Muslim lund nostalgia


I am a 31 years old married hindu girl. My name is Apeksha and I got married 3 years ago to a rich Brahmin guy. My hubby has a passion for cars, he owns Mercedes E-Clas and also a BMW. Initially everything seemed exciting but after two years our marriage lost the spark. During the college days I had a boyfriend, his name was Kashif and I feel that he was way better in sex department.
He was a fairly resolute muslim guy who never missed friday namaz. I was like his slave in the bed he always took total control of me, and I enjoyed it too.
Sometimes after undressing me he would draw tattoos of religious symbols with an eyeliner pencil on my body and then he’d have sex with me. He even bought hindu religious necklaces for me sometimes and made me wear them and it would be the only thing on my body when he fucked he. When he banged me from behind the necklace would swing back and forth reminding me of my hinduness as it was not possible for me to keep my body still, it moved in rhythm with the powerful throbbing sound of his dick.

May be he liked to fucked me with complete dominance and made me slavishly submissive as was in adherence to this beliefs, is this the reason why we hindu women enjoy the muslim thing so much in the bed, I sometimes asked myself.
In between sometimes he said things which would leave a deep impact on my mind, body and soul. He would say this while his dick was half way inside my pussy ‘hindu hai tu ?’ I said yes ha hu. Then he would tell me how much his kata lund enjoys ploughing me and then he’d make me say how much I like his muslim dick. He often came up with new ideas.

Sometimes I would be the one to raise the sensitive topics to tease him and then he’d fuck me even harder. He had immense lust for me, he  even called me a muslim dick addict thats why I give myself up to his desires so easily and I thought he was right.

As compared to women men don’t need to have nearly as much imagination, since sex is simpler and more straightforward for them. Men get aroused much more quickly their sex drive is much more straightforward while women need certain connect, emotion, fantasy etc to get completely aroused. Women’s sexual desire originates much more between the ears and inside their heart & mind than between the legs. Women need a plot, the longing that acts like a fuel for desire while men can just get aroused instantly seeing any woman, women don’t. Social factors also influence a woman’s sexual desire. Therefore the thrill of doing the forbidden and the muslim thing acts like a fuel which ignites the great fire and turns on many hindu women to the highest degree.

We got separated after I finished my college and my parents would never have allowed me to marry him anyway and I could not have defied them.
The way I look at the scenario is like this – Many hindus especially who are vegans or who belong to upper caste would not eat or drink in a Muslim home as they would deem it impure for some reasons like they cook halal meat in the same kitchen and utensils but for a Muslim its not impure he would not only enjoy food and drink in a hindu home but will also enjoy hindu daughters. I am one such daughter who loved it when a muslim male defiled me in the bed in ways I could have never imagined. We crossed all the boundaris and I have an undiulted nostalgia for the muslim dick.

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  2. Sahi kaha aapne. Muslim bf ko mere parivar wale kabhi accept nahi karenge. Lekin mujhe nahi lagta kis jis tarah wo mujhe chodta hai, mera honewala husband mujhe us tarah satisfy kar payega.

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