Muslim lund and halal beef

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So in that article a hindu girl married to a musalman reveals a bit about her sex life with her musalman husband, you can search it on google. The article seems like a teaser and it is something which many free and liberal hindu girls like to do. This is just another example; Hindu girl invites muslims to flirt during durga pooja

Obviously beef is a sex mineral and it provides high amount of energy and stimulates sex drive and sexual health. So its not so absurd that her musalman hubby performs even better after eating the natural sex mineral and obviously she loves it. The large amount of sexual energy which accumulates after eating beef strives to come out and is released on the bed during sex plus the circumcised lauda lasts longer and gives more pleasure.

14 thoughts on “Muslim lund and halal beef

  1. Maharashtra me beef ban kia salo ne
    kahi lund kamjor na pad jaye

    sala chicken hi khana pad raha hai
    lund ko roj badam ke tel ki malish karo Maharashtra wale bhaiyo

  2. I don’t think so!! I think it’s in our genes. If this is logic then largest consumer of beef is Americans. Then they should be best is sex, better than all other. Please post a bit realistic things. It’s our genes which makes us good in bed not food.

    1. Yes but beef also plays a role along with genes. Like Many upper case hindus like brahmins and even jains dont eat onion and garlic because it also stimulates sex drive not to the extent of beef but still it has some effect and they seek to liberation from such desires so they dont eat it.

    2. I think both you and the author of the article are right. Genetically Muslim men are always good in bed, but eating eating beef increases their libido. Its scientifically proven. “Red meat (especially grass-fed beef) is a great source of zinc, the same libido-boosting nutrient found in oysters. Zinc increases your testosterone and curbs production of prolactin, a hormone that can impair sexual function.”

  3. garima ek to email account do ya apna number do fb pe kab request send kare aur kab message kare?

    anjali tu to scientist nikli

  4. the day is coming soon.. when the muslims will make eat every hindu girl beaf with them… cnt wait.. love the beafy cum muslims yummmyyy

  5. I think there is truth to this relation between beef and sex.
    I come from a Hindu brahmin family. My father was a Hindu Brahmin but he was educated abroad in UK and he started eating beef from there. My mother was pure vegetarian. My mother wanted us both sons to be vegetarian and my father used to always tell her “Arrey in dono ladkon ko beef aur non-veg khane do. Nahi toh yeh namard ban jayenge”. Initially we both brothers did not understand it.
    When I was 11 yrs old, I once saw my dad was fucking my mom in their bedroom with the door left open. And Oh boy, my father used to fuck my mom like a beast in bed with his uncut 8″ cock. She also loved it when my father dominated her like that.
    We both brothers used to laugh when my dad used to call my mom into the bedroom every night after dinner and she would run into the bedroom from the kitchen. And then we would to hear noises 🙂

  6. guys , i am a mother now . i have given birth to a muslim baby. my baby’s father is still not my husband.
    he is his 16th child and i am 4th one who carried his baby in my womb.
    all i can say

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