Demographic Dominance

This post has not been made to hurt anyone but to take you into the depths and show you the truth with erotic logic. Truth can be sometimes hate speech for some and erotic and enjoyable for the others, many would read this with cocks in their hands especially the cuckolds.

The total population of India is 1.2 billion approximately and the majority of the population around 75-80% are Hindus. If I take Hindu population to be 75%  then the total population of Hindus is 900000000 (ninety crore or nine hundred million ).

The sex ratio among Hindus is around 930 to 940 females per 1000 males. If i take the sex ratio to be 930 then the total number of Hindu Females in the country is approximately 430000000.

Now the percentage of Muslim population in India is 14 to 15 % (percent) and its the country with second largest Muslim population in the world. So the Muslim population in India is around 180000000 (18 crore or 180 Million). The total number of Muslim males in the country is around or little less than 90000000  (9 crore or 90 million).

If the Quality is good and supply is less,
then Less Supply = More Demand. Its a basic principle.

The quality is great. Muslims men with different heredity and ancestry are stronger plus their eating habits which consists of beef and other non-veg items gives them even more stamina and testosterone, especially the bedroom stamina.

If 9 crore or 90 million is the total Muslim males in the country then I can tell you from my experience that at least 90% of them fuck a Hindu girl at least once in their life time relationships, interfaith marriages, brothels, paid sex, fucking adulterous hindu wives and wives of cuckolds, one night stands, sexual encounters all included. That means 81000000 or approx. 8 crore Hindu girls taking stronger Muslim cock in their warm pussy. Take into account one is the minimum figure. Lets increase it to 2 (two) for half of the Muslim male population which means 45000000 or 4 crore 50 lakh Muslim males fucking at least 2 hindu girls in their life time. What this means is that at least (81000000 +  45000000) 126000000 or approx. 12 crore Hindu girls have sex with muslim men at least once in their life time which is on a rise. Lets minus 60 lakh and make it 12 crore which is increasing but I have taken the minimum amount.

Muslim cock is in demand for Hindu girls. Hindu girls are in abundance they are allowed to flock and roam around freely as they are getting westernized and at the end they grab Muslim cocks and later start craving for it after the wild experience. Just like white women fuck and suck black cocks. At least 30 percent of the porn in the West is between White women and Black men. Not talking about porn films that are made in studios but the homemade or amateur porn which is submitted by the users or leaked online. On many websites which has amateur homemade porn like this one  30% of the porn is between white women and black men which is huge. If India legalizes porn in the country then the same thing will be replicated here between hindu women and hard circumcised muslim cocks, it would be great.

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  1. Even after 8 years of marriage m not satisfied with my good for nothing husband

  2. Yes very true, my best friend, my colleague and a lot of girls i know have all had a muslim man in their life at some point.

  3. yeah.. you are absolutely right… our hindu girls are .. regularly being fucked by hot dominating muslims.. and muslims are making them.. such a BITCH

  4. Assllam u vallekum
    Mera sonar gandu hai,uska Lund bohat chota hai,stamina bhe kamm hai,mujhe Hindu ladke se ishq ho gaya hai ,pls thoda bataiye kya main usse chides sakti hun Ki nahi?ye galat toh nahi na,uska Lund ek bar hath lagaya tha,bohat Mora aur lamba hai,Uski skin jab Jose niche hoti hai toh bada maja ata hai,mera shohar ka khatna hua Lund hai,jise majja bilkul nahi ata,mere bache b kaale paida hue apne baap jaise

  5. Hindu guys beta then Muslim I admit

  6. Mera bhai fox mujhe aapa aapa bol k chodta hai ye kesa majhab,apni aapa ko chodna Kisne sikhaya

  7. Mera naam Fatima hai,mere bhai jaan mujhe foZ chodte hai,kya ye Sahi hai pls guide !!

  8. Mera sohar kutta mujhe janwar Ki tarah rakhta Allah bachai aise insan se !! Kaash main bhe Hindu family main paida hoti toh azadi se ghumti,apne aap gandu samjhta mera sohar,hum Muslim kom k londey bade gandu hote hain hawa mai rehte hamesha Lund chota par bolte bada,jab nikah hota tab pata chakra kitna chota

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  17. I am a hindu cuckold
    Sab jantey hai hindu brahmin ladkiyan muslims ki randi banna chahti hai and its okay.
    Kyuki har ladki ko maje milne chaiye jo ki rk muslim hi deta hai
    Hum hindu apni choti di lulli hilatey rehte hai aur maja aata hai.
    Muslims humari beheno ko nochtey hai aur chodtey hai.
    Hum yeh sab dekh k khush hotey hai aur bhut acha feel hota hai.

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