Interfaith sex and history

History can be bittersweet and its up to you how you perceive it. Technically interfaith sex began thousands of years ago.
Kamala Devi was queen to Rai Karan Baghela of Gujarat. When Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji of Delhi invaded Gujarat, he captured her and took her to Delhi, Devala Devi. Some time later, in 1297 Kamala Devi married Ala-ud-din Khilji, the first recorded marriage between a Hindu princess and a Muslim ruler. Meanwhile Baghela had fled from Gujarat with his children, and Devala Devi’s elder sister had been killed on the journey, though she herself was unhurt. With Gujarat overrun and the marble city of Patan destroyed, Baghela had to take refuge with a neighboring Yadava king, who gave him a small principality to rule. There Devala Devi grew up. The son of the Yadava king became infatuated with her and asked to marry her. The Baghelas considered themselves superior to the Yadavas and did not wish to grant the request. In the midst of this dilemma, in 1308, Ala-ud-din Khilji sent his army to the Yadavas to demand the tribute on which they had defaulted. Kamala Devi is said to have pined for her daughter and asked the Sultan to order that Devala be captured and brought to her in Delhi. Khilji’s general Malik Kafur was given orders to seize her. Her father managed to hold them off with difficulty. Baghela asked for assistance from the Yadavas, who agreed provided he allowed Devala’s marriage to the prince. He agreed, and the junior Yadava prince came to escort her to Devagiri with a small force. Malik Kafur came upon the party quite by accident and captured the princess near the Ellora caves in 1303. He took her to Delhi, where she was married to Ala-ud-din’s son Khizr Khan.

In the olden days everyone wanted to assert their superiority and power from the smallest of dynasties and tribes to the larger ones, it was common. As a neutral spectator if I am to judge then I would say that muslims were superior conquerors. Being from a foreign land arab and turk musalmans dominated a large part of south asia. Apart from military might, land and women were also used to show dominance, power and along with land the muslims had plenty of hindu women in their harems and as their wives. Sexual attraction between foreign muslims and hindu women existed, this video shows how muslim ruler Mahmud Ghazni gets attracted and is shown lusting for that hindu princess.
The British also occupied parts of India but used very different tactics, while the muslims did more open battles and used raw military power to conquer, the British did pussy footing to make inroads into India, they used other tactics like deception and economics. While the muslims were interested in local hindu women the British weren’t as their reason to colonize was economical as opposed to potent musalmans who were ready to settle down and spread their seed.

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