4 thoughts on “Muslim Lund Tried and Tested

  1. Good job by Veena Malik and Kareena Kapoor Khan. There are certain things hindu women have to do before getting married to muslim men.

    1) Convert to Islam by taking Shahadah oaths before marriage (Nikaah)
    2) Hindu women will be given a Muslim name
    3) Children that will soon be born will have Muslim names only
    4) Children will be raised in the Islamic faith only
    5) Will not allow idol worship
    6) There will be no Hindu marriage ceremony
    7) Hindu women after conversion will not wear hindu symbols like Bindi
    8) Hindu women after conversion has to wear a burqa or Hijab
    9) Hindu women will eat as per Muslim customs, ex: beef will be consumed

    Many hindu women nowadays are slowly accepting all the rules and marrying Muslim men in large numbers. My own bengali mother after her divorce got married to a Muslim man who already had a wife. She accepted all the above customs and is a proud Muslima now. In return she would get royally fucked everyday with a strong musalman lund. Within the first few years she gave birth to three muslim babies. Having seen how happy she has been I wish more and more hindu girls to follow the same.

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    1. I completely agree. My mother also left my biological father and converted and married a Muslim man. He has another mistress who is also going to convert to Islam and be a proper Muslim. Both of them have had his babies and so proud that they have had a Muslim child.

  2. i wish to have a hindu gf or hindu wife as well. bcs they are good on bed as well very open mind and hot sexy. aur puri seva karti hay.

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