Muslim men really spellbind hindu girls

I am a hindu girl who has a lot of experience with muslim guys. Initially I used to resist muslim guys and used to quarrel with them all the time.
After 2 years I ended up in the lap of a muslim. I made a muslim boyfriend.

A proof of how I used to argue with them. This chat is 2 years old; year 2014 (4/13/2014). It was still in my inbox so I took some fresh screenshots.
He was from Kashmir and studying outside in a good Indian university that I would not like to name.




This is not the end of the story. Now even this muslim guy had a Hindu girlfriend. Earlier I argued with his girlfriend and she blocked me thats why her name is blacked out.
It is possible that you might have come across a pic like this because that time I released it on facebook after copying and pasting the important bits and it got shared on some pages.




Muslim lund really captivates hindu girls. Some hindu guys may not agree and they have every right to I am just putting my views, how I feel. Muslim men are much more charming and can be dominant and polite at the same time. While the world is going through the phase of demasculinization or emasculation of men, muslim males have been able to retain masculinity largely due their culture and their highly resistive behavior. Women may have different views she could say something different, she could say she likes feminine guys but it doesn’t mean she would sleep with him, as far as I can tell subconsciously ‘most’ women like manly men its hardwired, preferably muslim men these days I see many kufr women falling for muslim men and their men raising their raise eyebrows in disbelief, its a natural union.
Because of the nature of friend circle I have, I have to show that I oppose them, but in reality I like muslim lund, after getting a muslim boyfriend there is no going back for me.

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