull for Hindu wife

The idea of a confident, powerful, successful Muslim Bull, especially if he is an Arab befriending, then slowly seducing, turning a Hindu Brahmin wife into his own, and then including her in his harem, going on to maybe converting her is so exciting, so sensual, so nice.

Don’t you think?

How can this happen to my Hindu Brahmin, shy, conservative wife?

I so want to see this happen with my wife .

7 thoughts on “Muslim Bull for Hindu wife

  1. My wife has been with an Arabian Muslim man. He was a businessman involved in some project with her company. They met officially but (as she told me) it was lust at first sight. They flirted innocently during the time he was here. After going back he requested her company to send her for a follow-up on that project. She was only too excited. She was there for a week and they had sex every night.

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